Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Take a Big Bite of Burger

The Open Rice PH, Open Snap invited us again for another Eat's a Date in SM North Edsa BIG BETTER BURGERS! It's a great opportunity to explore other places and restaurants through the Open Rice Ph.

Most of us love Malls, shopping, or even window shopping, hahaha! I noticed during weekends, malls are filled with people, I can see families, friends, students, bonding in malls together. Walking around the mall is very tiring, right? And most of all it makes us hungry that sometimes we want something to bite. Did you experience that you want to go the mall just because you want to eat? I experienced that many times specially pag nakakatamad magluto. Through the Open Rice Ph Eat's a Date, this week I discovered this Big Better Burger near in our place in SM North Edsa Annex.  If somehow we will go there, I know now where to go when we get hungry! hahaha! Because this restaurant is very affordable.

We know that most of us love burgers, though I'm not that kind of a burger fan but I still love burgers. Specially teens in today's generations. Nowadays there are many international and regional variations of the hamburger, specially here in Philippines there's a lot of variations of burgers that the Filipino would love this.

The Big Better Burgers opened last 2008 and have already expanded to 11 branches located in various SM Malls, Robinsons, Malls, Ayala Malls, and Star Malls. The BBB is a new food establishment focused on serving freshly grilled premium burgers.

BIG BETTER BURGER IN SM North Edsa Annex (2nd Floor)
Interior Design and Space of the  BBB
-They now introduce the ultimate in premium burgers: fresh, one-third pound, pure-beef burger patties infused with their special seasonings and then carefully grilled to smoky and juicy perfection. The patties sit on top their special dill and onion mayo, topped with cheese, lettuce 
and tomato and encased in a moist and sweet country bun.

Not just 1 or 2 but more choices of Burgers
Triple-XXX (369.00)
Bacon Wildshroom Melt (165.00)
Bacon Blue Cheese (149.00)
BBB Classic with Cheese (115.00)
After  taking a big bite of this following burgers, I was very full! Hahaha kahit isang burger lang solve na ako. They are juicy and yummy if only one burger lang but if you add another di mo na kayang ubusin.

According to their company profile received from them that they also developed a line of sizzling rice meals that incorporates the perfectly grilled patties just to satisfy the cravings of any Filipino rice eaters.

Chicken Parma (139.00)
Aside of burgers and rice meals they also have pasta. And I like their pasta nabitin nga lang ako.

Pesto Pasta (115.00)
My Experience in BBB :)
Overall, oh well I love their burgers. If you go there hungry, I'm sure you will consume one whole burger. But don't worry if you want to order one piece of burger, I'm sure you will order two drinks. hahaha! The taste of their rice meal was good and I'm happy that they also have a pasta offers. I love the interior design and the place also it's cool and good for chitchatting and meeting friends. 

The staff are very accommodating to their costumers and they are also friendly specially the one who manage of this restaurant. 

BBB Staff and Service Crew
I also had a great experienced again with my co- bloggers and co -Open ricers, I have an opportunity to meet them again and chitchatting them and learned something new for this restaurant review!

Class Pictures with Open Ricers Ph and Open Snappers Ph

I recommend this BBB to you guys, if you have time to visit the SM North Edsa Annex Building 2nd Floor, try their Big Bitter Burgera and take a big bite!

For more information of BBB you can visit this following:
Telephone No: 332-6578


  1. The burgers look really good and juicy and thick. Would love to try them soon!

  2. I think I'll love their burgers because it has bacon!!!!

  3. Love the burgers!!! haha they look really big. I think one serving is enough for two people. =)

  4. Tried eating there with my boys and I can't believe I was not able to finish mine but the boys -- Simot! Haha. Perhaps that speaks how sumptuous their burgers are.

  5. Naku I'm craving for a burger pa naman! The pictures got me drooling!

  6. Burger galore! Not really a burger person, but my boys so love their burgers.

  7. Such huge burgers...plus bacon. I think I won't be able to finish one whole! Another reason to visit SM north.