Saturday, October 31, 2015

My First MBP's Event Ever (Spooky Circus Halloween! in Skyranch Tagaytay)

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to thank God for this great opportunity. At this time, while I write this post, I still can't believe that I am now a Mommy BLOGGER, (whew!). Second thank you to my friend who's always convincing and encouraging to write a blog. :) Third, thank you MBP family (Mommy Blogger Ph) for accepting my request and become a member of this great community!

October 17, 2015 was my first MBP's event. I was so excited to attend this event because this is also my ZD's first in Tagaytay.

But 3 days before the event I worried because my ZD bear was sick, (I mentioned it on my previous post). Thank God and he is well and tagos sa puso ko ang smile ko kasi nga makalabas na kami sa aming lungga. :)

But before we went to the said event experience bibitinin ko muna kayo :P of course I'm not able to go there if I was not:

1. An MBP's Blogger
2. Sign-up the registration and Paid it (600 entrance to event and 350 shuttle total is 950.00, don't worry 950 included the food already kaya super sulit na.)

Next what to Bring? 
1. Yourself and your kid
2. Costume (for costumes contest)
3. Pumpkin Pail
4. 2 Bags of Candy (for Trick or Treat)
5. Extra Clothes and Jacket
6. Umbrella because the weather is "kill-joy"! lol
7. Digital Camera for picture

Departure Time: 6:00am ( We're 10 mins late because of a little traffic)
Meeting Place: Front in Trinoma (Mcdo)
Driver: Kuya Joji

Arrival: 8:30 am. Yes, we arrived the venue that early hehe. There was no traffic and we're comfortable on our way, hassle-free and feel na feel namin ang biyahe.

Just arrived Picture muna :)

Just Arrived with my friends Nilyn & Melody (The 3 Idiots and the 2 little men)
Because it's too early pa, most of the fast-food and resto were closed so we decided to feed our toddlers first.
Toddlers time to eat!
and we're so hungry we found a fast food for our breakfast at KFC!
My ZD bear :)
After our breakfast we proceed to the registration area. And here is the venue.
The venue
ZD and Nate
Claim your Loot Bag, Food Stub and Rides Stamp here :)
With Ma'am Lanie, Head of MBP :)
Sky Ranch Rides Stamp
Prizes and give-aways
Games! games!

TRICKS: The photos of this part looks not good because of the weather and the fogs. Plus, we didn't have a good camera! lol! Forgive the resolution!

Baby Charley Best in Costume :)
Here is my ZD, the Bee!
The program of these event was great, though we're not able to participate on the games because the toddlers are too young pa but we had fun and we enjoyed the whole activity. We enjoyed the Magic tricks and super bibo na emcee, the games had so much fun, the kids really did enjoying it, the mommies and also the daddies. (clap,clap,clap)...

I won from the raffle prize ticket  Disney On Ice show for December. Yay!!

After the activity we enjoyed the unlimited photo shot by YEAH, SHOOT PhotoBooth.

After the phobooth we proceed to rides. Even it's rainy what did you expect? Go pa din kami kasama ang mga anakis namin :) 

Our first stop was the Carousel, our toddlers like it, but the problem was ako yong nahilo at sumakit ang ulo. hahah!

Zd and Ninang Nilyn
After the Carousel we decided to try the Flying Bus, and that was the biggest mistake we did on our toddlers. On your first glance on that flying bus, it looks so great and you can imagine yourself that it's really fun because it's just a mini-bus, and lagi naman tayong sumasakay sa bus right? Kaya ang tapang namin na sinakay ang mga anak namin. Nong naka-upo na kami excited na kami but when its started to move, OMG! takot na takot ang mga anak namin, si Nate namumula, si ZD naman namumutla. At wala na kaming magawa at hintayin ang pag stop nito. We promised to ourselves na di na talaga namin uulitin at parang pinaparusahan namin ang mga anak namin. Whew!

The first and last ride!
Our third stop was the Sky Eye, Thank you Lord at nakapag relax din kami sa wakas! After 30mins na nakatayo at nakapila, the view was so nice its very relaxing, kung di lang siguro napuno ng fogs ang paligid that time I'm sure super ganda siguro almost 14 mins din ang ikot kaya sulit din. 

The Sky Eye :)
Our last stop was the Express Train. I think mga one hour din kami nag hintay just to ride this train, kasi maliit lang at kunti lang ang pwedeng ma accomodate ng train nila, kaya medyo matagal ang hintay namin. But it was worth to wait naman kasi na enjoy din namin ang pag tour sa amin :)

So tired and hungry na!

What can I say about this Event?
Being a first timer of this event I'm so blessed to be able to join this company, thank you so much MBP family ( for this great event, to all the organizers that really worked hard just to make this event successful. Sana next year maka attend na naman kami ulit ni ZD, thank you sa pag welcome sa amin. Subrang na enjoy namin.

THANK YOU Mommy Bloggers Philippines and SkyRanch Tagaytay

Mommy Bloggers Philippines Spooky Circus Halloween event was made possible by generous sponsors and a team of mommies who love this blogging community.

Thank you to Sky Ranch Tagaytay who not only provided us with a venue but also made sure we had a great time by providing ride all you can tickets and delicious food from Kenny Rogers!

Special thanks to Mr. Poch Albiso, the Magic Meister who made it the most enjoyable day with his magic show and games. 

Our generous sponsors, Nido 3+, Krispy Kreme , Araneta Center, Summit Media, URC, Yeah! Shoot Photobooth, Lock and Lock, First Vita, Jardine Distribution, and Jollibee for their support, giving us giveaways and prizes.

Thank you so much for these!


Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP) has a Wickedly Fun Halloween at Sky Ranch Tagaytay. I was so excited because it was our first ever MBP event!

Before going there, of course I needed to prepare this following things for my ZD:

When I heard that there will be a costume contest for kids, of course I was so excited for my ZD and started thinking about my toddler's costume. Since my ZD bear is still very young hahaha! I don't want him to wear scary costumes, you know na baka matakot lang sya hehe at di ma enjoy ang moment. And whether manalo or matalo it's okay as long as we enjoy the event it's enough for me.

 So before I went to the market I did some costume research and of course I always consider the price, kasi isang beses lang naman gamitin or yon na ang magiging costume na if ever na makaatend pa kami ulit ng tricks or treat Halloween event .

Here are the following costume choices for my ZD.

                                                                   a. Mickey Mouse
Commonwealth market price 380.00

b. Peter Pan

Commonwealth market price 650.00

c. Bee

Commonwealth market price 380.00

Why I Choose the BEE?
The reasons why I choose the Bee costume of course kaylangan pa bang i-memorize yan? the lowest price LOL! the BEE! the Mickey Mouse and the Bee are same price, not bad for kuripot mommy like me, and I'm thinking that the Mickey Mouse is very commonly used so I chose the BEE instead.

The fabric of these costume is very nice, its stretchable, the color is cool and it's a friendly costume for children.

Here's my ZD BEE!

Sky Ranch Tagaytay "My little Bee"
The walking Bee
The busy Bee
Me and my ZD Bee

Halloween Pumpkin Pail

The Halloween Pumpkin Pail in Commonwealth Market Quezon City price  (Small- 30.00, Medium-45.00,  Big one is only 80.00) since marunong akong tumawad they gave it to me at only 70.00.

Kids "Trick-or-treat" Candy Bag

I choose and bought the Rainbow Pie Crunch, these is the Choco coated Mallows with Rice crispies
 (24 pcs) in one bag,and it only 26.00.

The other one is the Chocolate Mallow pie, Choco covered mallow on cookies, (50 pcs) in one bag. 36.00 only.

That's all for now, more MBP's Halloween Trick-or-treat experienced at Sky ranch Tagaytay on my next post.

Thank you for dropping by. 
God bless :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

SKYRANCH Tagaytay Great Days Treat Extended!

Have a wickedly fun Halloween at Sky Ranch Tagaytay! It’ll be an all out Halloween festival with activities and games planned specially for you! Enjoy a scavenger hunt, dancing and a mystery game.

There’ll be a costume contest to boot! The best 5 Halloween costumes will win special gifts so make sure to dress to impress. Whether you’re scary, funny, spooky or magical you’ll be celebrating in the spirit of this wickedly fun holiday.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay has many rides to conquer and to make your amusement park experience all the more memorable they’re improving the park by adding more thrilling rides.

Their new rides include the BUMPER BOAT, BOAT PARADE, CHALLENGER, and CITY RAIL.

The wide expanse of the park also includes dining establishments, gazebos and an events venue for special celebrations.

You’re in for even more of a treat as Sky Ranch extends its Great Days Treat! Bigger savings means more fun!

Their special admission rates are now only Php50 from Mondays to Thursdays and Php80 from Fridays to Sundays including Holidays from November 1 to December 18.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is open on Mondays to Fridays from 10am-10pm and Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from 8am-10pm.

Parking rates:
Bike – Php30.00
Car – Php50.00
Bus – Php150.00

Gazebos are available for rent. Guests may order food from our restaurants and dine in one of our spacious Gazebos with the cool Tagaytay breeze and the majestic view of Taal Volcano. Below are the corresponding gazebo fees:

Php 750.00 – Weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays)
Php 1,000.00 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Follow Sky Ranch Tagaytay on Facebook

Monday, October 19, 2015

Learning Always Starts with Failure

Yesterday I was so very excited because it's my college classmate's daughter's first birthday. The venue was in Jolibee Phoenix near Mall of Asia (MOA) 4:00pm-6:00pm. So from Quezon City we travelled to MOA. I think it's about 3 hours ride because of the traffic (traffic, of course) and we prefer to commute.

We took a bus to MOA from Q.C. Memorial Circle to Timog Edsa Highway where it took 1 hour, so I told to my friend that if until Cubao its still very traffic, we will have to take MRT nalang para makahabol pa tayo, because I was woried na baka from Cubao-Ortigas another 1 hour na naman. Good thing my toddler was sleeping. So to make this story short we took MRT from Santolan to Taft. Of course what did you expect at MRT? standing position (karga-karga si zd, kasi ayaw nyang tumayo kasi natatakot sya sa maraming tao at feeling nya kinukulong sya kasi ang liit lang ng space at first time nyang sumakay sa MRT).

We arrived at Jolibee Phoenix around 3:45 pm thank God we're not late. Then the Jolibee crew told me that the party was on the 2nd floor, but to my surprise,when we got there, The tarpaulin never said it's Megan's birthday! So I asked again if there is another birthday party there? Then the crew answered me and told me "no ma'am, ito lang po from 3pm to 5pm", then I asked again, "are you sure? how about 4 to 6pm?". My friend told me that the party would start at 4pm-6pm. Then they checked again but there's no other party booked. Oh no! I was thinking if the party was cancelled without informing me, then I call my  classmate and she told me, "NO Mel, the birthday is on November 14, NOT October 14".

Oh my... I'm like a praning that time. hahahah! I blame myself because I did not check her pm again before I left home, neither text her, because to myself, I knew that  today was the party! LOL!! But anyway it's okay, I told to my friend that it's okay "kasama talaga sa paglaki to" hahahah! Diretso nalang tayo sa MOA, nagugutom ako at napagod kakain tayo then pasyal konti at uwi na din kasi baka siksikan na naman sa MRT.

Because I was so hungry and tired, when I saw the Mang Inasal di na ako naghanap ng iba but on my mind I wanted Burger King, pero hahanapin pa namin kung saang sulok yan sa MOA. That's why we decided na Mang Inasal nalang.

Mang Inasal (MOA)
Zd's first (Palabok)
My zd boy he really loves the Mang Inasal Palabok. (I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo on Palabok with Puto).

After eating we went to the Bay side. ZD boy had so much fun,  he enjoyed seeing the sea and the sea birds there. After that we go home na.

MOA Bay Side

Malayo ang tingin :P
The Sunset :)

What have I learned from this experience?

After this, I told to myself that "Last na talaga to Melisa" hahahaha! Before I go to somewhere, day before, check the schedule the month, date, time, and location, don't hesitate to verify or call or text, read the information  again and again. Life sometimes is like this, sometimes we fail but after that We learned a lot of lessons for us to improve, or to overcome something. Wag lang natin ulit-ulitin hehe! Though tayong mga moms likas na natin ang pagiging makakalimutin it is a challenge for us specially for me :)

I also discovered from this trip for my zd boy that I needed to expose him more on many people, specially sa bus at sa MRT feeling nya kinokulong sya, every time na may bumababa gusto nya na din bumaba, at iyak sya ng iyak. The next time we ride MRT and bus again, hopefully he will able to overcome this,  so that next time it's easy for us to travel.

Thank you guys for reading this kaloka experience.
Have a good day and God bless :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The A, B, K, D (Action Baranggay Kontra Dengue)

Dengue on the rise 55,000 reported cases so far in 2015,This is higher than the 50,462 recorded cases during the same period in 2014. The Department of Health (DOH) has recorded 55,079 suspected dengue cases from January 1 to August 8, 2015 according to the news last week.

(Source: Google Mosquito Pic Search}

Dengue is a common viral infection spread by mosquitoes. I'm aware of this because when I heard this from the news that there's lots of patients from the area of Cavite to Bulacan are. The DOH (Department of Health) said  that the  province of Bulacan and Cavite were placed under a state of calamity due to the rising number of dengue cases.

We have a 4-yr old neighbor here who's affected by the dengue and his nose was bleeding. They rushed him to the hospital. So I am scared because if it's my neighbor, then it means near at home (of course! lol). Although I always clean our house and always spray it for mosquitoes killers, when we go outside there's a chance that my ZD will be bitten by a mosquito. Oh, just the thought of that makes me so worried. Hay nakakaloka talaga!

That's why we used mosquito net at night para sure. Then everyday nag spray ako. Prevention is better than cure.

The good thing,  our baranggay has new program called "ABKD" (Action Baranggay Kontra Dengue). Our kapitbahay called that as "PAUSOK PARA SA LAMOK"  hahaha!

Early  in the morning when I bought something our breakfast I saw these brgy. workers - nag house to house sila para pausukan ang mga bahay, I was so happy because of it kasi it's really a big help for us specially to our community to avoid dengue.

Here are some photos taken:

Thank you to all the baranggay workers for the efforts and your service :) Mabuhay kayo!!


(Source: Wikimedia Commons Attribute Only)

Prevention is Better than Cure:

There is no vaccine available against dengue, and there are no specific medications to treat a dengue infection.

The best way to reduce mosquitoes is to eliminate the places where the mosquito lays her eggs, like artificial containers that hold water in and around the home. Outdoors, clean water containers like pet and animal watering containers, flower planter dishes or cover water storage barrels.  Look for standing water indoors such as in vases with fresh flowers and clean at least once a week.

Thank you for reading, keep safe all and God bless!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hello there!

Looking for a good trip? How about the adventures? Cool and good environment?

Among the premiere parks in the country, Sky Ranch is well known for its rides, food destinations and family-friendly ambiance. A project of SM Prime Holdings Inc, Sky Ranch Tagaytay is a 5-hectare leisure park right beside Taal Vista Hotel.

The entertainment complex and many dining establishments have made the park a welcome treat for those wishing to get away from the city even for just a day.

With the offer of family fun and adventure, you can choose from their well selected amusement park rides and activities. Their rides include the Sky Eye which is deemed one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in the country at 63 meters high, Super Viking, Sky Cruiser, Zipline and many more. For a complete list of rides see below.

Their new rides include the BUMPER BOAT, BOAT PARADE, CHALLENGER, and CITY RAIL.

Sky Ranch also provides you with one of the best views of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Gazebos can be found around the park for a relaxing and comfortable vantage point.

There are over a dozen dining establishments that will suit almost every palate from casual fast food to fine dining. Food establishments are open from 10am-10pm.

The Venue, an events place created by Sky Ranch for special occasions is 2,000sqm and perfect for any gathering.

All the facilities and amenities you could possibly need such as parking, a breast feeding station, clinic, ATMs, souvenir shop, etc are available.

As such, Mommy Bloggers Philippines will be enjoying Halloween this year at The Venue and having a day of fun with all that Sky Ranch has to offer. With their families, mommy bloggers will experience the excitement and amusement expected from a day destination leisure park, that is Sky Ranch Tagaytay.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is open on Mondays to Fridays from 10am-10pm and Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from 8am-10pm.

Admission Ticket (Special Promo until further notice)
Php 50.00 – Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
Php 80.00 –Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (8 a.m. to 10 p.m.)

Parking rates:
Bike – Php30.00
Car – Php50.00
Bus – Php150.00

Gazebos are available for rent. Guests may order food from our restaurants and dine in one of our spacious Gazebos with the cool Tagaytay breeze and the majestic view of Taal Volcano. Below are the corresponding gazebo fees:

Php 750.00 – Weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays)
Php 1,000.00 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Have a Wickedly Fun Halloween at Sky Ranch!

Halloween is one of the most anticipated events for families most especially kids who love to show their Halloween costumes and get freebies. 

Expect lots of fun with games from dancing to a scavenger hunt and a mystery game! Five (5) participants in their best Halloween costume will be chosen to win special gifts!

  • For every purchase of ride tickets worth Five Hundred Pesos (P 500.00) single or accumulated receipts from October 25 to 31, 2015, customer gets one (1) claim stub and one (1) event pass. Halloween event will be on October 31, 2015.
  • Claim stub is equivalent to one (1) freebie (loot bag/merchandise item) to be redeemed from October 29 to 31, 2015.
  • Customers are encouraged to wear their best Halloween costume.

List of Sky Ranch Rides:

Sky Eye  - Php150.00

Sky Eye is 63 meters in height. Consisted of 32 air-conditioned gondolas that can accommodate 3-4 passengers per gondola, Sky Eye gives you a wonderful view of Tagaytay, its neighboring provinces, Taal 
Volcano and Lake for 10 minutes.

Guests Should Be
3 ft and above, 3 ft and below must be accompanied by a responsible adult

Age Interest: Kids, Tweens, Teens and Adults

Thrill Level: Small drops, Spinning

Super Viking - Php100.00
An open seated gondola which swings up to 90 degrees, back and forth. The ride can accommodate a total of 45 persons with 5 persons per row. This thrilling ride at the heart of Sky Ranch takes from 5-6 minutes.

Guests Should Be: 4 ft and above

Age Interest: Tweens, Teens and Adults

Thrill Level: Big Drops, Thrill Ride

Carousel - Php 50.00

Get a 360-degree view of the whole Sky Ranch lot in an instant while riding in wooden horses and sleighs strategically located inside this spinning tent. Consisted of 4 sleighs and 24 horses, this carousel has two floors that could take you on a higher level of adventure.

Guests Should Be: 3 ft and above, 3 ft and below must be accompanied by a responsible adult

Age Interest: Kids, Tweens, Teens and Adults

Thrill Level: Spinning
Sky Cruiser - Php100.00

A unique experience of seeing the wonderful view of Taal Lake and Volcano, Sky Cruiser gives its riders an exciting aerial ride where they can control their vehicle by pedaling it around the track. Each wagon can accommodate 2 riders at a time.

Guests Should Be: 4ft and above

Age Interest: Tweens, Teens and Adults

Thrill Level: Spinning
Mini Viking - Php 50.00
Just like Super Viking, this Mini Viking gives guests a milder experience of being swayed up to 90 degrees. It can ride 10 to 12 guests per ride and each ride lasts for 3 minutes. This is an open seated gondola perfect for those who are not yet ready to take the much thrilling Super Viking

Guests Should Be: 3 ft and above.

Guests below 3 ft must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Age Interest: Tweens, Teens and Adults

Thrill Level Big Drops, Thrill Ride

Express Train - Php 80.00

A relaxing and fun way to roam around Sky Ranch, this trackless Express Train goes around the area with 12-18 guests at a time. A perfect way to enjoy a fantasy land while enjoying the cool breeze of Tagaytay and the amazing train sound brought about by this ride. Sky Ranch has currently two sets of train for you to enjoy, the Thomas Train, which surely amazes kids and the Safari Train that is perfect for adventurous and thrill-seeking individuals.

This ride may take 9 to 10 minutes per ride.

Guests Should Be 3 ft and above, 3 ft and below must be accompanied by a responsible adult

Age Interest: Kids, Tweens, Teens and Adults

Thrill Level:Slow, Moving 

More thrilling  and exciting rides and fun with your friends and love ones!!!
What are your waiting for? VISIT NOW!!!!!