Friday, December 16, 2016

Birthday: 3 Reasons Why I love my Sister

Today is the 21st birthday of my sister. She is my one and only sister that's why I love her.
This sistah has 2 beautiful daughters and wait! There is another one coming soon. At her age she was blessed with so many blessings! And I admire her of being her.

My only sistah and the birthday celebrant! Charity Grace

Our parents raised us and taught us being independent. When I graduated High School I worked in my school in order for me to finish my studies. When my sister was in High School she was a scholar because she got a wonderful talents, she is a dancer. After her class she went on the market and help our parents to sale eggs and vegetables. My father is a vendor after our class we help him.

So that's our life during a decade ago :)

It's because she's the only sistah that I have, here's the 3 things why I love her.

Our throwback pictures!

1. Her Name refelct on her personality the word "Charity"
 Honestly I am jealous to her name. I said to her "na mabuti pa ang name mo pinag isipan at pinaghandaan yong name ko waley hahaah!" (joke). Her name is Charity Grace. The biblical meaning of her name is beautiful, "Charity" means love, and I google it and here's what I got
Charity means -the act of giving money, food, or other kinds of help to people who are poor, sick, etc. And Grace can also be defined as God's sufficiency or God's fullness in our life. And the other deep meaning is the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. oh di ba? ganda lang.

2. Her Personality
I love her strong personality. She is the lady that I admire because she is generous, she is always there for you if you need her. She is the one who help me financially actually every time na ma short ako, she always shared her blessings to her siblings specially to our family. She is  kind, and calm. Being calm and mahinhin is unique for me, kasi naman yung anak nya mahuhulog na sya ang hinhin parin walang kakaba kaba. Pero pag sakin nangyari yon, nako kahit lasing magigising sa sigaw ko.

3. Matured & Being Masipag
She's only 21 yrs old but she is mature enough to handle things. Specially in her family she is a good wife to her husband and good mother to her daughters. She knows how to handle problems on her own without disturbing other people. Being masipag, at her age they have already their own business in Commonwealth market. May isdaan sila, they need to wake up 2am for their business after that she has 2 little girls to taking care off, and also they have 3 tenderos na kaylangan nyang ipagluto everyday. oh di ba? and now she is preggy na naman for their 3rd child. Sipag sipag talaga ng sistah ko.

My wishes & prayers on her birthday!

I wish and pray for her good health and safe for her another milestone on pregnancy. God will sustain her strength and patience to her children and family. Serve the Lord with all her life.

My Fave during her birthday lol!

Thank you also for her husband who's taking care of her and their children, For providing the needs for his family. Thank you also for this grilled pusit my fave dish and for the bring home. God bless both of you and we love you.


  1. What a lovely name! I have no sister by blood but I am very lucky to have girl friends who are always there for me whenever I need them, just like you gaw! Miss you! :)

  2. Belated happy birthday to Charity! A lady with a combination of sweet and brave. She's very strong for her age. I miss seeing her dance, I like her smile and laugh, as always. Praying for her as she's nearing her due date. ♥

  3. Love the name, too. Your sister is truly admirable. At the tender age of 21, she has so many responsibilities and yet she is able to do all those. I also find her dedication to their isdaan commendable. Waking up everyday at 2am and then attending to the needs of your children arent an easy task. You're so lucky to have her and surely she is lucky as well to have you as her ate.