Saturday, September 30, 2017

3 Reasons Why we Planned to buy a Car

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Buying a car is always in our plans because we know  how important and useful if we have that one in our family.

During our family vacation in our province last month, hubby and I talked and prayed about buying a car. We discussed and considered buying one. We first thought about the budget because right now, let's say that finally, we are now "financially stable" and we thank God for that. But during our serious discussions about it, we finally realized the real reasons why we needed to buy a car.

Here are 3 important reasons why we decided to buy a car:

1. For personal and family use
If we have a car, it will help us make our lives more effortless and comfortable when we go to the market, school, and especially when we go to the airport during the departure and arrival of my husband.

As a mother, it's very difficult also to commute if you have a kid not just a kid but an active kid with you. It is safer and more comfortable if we have a car. I want to secure my son's safety always during our travels that's why I always check the seats, the Car Seat Checks is very important things to know and learn specially for me as a mother.

2. For Ministry Use
Car is very useful in our church ministry, specially if we have fellowships, meetings, and visitations it's easy for us to participate and it's hassle free. We also consider helping our church using our car.

3. For Business Use
We're planning to have a business as long as we have a car. We all know that if we have a business we have clients and immediate schedules and meetings if you have a car. It will help us manage and maximize our time.

Right now, the first step we can do is to ask for advice from the experts about cars, research what is the best things that we need to consider. And to do and what is the best car for us, to meet our needs and reasons for buying a car. We consider the - one of our source of information about buying a car. I also love their Car seat checks you will learned and get knowledge about on it in here

However, hubby and I we are still praying  and giving it to the Lord. We are asking Him for wisdom in buying a car.

Do you have any plans to buy a car? What is your reasons for buying a car? Or if you already have one, what were your reasons for getting one?