Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Open Rice PH, OpenSnap gang goes to Ka Tunying's Cafe in 88 Visayas Ave., Project 6, Quezon City for Eat's a Date event. I am happy because there were mostly mommy's blogger at that time.
I heard about Ka Tunying's Cafe before when they were featured in Kris Tv, and second when they are were the news because there was an accident that the man shot the glasses of Katuying's Cafe.

Last week I have an opportunity to visit and explore here and it was a great experience!
The Katunying's Cafe place is a beautiful place, it is a perfect place for family and friends bonding even your workmates and classmates you love to bring them there. Why? it's because it has a friendly and homey ambiance. I like their classy and unique wooden arts the interior designs are great, the colors  the lights and the fresh plants on the top of the tables added the lively and freshly of the place. I also noticed that their chair designs is cute it's a cup hehehehe! They have a two storey on the first floor there's the bakeshop and also they have more chairs and tables then on their second floor they also have more tables there and outdoor tables.

Ka Tunying's Homey and Friendly Place

Katunying's Cafe is one of the best  Filipino Cafe that will serve you a variety and healthy breads.
Bread for your breakfast, bread for your snacks, or pang baon in your work or pang baon for your kids in school, and also for pasalubong. Baked products is also available here like muffins, wheat bread, cupcakes, pizza bread and more.

When you order or buy on their bakeshop you can do it yourself or self service. You will enjoy their clean, neat and beautiful presentation even their displays are well organize.

Katunying's best bread seller are the  Camote Chiz Roll  and the Kalabasa Ensaymada you must try this, they're only 30 php each.

 I didn't even smell any Camote haha! Because it's very tasty! I love how they blend the chiz and sugar plus the bread is soft.

Camote Chiz Roll (30.00)
Katunying's Kalabasa Ensaymada topped with caramel and cheese, I love how the Caramel contributes to the flavor of this plus the well-made soft bread.

Kalabasa Ensaymada (30 php)

Katunying's Cafe offer also a huge and full cups of drinks like hot Coffee, Iced- Blended and other Beverages that will satisfy you.

From their pastries and bread, Katunying's Cafe also will serve you their all day breakfast. I amazed about their breakfast meal because you have a lot of choices from their menu. Almost oldest Filipino fave breakfast meal are here and they will serve it with you with a lovely smile designs :) 

These mouth watering Tsampurado with Tuyo is perfect for your breakfast. I love the presentation they make this look special and elegant. The taste of this is really great it's sweet and perfect to paired with tuyo. The combination of the sweetness and saltiness it makes great savor. 

Tsamporado and Tuyo (150 php)
Arroz Ala Tunying 

This is perfect for breakfast also specially in a rainy days when the weather is cold. The hot soup and yummy flavored will make you wet after eating this.

Arroz Ala Tunying (150 php)

Pandesal Platter 
Look at this, a huge and full Pandesal, very satisfying for your breakfast.

Pandesal Platter (195 php)
Boneless Lechon Belly 
I love the taste of this, the meat is so tender and soft. the aroma of  spices will tempt you to smell. 

Boneless Lechon Belly (295 php)
This is a fried rice with Daing  and egg, honestly this is so delicious I love the fish even the head of the fish I ate it at wala akong tinira kahit kunti. 

Daingsilog (195 php)

Relyenong Bangus
-This Relyenong Bangus does not just look delicious but also tastes so delicious. I like the unique fancy taste of this. 

Relyenong Bangus (245 php)
What can I say about Ka Tunying's Cafe First Experience?

Oh well base on my first glance and  experience, though I'm not able to participate when the Chef was discussing them one by one, I really had a great and fantastic experienced. I did enjoy the place I love the concept as I said it's a homey and friendly place. Aside from that it's very accessible and it's easy to find. If you have a car they have a space parking on the front. They have a clean facilities, organized and very refreshing.

Openricers PH Photo credit to Nilyn Matugas
I proudly commend our Filipino products and foods here, and I have all the reasons to say that their foods  have a quality and standard in serving. The plates are full and every serving has a perfect presentation. The staff are friendly and approachable they are smiling and I like their uniform haha! If you will dine here the prices are worth it. 

Therefore you must try and visit this Cafe and indulge your gastronomic delight. 
They opens everyday from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Ka Tunying's Cafe:
Location:  88 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City
Contact No: 02 2469069 / 3661342

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Olivares Organic and Natural Products Review

I Received this sample products from Ms. Jenie the Raising Hunter, I'm not able to use these products immediately because I want to consume first the current products that I have use.

The Olivares products are pure organic and natural, and I used the 3 products for 1 month.

Singkamas Pinya-Paya (135 php)
This is a flawless whitening soap, I love the effect of this on my face. I applied this every morning and the evening. I like the outcome of this soap into my face is so soft and it feels like calming. The smell is good. 

Singkamas Pinya-Paya (135 php)

Berry White Ultra Whitening Soap
This soap is also good but I don't like the smell, and natutunaw sya, the texture also not good it's like there's a sand when you use this. But I think it's a normal naman siguro yong amoy nya kasi nga natural and organic sya. I was not able to consume this kasi di ko kaya ang smell.

Berry White (135php)
Eco Deo Spray
No synthetic chemicals, no aluminum or estrogen mimickers, vegan, no animal testing, and gluten-free. 
These is with organic whitening actives for women and men. I used this for almost 3 months na, matagal syang maubos. When I used this it's like a water as in wet and no smell also, after a month of using this, it's effective for me, my armpit before was darker after giving birth to my son but after 3 months of using this I notice that my armpit became whiter than before. Kaso the problem nagpapawis nga lang ang armpit ko :(

Eco Deo Spray
 Lotion Mega Rich and Age Defy Moringa 
Mega Rich: Antioxidant Goat milk lotion. Enhanced and made so rich and silky with the traditional blends of plant actives in Mushroom and Sour Soup (Guyabano). It is a power herb skin recovery if your skin is dry it helps to revive your skin. I like this because it helps to instantly soothe, smoother and more nourished, moisturized your skin.

Phyto Active Botanical Toner Mist
If you have an acne, oily face, any problem of your skin this one is nice, I used this every morning and evening also, after using this my skin became smoother and no more oily na. Unlike before na super oily ng face ko but when I used this di na masyado at okay na okay sya.

We all know that Organic product is really good and there always a good benefits by buying this. We want to do the right things specially for our body, we want the safest products for our health. But most of the organic products are pricey but its not about the price but its about the effect of the products on our body after using of those.

For more about the Olivares Organic and Natural Products you can visit here:
Email Address: Olivares.farms@hotmail.com
Contact Nos: 0916- 433- 0688/ 0928- 811 -0544

Yellow Tree Cafe Review

The Open Rice Ph, Open Snap invited us again for another Eat's a Date  Cafe review near in our place in 102 Panay Ave., South Triangle Quezon City.

When we arrived there the smell of the Coffee aroma welcomed us and I really liked that!
This is my second Cafe review and I have a high expectations for this Cafe.

Let's take a look the Yellow Tree Cafe Place
Personally I love the place it's very simple but elegant. I love their concept, every corner it has a theme. Sorry I'm not able to take a photo because my toddler wass active and they have many costumers that time that's why I needed to stop him every time he wants to roam around.

The place actually a little bit small but it's okay because it's a Cafe naman eh. Siguro naging mukhang maliit sya that time kasi marami kaming pumasok plus their costumers pa.
I love the ambiance it's cool and homey also.

This is a corporate Cafe, and according to them one of their companions put up a Car wash also. So it's really cool. You can bring your vehicles there and wash and while waiting, you can have your refreshment. 

Their Beautiful and Lovely Cakes :)

1. Chocolate Mango Cake 

2. Moist Chocolate Cake 
3. Carrot Walnut Cake

These following cakes  are not just looks beautiful but this is so yummy, only 120 php per slice and super sulit na sulit talaga. My order was the Mango cake, and for the one slice pwede na sa 2 person. The taste of this cake is different from those cakes that I have already tasted. 

I love this cake also because it has a variety and twist. Like It topped with fruits and also it has a walnuts.

Their Drinks and Refreshments

My order Banana Strawberry Shake
For their drinks they  have Hot classics, Coffee based, Frappes, Non Coffee blends, Yakult tea, Rock Salt (cream cheese), and Cheesy Oreo Foam. I got my Banana Strawberry shake and it's really cool. I love the taste and it's a fruity and juicy shake. 

Even my toddler, my ZD bear was enjoying his cup of fruit it's a peach fruit and I don't know  what they called that my Zd boy keeps saying "sarap" specially the cake and the Banana Strawberry shake.

My ZD bear :)
What Can I say about Yellow Tree Cafe
Overall according to my first experienced of this Cafe I really had a great fun and I enjoyed my order. I love their cake, I would love to order there somehow the Chocolate Mango Cake it's so yummy. 
The place also is great it's cold and comfy I love their music background because it's a Christian song it's very relaxing and nice. Their service is great also, they have all the smile and very approachable. 
So therefore, I have all the reason why this resto is one of my  fave na. If ever I'm stress hahah! I'm sure babalikan ko to kasi malapit lang sa place namin. 

Thank you again Open Rice Ph, and my co- Mommy Bloggers :)
Till next Eat's a date resto review see ya soon!

The Open ricers Ph , Photo credit to Nilyn 

I would love to recommend this Cafe specially those who are near in Quezon City.

Yellow Tree Cafe'
Address:  102 Panay Ave., South Triangle Quezon City
Store Hours: Open from 9am to 12 Midnight Monday to Sunday
You can also visit there facebook: Yellow Tree Cafe, QC

Healthy You Products Get into the Wellness Habit

Last December Robinsons Supermarket was one of our Mommy Bloggers Philippines sponsor, We're so blessed to receive these  following products from Healthy You.

This is my first time to try these products and honestly this is new for me so I couldn't wait to try this and finally l used this on new year's eve.

During our preparation I opened these Mix nuts and Trail Nuts, while cooking and cleaning kumakain ako hahaha! Even my brother and sis in-law love thess nuts.

MIX NUTS-  it is also contains High Protein, Heart Friendly, Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids.

Healthy You Mix Nuts

TRAIL NUTS- When I saw these pack of Trail Nuts I'm so trailed to see what's inside of this, and yeah I love the Trail Nuts with Raisins and Nips, and looks cute.

Trail Nuts it is High Protein, Heart Friendly, Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids.

Ingredients: Roasted Unsalted Almonds, Skinless Popbeans, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Toasted Cashew Nuts, Hydrogenated Palm Oil and Iodized Salt.

Healthy You Trail Nuts
Mix Nuts & Trail Nuts
These peanuts are not salty and oily, I love the texture and it's great. The Healthy You brand also provides healthier alternatives to junk food snacks like this.

Exclusive to Robinsons Supermarket. This brand is sourced locally and all over the world to give shoppers affordable choices of healthy products.

For more Healthy You Products you can visit their website 

Product Review Primovit Syrup

My Zd bear  is sensitive in vitamins that's why I'm not able to give vitamins without pediatric advice. When Zd was 3 months old our pedia gave his first vitamins: the Nutrilin, but unfortunately the effect of Nutrilin to my Zd was allergy. Then the doctor gave another vitamins and same effect also. Until he gave Primovit to my Zd and finally, we found the right vitamin for ZD.

Primovit is multivitamins for kids. It helps children achieve their full growth potential and brain development. It contains zinc and vitamin C that helps strengthen the immune system, DHA for brain development, Glutamic acid that its important in metabolizing fats and sugar.

Primovit Syrup is a food supplement preparation with Vitamins A, D3, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, Zinc, Taurine, Lysine, DHA and CGF.

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is a growth promoting and nourishing substance rich in nucleic acids that serve as building blocks for growth.

My Zd bear loves this vitamin because of it's in yummy Ponkan flavor. Before nag papartner pa ako ng isa pang vitamins para pang patangkad but this time hindi na kasi kasama na ang pangpatangkad nito.

My Zd Loves his vitamin everyday!


No More Allergy!
When Zd started taking this vitamin, he had no more allergy, everything is fine. Unlike before na namamantal sya or there's are fine rashes on his skin at namumula na parang bungang araw, but this time wala na talaga.

No More Often Sickness!
I thank God because I noticed that my Zd bear gets healthier and more active on this vitamins. Nagkakasakit lang si Zd ko pag nagngingipin, minsan lang sya nagkakasipon at ubo. His immune system becomes stronger and he's not weak.

My Zd's Sleeping Hour Improvement!
Before my Zd bear would sleep 1 hour in the morning and afternoon, tapos ang bilis nya lang magising kunting ingay lang. But this time ang regular na tulog ni Zd everyday is 2 hrs and more n the afternoon sa morning 1 hour at sa evening continue na hanggang umaga. Kahit anong ingay pa jan he can sleep soundly.

It's a little bit costly, but sulit naman. Mas lalong naging active si Zd bear ko. Di sya mataba pero okay lang healthy naman.

Minsan walang stock ang Mercury Drugs hahaha! 3 mercury drugs lagi ang pinupuntahan ko minsan.

Therefore, this product is really great for my ZD bear and I will continue this.

My ZD Bear

Where to buy?
Primovit Vitamins is available in all leading Mercury Drugs Store and selected pharmacy!

 Available in drops, syrup and tablets is your new generation multivitamins for kids and teens. It helps children achieve their full growth potential and brain development.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Reasons Why I love Choobi Choobi :)

What is your reason why you love foods? and what is your specialty or favorite foods? Most of us we love our own concept of foods, our traditions in terms of cooking and our own way of cooking. Foods are very important to us and we are always looking for the great taste for us to satisfy.

This first week of February the Open Rice Ph. Open Snap invited me again for their Eats a Date at Panay Ave., Brgy. South Triangle Quezon City in Chobi-Chobi Restaurant. Day before the event I searched it first and looked them online for idea and a little bit of background about this resto. When I found them on Facebook and the photos suddenly I felt so excited about their foods and knowing that the origin of this branch is Cebu.

The Concept and About Choobi Choobi
When I first heard the "Choobi-Choobi" name, it's sound interesting! The questions that come into mind was that why it's "Choobi-Choobi"? But when we were there, I learned that Choobi-Choobi means "Lingaw lingaw kaon" it is a Cebuano term of  Fun fun Eating! Because I came from Cebu and I am a Cebuana I can relate the name and the concept and I like it much :)

 Choobi Choobi originated from Cebu City and I'm so happy that they have franchise and branches here in Manila City. They bring the Cebuanos specialty here in Manila. It's a good news for me because if there is a friends or relatives from our province, I have a restaurant to recommend to them already and I'm sure this resto will meet the food interest of people from the province, kasi sariling ating luto ito.

The Place is Cool and Big

When we arrived there I amazed how their place is cool. It's very accessible for us and no hassle because its near in the highway.  The place is neat and clean that one of the important factor of the restaurant should have. It's a big space they said that the capacity of their place is about 150-160 pax and they have also the second floor but its under of construction. As I observe  I think they have a lot of costumers. I love the ambiance of this place, the interior designs and the lights makes me feel so comfortable.

The Foods
The following reasons why I love the Filipino foods because our foods are very healthy, when we say healthy its full of proteins, vitamins. and I can see that here in Choobi Choobi. It's a natural flavors even without using the enhancing flavors its very naturals and simple but yummy.

What I love this restaurant because I love their sea foods specialty like the shrimp and many more!

Shrimp in a Bag
Literally they serve these Shrimp in the bag haha! I was surprise and its something interesting and I forgot to ask them why they used this bag. I love the taste of this I smell the corn and shrimp blended flavors and the result of that is super yum.

Shrimp in a Bag
Stan's Fried Black Pepper Shrimp
I love this much, honestly the taste of this fried black pepper Shrimp is great! It's very smooth and juicy, sumisiksik ang lasa sa cover ng shrimp at ang sarap-sarap sipsipin.

Stan's Fried Black Pepper Shrimp
Stuff Grilled Squid (250.00)
unfortunately I'm not able to taste this one but this looks so great and yum also.

Stuff Grilled Squid 

Chilean Mussels in a Bag (325.00)
I love the taste of this, I like the coconut cream and spices its very juicy and yummy. 

Chilean Mussels in a Bag (325.00)

They have also soups and it's very nice because its more on sea foods also and vegetables. 
Really Beafy
Tinolang ManokBisdak
Tinolang Isda
Utan Monggos
Utan Bisaya
Sabaw na Halaan

Sabaw na Halaan (210.00)
This one is one of my favorite. This menu is great and suited for me because I'm a breastfeed mom so my son and I consumed a lot of this I love the sabaw. It's very healthy. 

Sabaw na Halaan
Cha Tao Miao (150.00)
 One of my favorites also is this, it's my first time to try this vegetable, I love the flavor and I like  how they cooked it. It's a half cooked and my mouth was watering while looking at this on the table.. 

Cha Tao Miao (150.00)

Choobi Pata (M-385.00) (L- 405.00)
I love these Pata it's crispy and smooth. The skin taste like a chicharon hahaha! Even my son Zd boy likes it.

Choobi Pata

Choobi House Blend Iced Tea Glass
-There's a lot of choices of drinks also, they have a bar. First they  serve us an Iced Tea and it's cool. Their Iced Tea tastes like honey and a little bit sweet and something has a lemon. They also served us the Fresh Pineapple Organic Wheat Grass and Mango Basil Shake.

Fresh Pineapple Organic Wheat Grass and Mango Basil Shake
My First and Personal Experience of Choobi Choobi
Indeed I had a great experience with them. The foods are very nice and I like them all, I think the reason why I like the foods is because I'm a bisaya but more than that they serve us what the Bisaya's best foods. I also considered a pleasurable experience because I love their foods.

The place is very nice also and wide, I love the interior design and hope to visit there again with friends. It's very accessible and near in the high way.

This pleasurable experienced  made through the Open Rice Ph thank you so much!

I surely recommend this restaurant to all my bisaya friends and other people who loved cebuano's specialty or to my friends na namis kumain ng pang province na foods. 

For more information about Choobi Choobi you can visit this following:
Address: 102 Panay Ave.; Brgy. South  Triangle uezon City.
For inquiries please call: 09952289726/ (02) 372 2654

You can also visit their branches here near on your place
Sm Sta Rosa Laguna
Sm South Mall Las Pinas
Sm City Baliwag Bulacan
Sm Davao Lanang
Sm City Dasmarinas Cavite