Tuesday, December 29, 2015

5 Moments to Remember during the MBP's Christmas Party :)

This is my 2nd MBP event this year, my first was the Spooky Halloween in Tagaytay.
I'm so excited for this event and honestly I felt so nervous because it is my first time to attend this kind of event with fellow mommy bloggers. Knowing that my friend will not able to attend because she is in vacation in Davao so I have no choice but to go alone, so be it.

But day before the event, I thank God because Mommy Mhaan of Mommy Rockin' in Style approached me na sabay nalang kami puntang venue kasi medyo magkalapit lang kami, ang galing talaga ni Lord.

Here are 5 things moments to remember during this event.

1. Meeting Fellow Mommy Bloggers in Person
Bloggers meet on social media, we know them on the name of their blog sites, meet them on their fb, IG, Twittter, etc. But through this event, Mommy Bloggers have an opportunity to meet, shake hands, and greet them in person. So there were almost 50 mommy bloggers who joined this event and they are so beautiful and at ang saya-saya kasama at ka-chika.

With this pretty and makukulet na mommies
Photo Credit to Casa Litrato - Photo and Video Services
2. Stepping-out from  the Comfort Zone & "Me time"
I'm a stay at home mom, so I'm always in the house 24/7 yeah, and I'm so happy because through this event I'm able to step-out from my comfort zone and socialize to other moms without our kiddos. Though my mind was always on my ZD because he is still a breastfed, di maiwasan na mag alala and this is my first time to leave him in the house na ganito katagal.

But its really a good experience kasi wala kang ibang iisipin during that time and stress-free.

Me and Mommy Mhaan :)
Photo Credit to Casa Litrato - Photo and Video Services
3. Getting to know each other and having so much FUN :) ...
All mommies are adorable and beautiful inside and out, and during this time, I was chilling because the venue was so cold plus my heart was fast beating because each of us needed to introduce ourselves - feeling ko nasa recitation kami haha, but I conquered all and natapos din. Yay! I thank God because nakilala ko na ang mga mommy bloggers not just in their blog name on their site or pictures but finally in person. Nice meeting you  mommies :)

Photo Credit to Casa Litrato - Photo and Video Services
4. Enjoying the Place...
I actually love the place the venue of the event,though kahit medyo malayo ang nilakad namin just to find the Linden Suites but sulit naman pagdating there. They were so accommodating and they even serve us water, coffee, kahit yung coffe sa gilid lang namin and you can do it your self naman, and they are approachable. 

Paglabas na paglabas ng elevator ito yong nagwelcome samin :) the Christmas tree and the food in the hallway :)

View from the Roof Deck 

Inside the Venue
Table Settings

5. Gift Haul and Sponsors...
Hindi kami umuwing luhaan! haha. We came home with joy and happiness plus these bundle of gifts from our generous sponsors. Halos di namin kayang buhatin sa subrang dami. 

I'm personally blessed because I became a member of this group, the Mommy Bloggers Philippines, kahit bago palang ako I really feel the belonging-ness. I never forget all the experience in this event, ang kwentuhan, tawanan, sharing of joy, family matters, businesses hahaha and many more. Thank you to all the people behind this organization that they really exerted their efforts and time  just to make this event successful. Looking for next year sana makasali ako ulit :)

The Mommy Bloggers Philippines “A Christmas to Remember” party was made possible by generous sponsors and a team of mommies who love this blogging community.

Thank you to The Linden Suites who not only provided us with a venue but also made sure we had a wonderful time by collaborating with their in house restaurant Mesclun to provide us with a lovely lunch.

Our venue at The Linden Suites, The Sky Lounge was beautifully decorated by Amari Events while our photos were taken by Casa Litrato.

Our generous sponsors, Fujidenzo, Zojirushi, Jolly, Lotus Biscoff, Frabelle, Robinsons Supermarket, Melawares, Wacoal, Philips, Cinnabon, Rebisco Vita Cubes, Fuentes Manila, Sun Villa Resort, Villa Del Conte Chocolates, Red Ribbon, Hotel Quickly, Shoppers Stop, Chelsy & Casey, National Bookstore and Starbucks for their support, giving us giveaways and prizes.

The Linden Suites

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Experience Magical Ice Festival at the Big Dome

It’s that time of the year again. As Christmas fast approaches, a palpable sense of excitement fills the air with the return of an all time Filipino favorite – the annual staging of Disney On Ice at the Big Dome.

There is much to look forward to in this year’s show. Aside from world-class skaters who make up its talented ensemble, Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival will feature Disney’s Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time Frozen, along with three Disney royal adventures!

“This year’s Disney On Ice is truly magical with Disney properties that are packed with heart and personality. We have princesses that are exuberant and strong-willed, but we’ve also expanded the roles of spirited supporting characters, so that they’re more prominent in the show,” says Producer Nicole Feld.

For the first time on ice, watch your favorite Disney stars Anna and Elsa, together with hilarious snowman Olaf, rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven in a magical winter adventure.

 “The most exciting part of bringing characters like Anna and Elsa to the ice for the first time is knowing that they have a powerful and inspiring message the resonates with audiences as the sisters discover the true meaning of love,” says producer Nicole Feld.

Audiences will also enjoy comical segments with captivating stories of princesses Ariel, Rapunzel and Belle in a new twist of fairytale fun featuring Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Beauty and the Beast.

“By pulling together moments from classic Disney stories to the newest feature film sensation Frozen and combining them with elements of comedy and music, we developed a truly unique way to re-tell each fairytale,” says Producer Juliette Feld.

 Dazzling costume designs, spectacular set elements, and jaw-dropping stunts are also what make this year’s show even more exhilarating.

In Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest,” the theatrical elements of the glitzy napkins and silverware costumes will astound audiences. “The costumes are designed to emphasize the overwhelming amount of table décor that appears in the movie. The napkins unfold to increase their size and the forks tower over the heads of the performers. This is a big moment for Belle; the costumes need to reflect that,” says Costume Designer Cynthia Nordstrom.

Moreover, lighting plays a crucial role in giving the overall production a truly magical feel.
“The colors really pull you into the different worlds of the princesses, but it’s how the lights are arranged that command your attention when the characters are performing their acts. For example, when the Daughters of Triton are introduced, the lighting individually highlights each of them. Your eyes follow the spotlights,” says Lighting Designer Sam Doty.

Experience Magical Ice Festival at the Big Dome from December 25 to January 3 and don’t miss the chance to see your favorite Disney stars LIVE! Buy your tickets via TicketNet online or call 911-5555 for more details.

Try The Pork Adobo in Woodchuck House and More!

Openrice "Eats a date" in Woodchuck House UP Diliman Quezon City.

When we entered this place the round bar in the corner welcomed us with this Mother Goose rhyme!

"How much wood could a woodchuck chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck wood?
As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck,
If a woodchuck could chuck wood".

This resto just opened 2 months ago, so napakabago palang. And they choose the "Wood Chuck House" because according to them during winter season woodchuck will dig deep just for them to find a comfy place and for them to relax, so that's it.

The place is under development, and when you see their counter is quite cute, with the small space when you order. 

Outside you can see the space also and tables that you will able to enjoy the fresh air and their environment and I love the tree :)

Their specialty came from the Moms best constructed lutong bahay, the mommy of one of the owners of this resto. So when we say Lutong Bahay we should say that its common foods because we already taste it daily in our home. But in this resto I noticed and discovered twists in the recipes, but not all of the recipes hahaha, but for me I would love this 4 recipes that I have tried.

1. Pork Adobo with Mojos
This Adobo taste so good for me, not common and there is something special in the ingredients that they added on it. The pork was very well cooked and smells good.

2. Crispy Pork Sinigang (238.00)
This is my first time to try the sinigang with crispy pork. Because usually the pork we use in sinigang is the regular pork and just cook it. Their sinigang is not really sour, sakto lang because I hate subrang maasim na sinigang and this sinigang caught my taste.

3. Kareng-Kareng Baka (248.00)
This is also my first time to taste the Kareng-Kareng baka recipes because I always eat Chicken Curry hahah! But this one was so yummy and I love the butter. The taste was so good and I love it.

4. Mom's Best Bake Mac (158)
I love this Baked Macaroni it's cheesy and creamy. The pasta cooks good and I love it. 

Also there are Do it yourself breakfast available here. 
It's called "Do it yourself" because you can choose your meal and do it your self, yes! you can, like this Panini Bread, you can choose if you would grill or add eggs, add hotdogs, etc and make it yourself. Galing noh? Nakaka challenge din hehe. But they said na most of their costumers naman daw ayaw na sila gumawa for themselves so sila lang din ang gumagawa.

Here are some breakfast that we had tried,

Panini Do it yourself, this is a Foccaccia bread: Whole Wheat and Herbed Onion, you can add bacon, or egg, and you have an option to grill.

Hungarian Sausage, it looks great right? but for me it's salty and half-cooked.

Tapa- taste good also but nakukulangan ako sa lambot. 

And also we had a chance to witness how they mixed their mocktails. And its amazing, I told myself na bago pala makarating sa baso ang mga inumin at dumaan muna sa mga procedures lol.

Would I recommend for you to give this resto a try? Absolutely! Check them out, they're located in:
The Square, 
51 Magiting St. Teachers Village, 
Quezon City, Diliman

Hours of operation are: 
Tue.-Thu. 07:30-22:30
Fri.-Sun. 07:30-00:30

Contact#: 09178961618

Or visit their Facebook Page @ https://www.facebook.com/WoodchuckHouse

Monday, December 7, 2015

2015 Best Ramen in Manila by a Japanese Reviewer

Gaku Nakamura is a self-styled Japanese Ramen Consultant living in Manila. Last year, he listed his top 10 ramen with Ramen Nagi topping the list. But with a number of new and authentic restaurants popping up, here is some of Gaku-san’s top ramen for 2015!

#5 Mendokoro Ramenba

MUST TRY: Shoyu Tonkatsu
Gaku says: “Mendokoro has tonkotsu-based ramen with chashu. The restaurant looks just like a Japanese-style kitchen and it reminds me of a good ramen restaurant in Japan, Afuri. The taste of the broth and chasu is very nice.”

MUST TRY: Cheese Tsukemen

Gaku says: “Tsukemen soup is yuzu flavor and the noodles are thick. I have never thought that cheese can fit wih Tsukemen, but you will be satisfied once you taste it at Mitsuyado!

MUST TRY: Miso Ramen

Gaku says: “The best Miso ramen in Manila! It is located along Shaw Blvd. Although not located in a major mall, lots of people go there just to eat Daisho's delicious ramen. Not only ramen, but their gyoza are also delicious.”

MUST TRY: Butao Ramen

Gaku says: “Nagi’s tonkotsu-based broth tastes like real Japanese tonkotsu. If you’re a first-time visitor, try Butao. When you've eaten half of it, try to add their Fire sauce to change the taste. You can also change the firmness of the ramen and the toppings based on your preference.”

#1 Find out Gaku-san’s #1 best ramen in Manila, check out the full list on www.foozap.ph

Talk about Good Food on Foozap!
Foozap is your personal food diary loaded online. From the words, “Food” and “Usap” (Filipino word for “talk”), Foozap allows you to share your food adventures, search and discover the best restaurants, and create your own foodie community.

You can check out food reviews from the top food bloggers, post photos of restaurants you’ve recently tried, add restaurants on your “Wish” list and get notifications if any of your friends visited and reviewed your wished restaurant.

Check out Foozap to start your own food journey! Simply log-in www.foozap.ph or download the android app. You can also like their facebook page, www.fb.com/foozap to join giveaways to your favorite restaurants.

Indulge Your Gastronomic Cravings with QUEZON BUFFET

Indulge your gastronomic cravings with QUEZON
 After the success of their first concept buffet-Guevarras, Gruppo Guevarras Inc. (GGI) has opened its doors in Quezon City aptly named Quezon buffet.

Carrying GGI’s vision, Quezon Buffet undoubtedly exudes with high caliber dishes at very affordable rates. Quezon showcased variety of gastronomic fares that will surely suit everyone’s palates. It merges the comforts of home and gourmet delicacies by catering our country’s cuisines.

Nestled in the heart of Quezon Avenue, Quezon buffet carries an ambiance of an old-world charm and rustic appeal. 

 GGI upholds their commitment in reminding the general public specially the younger generations about our county’s greatest heroes; as well as preserving our culture through local cuisines.

Savour your appetite
Quezon is being developed as haven for delectable cuisines that every Filipino would crave for.

Highlighting Filipino-Spanish heritage that embodies classic food that includes roasting stations, various meat dishes, seafood, grains and noodles, fresh salads, flavorful soups and dessert selections. 

Much of the inspiration behind this effort came from their collective ideas to acknowledge the deep historical connection during President Quezon’s era, and this is through sustainable cooking of exquisite dishes. Here are some of their noteworthy specialties that will make you 

Celebrity Chef behind Quezon

Chef Kalel Chan

Considered as one of the Top 10 good-looking chef, Kalel is surprisingly charming and down to earth. He goes for innovative fusion cooking that adds creativeness to his masterpieces.

Chef Kalel is always eager to discover new trends in culinary industry and adapts them in his food creations.

Quezon Buffet, a place like home

Ribbon Cutting
Exuding with elegant ambiance, Quezon buffet incorporates classic lines and Art Deco pieces into its interior, creating a classic touch. The backdrops are great for photo-taking which is a known Filipino past –time in every family gatherings, an intimate date with your special someone or the perfect bonding tick with your friends.

Quezon exudes a classy vibe, from its spacious façade, soft lightings, to minimalist interiors of black and white tones. The woodworks and sparkling chandeliers – blends the antiquated with cosmopolitan and classic, as well as the convenience of modern life. 

The walls are well-themed with photos of President Quezon through the years, giving customers a nostalgic ambiance.

Quezon gives a convenient and cozy vibe as the dishes are arranged per station and are neatly presented.

The whole place can accommodate close to 200 pax with spacious function rooms that can accommodate 30-35 persons, respectively.

Complementing the dishes, the place is satisfying as the service is generally noble. Their service staff are nice and friendly, accompanying customers from the front lobby up to their seats. They depict one of the good traits of every Filipino, which is being hospitable to guests.

Resembling President Manuel Quezon whose name will always be in the hearts of every Filipino, Quezon Buffet is the epitome of this man by serving finest and mouthwatering dishes and yet very affordable price across the board. The extraordinary experience of tasting distinct local flavors will surely worth a visit.

 Just like in any traditional fiesta or festivity, Quezon truly offers a mixed dining experience for all ages! 

Buffet Entree

Lechon Baka

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 Trendspotting 09177985180