Saturday, December 9, 2017


Happy holidays everyone!

Togetherness is our happiness because this is the moment that we are able to relax while having fun and share our thoughts and experiences in the blogosphere. Sharing new updates and how to improve our blogs. But aside from that we also share like sharing our motherhood experiences since we all have kids and almost same age lang kaya ang saya lang.

Last November 27, Nilyn, momi Berlin and Madz we had a chance to met in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in Trinoma. They are my mommy blogger friends for two years now if I am not mistaken. Last year, our first meet up for our December's exchanging gift was held @ Berlin's mommy's house. Even in spite of our hectic schedules finally, we made it!! Though Mhaan was not with us because of Cloud's fever, thank God we are able to meet and had our "me" time.

We're so glad because there is Vanilla Cupcake Bakery that offers lunch buffet for as low as PHP 298 and this cafe has a very relaxing place that's really suited for the meetups and different bonding.
While waiting for our crony camaraderie to be completed, I strolled around this cafe and here are their beautiful settings.

I am impressed how creative they are to come-up this beautiful theme and decors. When you're inside this bakery, you will forget your problem at your home hahaha! They will twist your stressed mind into relaxing and peaceful one.

Aside from that, I also appreciate their walls because not only do they have a colorful and decorative wall, you will also be encouraged  by the quotes and bible verses.

My favorite thing about Vanilla is their displayed foods on the table. I love how creative their displays and also I love that  I feel at home in this place.

Since it was a banquet you need to serve your own and feel free to enjoy their foods.
It's because I'm on my diet eklabo, I needed to control myself to eat rice but when I saw the dinuguan OH MY..... I whisper myself and said ''mamaya na ako ulit mag diet mayang gabi kasi maaga pa naman e" :))) I promise, their dinuguan was so mouth-watering and pleasurable sorry at naka-dalawang balik talaga ako hihihi!

Kare-kare, Fresh Lumpia, and Pork Embotido

Vanilla Tacos

Mandarin Chicken, Sizzling Tofu, and Sisig

Crispy Chicken Skin

Pastas and Fresh Salads

Indeed I love their delightful foods and I love their cute and beautiful place too. Aside from their heavy lunch buffet, the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery also offers their regular sweet haven deserts like cakes, cupcakes, coffees, ice creams and more!

I would love to recommend this Vanilla Cupcake Bakery as your gateway for meetups and bonding.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery opens daily but their buffet opens only from Monday to Friday 11am to 2pm, located in 2nd floor Trinoma Edsa Quezon City.


  1. Saya naman ng get together niyo. We have Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in ATC but I'm not sure if they offer buffet meals. Or hindi ko lang siguro pansin kasi weekends ko nagpupunta sa ATC, weekdays lang pala siya meron.

  2. I also love the decor at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Unfortunately, we haven't tried most of their food yet, only their cupcakes. Mukang masarap nga based on your photos. Plus, very affordable pa yung buffet ah.

  3. Love spending the day there with you guys. I also love the decor at Vanilla Cupcake. Sometimes, we tend to go back to a place because it looks pleasing. But more than the decor, love as well the food at Vanilla Cupcake.. They can offer both main course and even sweets.

  4. Ang saya! I wish to meet other mommy bloggers din soon. I have always been wanting to have a cup of coffee and cupcakes in Vanilla Cupcake but laging jampacked - puno lagi. I wish to try it soon, buti may malapit sa south, will try it in ATC :)

  5. Gah, this place looks so pretty! It's hard to imagine that this dainty place serves food like kare-kare and sisig hehe. But I don't see any problem with that! :D

  6. Uy, I really wanted to go back here. Bakit nga ba di ko man lang nadala si Dane dito. Di kami nakapag Trinoma man lang. Haaay, so many things to do, so little time. And now he's back to KSA already. :(

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