Monday, April 16, 2018

ZD's 4th Birthday

Last March 24th, my Zd bear turned four, we're grateful and thankful to God that He added another year of our son's life.

Being his parent to him, I am so proud that I have Zd in my life. He is one and the most precious gifts from God that I have. He is the joy and strength of our family.

Every birthday of my son we think and prepare a simple party for him since we are not rich and don't have lots of money but we always wanted to make his birthday something special.

The past 3 years, I was always the one who plans and arranges for his birthday but right now it's different. Since Zd already knows what he wants and shared his thoughts with me when I asked him what he wanted on his birthday.

ZD's wants on his birthday:

1. Strawberry Cake
2. Apple
3. Orange
4. Grapes
5. Vegetables (lettuce)

Our fruits and veggies fresh salad's graden

So, a week before, Zd and I went to the supermarket to find good fruits and veggies for him, I thank God because I found all the above except the strawberry cake. We went to Red Ribbon, and Goldilocks pero wala akong mahanap na strawberry cake. I decided to find a fresh strawberry in the market and planned to buy a cake and put it into the top of the cake hahaha! What a brilliant idea of momma! But first I talked to Zd first if it is ok for him and so happy that he said yes! But the sad thing was wala talaga kaming mahagilap na fresh na strawberry even in the mall's supermarket. My last option I saw a Forest Cake with Cherry in Red Ribbon. I showed it to Zd and good thing pumayag yay!!  :)

Since wants fresh fruits and veggies I decided to make a fresh salad instead.

Happy Sunday School & Happy Birthday ZD!

Sunday school and Zd's birthday!

Sunday morning, Zd woke up and I sang a happy birthday to him, kasi dalawa lang naman kami sa house kasi nasa gitna pa ng dagat ang papa nya at walang signal. We prayed together and prepared for Sunday School. Zd celebrated his birthday with his Sunday School classmates in our church, they were enjoying the word of God, reviewed their lesson through games, and even enjoying their foods. Zd's Sunday School's classmates sang a birthday song for him and he's very happy.

ZD, AWENG & NATE (Zd's frienemies lols)

In the afternoon, I also prepared a simple snacks for my close friends and I am so happy because even it's very simple but it brings joy on Zd's birthday.

Thank God for the another year's blessings having Zd in our lives and also thanks to papa Lemuel who called us during hi son's birthday just to greet his son a happy birthday. Though he is not with us personally but he is always in our heart.


  1. Happy 4th birthday to ZD! Wow, he likes strawberry cake, parang bihira sa kids ang gusto na flavor yan. My son always wants a chocolate cake kaya hindi mahirap bilhin. :)

  2. Happy 4th birthday ZD! Big boy ka na! Parang nakilala ko mommy mo 2yo ka palang heheh. Sana maging favorite din ni Cloud ang gulay para for sure na healthy paglaki. Eat more veggies pa ZD!

  3. Belated happy 4th birthday to ZD! Nakakatuwa na he asked for fruits and veggies for his birthday. Ang healthy! :) Next time, try mo maghanap na lang ng strawberry cupcakes. Mas madali makahanap nun for sure. :)

  4. Belated Happy birthday my ZD Boy na hanggang ngayon di ko parin halos maintindihan! Hahaha. Ipagpatuloy ang pagkain ng damo at gulay/prutas para masaya ang buhay at healthy lang lagi. Love you ZD boy!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Pogi 🙂
    Nakakatuwa naman at mahilig sya sa gulay sis.

    And I also love simple celebrations, yung memories naman matatandaan ng kids natin 🙂