Saturday, April 30, 2016

ZD's 2nd Birthday Photoshoot Part-1

Time flies so fast and now my Zd bear is two years old. Before his birthday we had a Photo shoot for him so that when he grows, up at least we have a remembrance and in this way he will be happy for this.

Location: Eco Park Quezon City
Photographer: Norbie Joy Lanzaderas

Since the location of his photo shoot is in Eco Park Quezon City I decided to have him wear a Bee costume.

This photo shoot was very challenging for us because my Zd wants to run everywhere. He's very active and you know what he did enjoyed the environment there.

He lied down the grass, he grabbed the grass and leaves there, he ran, he waled, he's is like flying when he runs from afar going to the photographer. The good thing is my photographer was very patience and was also enjoying our photo shoot.

On this Photo the logs were not part of our plan but when my Zd bear saw them, he went there and enjoyed doing this. He looks like he's trying to build a house hahahah!

I would like to thanksNorbie Joy Lanzaderas for these beautiful photos, at sa patience for my Zd na kahit super hirap kuhaan ng picture at least may mga matino pa ding kuha. Hahahahah!

Anyways our 2nd part of this photo shot will be posted next.
Thank you so much :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ZD's DIY 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday Zd Boy :)

My Zd bear turned 2 last March 28, 2016. Planning a birthday preparation ay hindi talaga sumagi sa isipan ko because I don't have a helper, I don't have companion in my  house only Zd is with me. So I decided that it's better to bring Zd in the play house in Fairview Teraces then we will eat there also after that I will bring him in Eco Park also. But when I talked to his papa he said that "love maghanda ka nalang kahit kunti para may pictures at remembrance". So it's because Zd's father  requested for a simple celebration for his birthday, it's granted.

After deciding to have a party I searched on the internet for the birthday theme and I wanted basketball themed birthday because I know my husband will surely like it.

So, from the banner designs, to the cake and cupcakes everything, the ideas came from the internet.
So here we go let's take a look at my first Do it Yourself Zd's 2nd birthday!

One week before the birthday I started to cut this one and I thank God because I make it :)

I saw this Jersey and Basketball cake also in Google hahaha and customized it through Ate Abie our Churchmate she customized cakes, and cupcakes.
This Cake is Only 1500.00
These Ball cupcakes designed by  Ate Abie also made this and this is really cute and yummy. This is a chocolate flavor cupcake.

This Basketball Chocolate Flavored Cupcake is only 30.00 each
Then since I've just invited only few kids for my Zd's birthday and the space of our place is very small I didn't want to stress for preparing for this birthday I wanted it to be simple but colorful hehehe (echos) when we're in Commonwealth market I saw these sweets and candies and buy them I know that kids will love these but you bet even our adults visitors love this at walang natira! heheh!

One of my problem before if sino ang magluluto if maghahanda ako for Zd's birthday but God provide people to help me at sila na ang nagluto, I would like to thank the following persons our, brothers and sisters in Christ na nagluto. Ate tata who cooked the Maja, Ate Mylene for spaghetti, kuya Joseph for Fried chicken and vegetable Lumpia, thank you din kay Ate Alma sa pagtulong sa pag balot ng lumpia :) Ate May for the fresh vegies salad and kuya Ricky sa paghakot ng table from church. 

Home made Maja

My fave, fresh vegetables salad
Yummy Spaghetti 
Lumpiang Gulay
Fried Chicken

Our program was started at 4:00pm we have a short thanksgiving devotion with our pastor Boni., had picture taking outside then kainan na. 

This very simple birthday celebration is very special for me and specially for my Zd bear. Our son is a blessing from God and a joy in our family. Though we are celebrating Zd's birthday without his papa, we're still thankful that God always provides our needs specially for ZD. Kahit mahirap maging mommy maging daddy habang wala ang kanyang papa kasi nagwowrk para sa amin but our Lord is always in our side to protect us to guide us and comfort us, that's why I always grateful and thankful to our God for all He has done in our lives specially to our son.  

ZD boy when you grow up always remember that your papa and mama loves you so much as we love the Lord. We love you anak and may the good Lord bless you always and keep you.

My ZD Bear Meets Ninang Ubeng

My Zd bear's Ninang Ubeng is my classmate when I was first year to second year college. During those days she's one of my friend and she is my "anak-anakan" and I'm her "momy-momyhan". I became her momy-momyhan because back then I'd be the one to encourage her when she's upset and gave her some advise when she had a problem, and sometimes I would make her laugh, smile and mad hahaha!

But when I was in 2nd year college I decided to be an independent, I transferred to other school and became a working student. But despite of that, we have remained to have communication until we both graduated and  until I become pregnant and get married.

Ubeng is one of my Zd's ninangs and one of her dreams before pa na ma meet nya si Zd in person. Kasi she always sets a schedule last year but she didn't make it. Finally last week, nagkaroon sya ng time and also I'm so grateful because we have given a chance also na makalabas na naman sa aming lungga.

While waiting for Zd's ninang because she's little in a bit late, but it's okay my Zd bear enjoying the water in the Sky Graden.

ZD waiting Ninang Ubeng :)

We met-up in SM North Sky Garden and after 7 years finally nagkita din kami and mag 2 years old na din si Zd.

After 7 years finally we meet again with ZD boy
Zd's Ninang Ubeng treated Zd boy in Jolibee and my toddler was very happy kasi nakalabas naman kami sa aming lungga and nag walk kami kunti at sinamahan si Ninang mag shopping :)

Tunay nga na di mababayarang ng ano mang bagay o pera ang kaligayahan ng isang bata. Kasi sa araw na ito ay nakikita kong subrang nag eenjoy si ZD sa mall sa kanyang paglalakad, even the food at talagang he just enjoyed the moment.

Tuwang tuwa naman ang Zd boy ko :))))
SM North Sky Garden

Thank you ninang Ubeng for spending your time with my toddler and also thanks for the gift. I really appreciate all the efforts and responsibility that you have showed to my son being his Ninang.
Thank you so much and till next time.