Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Ship of my Life :)

Hello there! Today I missed my seafarer husband, the ship of my life. I would like to introduce my husband.  He is too far from us right now but he is always in my heart!
My lovely husband
My love and dearly husband is Mr. Lemuel Sanchez.  He is 28 years old. I met him during our Things to Come Mission Workers Annual Conference 2008 in Ozamis City. Ozamis City is one of the nicest provinces in Mindanao.
 I love the environment, the fresh air, fresh vegetables, fresh fish, fruits and some of beaches there!  

Hoyohoy Overlooking View in Ozamis (After our Wedding)
My husband loves sports too like me. He really loves basketball! He'd be weak without basketball, that's how addicted he is! And his favorite color is blue and you know what that's my favorite color also...hehe! He was a working student also.. I started to have a crush on him because of his ability in basketball. oh yeah! that's right. But before that, I prayed to God that I hope God will give me a Christian boyfriend that would also be my lifetime partner :) I was too young that time when I prayed and asked God for a lifetime partner hahahah!

Cota Bay, Ozamis City
But anyways God answered my prayer quickly! haha Yes! very quick! hehe! but he didn't become my husband hehe. It was another guy, a basketball player also from davao. Because my husband has a gf that time. But we're friends na, we were texting and were friends and binigyan niya ako ng picture nya at binigyan ko din sya,wala lang just remembrance... Until we broke up my ex.boyfriend. 

It was in 2010 when my husband  went here in Manila for his OJT. Nakakatawa pa kasi when I had a boyfriend, naputol ang communication namin. Then noong nagbreak kami ng ex bf ku after mga 5 months bigla syang nagtext sa akin kasi nandito daw xa sa manila at naghahanap sya ng masimbahan. Then, nagreply ako at nagsimba sila with his 2 classmates. Sunday morning nagkita kami sa litex, and pangalawa naming pagkikita. Until we became friends and close friends because nag eenjoy sya sa ministry sa youth sa churh namin kasama ang mga pinsan nya na mga seafarers din. 

Hanggang niligawan nya ako at sinagot ko sya noong October 5, 2010. Hindi naging madali ang relasyon namin noon kasi ayaw ng pamilya nya sa akin kasi ako ay Praise and Worship (to those who don't know, it's a way of worship sa church. It's been a long-time debate sa church namin - to worship either traditionally or worship with complete accompaniment and drums). Ang kanyang pamilya ay conservative and solemn ang way of worship. Pero pinaglaban nya ako sa kanyang pamilya hanggang natanggap ako :) (aw, love conquers all! ♥)

During our prenup
Our relationship became stronger and an inspiration. My seafarer husband is like a ship for me of course because of the status of his work. Many storms and winds that came (and will come) in his journey there but he has a captain that's always there for him to protect him and guide him and that is God. And I'm always here as his anchor to love him, hold him, to pray him,  to comfort him and encourage him, if there is a sea that surrounds him, our home will always be the safe dry land he can come back to anytime.
So shout out to all single ladies and gents out there! Always pray for your love life/ lifetime partner. Don't harsh to have a bf/husband, wait for the right time. Let God work on it and God will give you the best.

"If my life was a ship, you would be the anchor that holds me in place and the sails which take me on a beautiful journey, i love you". 
-Lemuel Sanchez (He posted it on his Facebook last July 6, 2015)  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My ZD bear

He's my love. My everything. And I love him with all my heart!

Healthway Medical introduces FIT, a test to detect food intolerance

FACT: 99% of Filipinos suffer from food intolerance.

Reactions to certain foods are quite common.  However, some reactions go unnoticed until certain abnormal manifestations occur – internally (physiological) or externally (physical, i.e. on skin).Where food ALLERGY has almost an immediate reaction, food INTOLERANCE, on the other hand, does not immediately manifest. Sometimes, it takes as much several months or as short as days for symptoms to be obvious.

According to Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor Ginny Sinense-Marksl, RND, food intolerance often occurs in people who eat normal or even very common food substance (rice, egg, dairy, wheat) that they are highly sensitive to. These foods cause inflammations in their body that could manifest as allergy-like reactions such as diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramps and at times, skin rashes that almost never seem to subside.Also, it could be one of the major reasons why it is difficult to manage any weight problem.

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Food intolerance may involve some or all the same symptoms as food allergies. “While food allergies are acute reactions to a particular food substance and can cause life-threatening symptoms, food intolerance is chronic and less severe but, nevertheless aggravating to optimum health,” said Marksl.

A number of reactions surface when a person is found to be intolerant on a specific food item. However, some people could still eat small amounts of food they are “intolerant” to without any immediate physiological or physical reaction.

Though minimum to no immediate reaction occurs, chronic exposure to a food substance a person is intolerant to can be potentially hazardous to health due to constant presence of inflammation in the body as Marksl further explained.

Food Intolerance is a type III food item that occurs when the body produces Immunoglobulin (IgG) as a reaction to allergenic food.

Immunoglobulin are a class of proteins that function as antibodies produced by the immune system in response to foreign bodies that enter the body. Various studies reveal that if food with high IgG levels are eliminated from the diet, symptoms can be reduced.

“Not knowing where you’re intolerant to could lead to chronic diseases such as abdominal bloating and fluid retention, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, and asthma,” said Carmie De Leon, vice president for sales and marketing of Healthway Medical. “This makes a Food Intolerance Test all the more important.”

Healthway Medical, the most trusted and preferred mall-based clinics in the Philippines, recommends every children and adult alike to undergo a Food Intolerance Test (FIT) or Food Print Test to identify which food groups are safe to eat.

FIT is the most advanced and comprehensive laboratory service that detects the presence of igG-food specific antibodies to a wide range of food people consume every day.

Healthway’s FIT is inclusive of a consultation with nutritionist to guide you through the FIT service and to explain the findings of the test.

“Not having your test now can be potentially dangerous since some people have high IgG levels but do not experience the symptoms,” De Leon said. “There are others who even feel better short after they eat food at which they are intolerant to, but continuing to take these food groups may re-grow the symptoms to much worse cases. Still, once symptoms occur, it is recommended to avoid all other members of that food group unless tested negatively.”

De Leon concluded, “Early detection of food intolerance will go a long way in ensuring one’s optimum health. If you want to achieve a quality life, make sure to add sleep, right food intake, exercise, and de-stressing as part of your daily routine. When you start living a healthy life, everything else will follow.”

If you think you have the symptoms of food intolerance, visit Healthway Medical Clinics at the Alabang Town Center, Edsa Shangri-la, Market! Market!, Festival Mall, Healthway Manila, SM The Block and Greenbelt 5.

For more details, please contact (02) 751-4929 or visit

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