Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"The Godly Woman as the Light of the World"

Yesterday we have our 6th Cluster 1 Women's Fellowship gathering in our church. Cluster one is composed of four churches in our denomination (Grace Gospel Christ of Christ) .  It is a regular fellowship for women every three months. This gathering is full of fun activities like games, contests,  and lectures. So this month, our church is the host of this fellowship. I'm so blessed and I learned a lot from the lectures. our theme was"The Godly Woman as Light of the Word" with it's sub-topics: (a. A Godly woman as light of the FAMILY, b. A Godly woman as light of the CHURCH C. A Godly woman as light of the COMMUNITY.

I love the lecture proper because its very interesting for me and its more practical being a woman or a wife to our family. Though I was a little bit distracted because of my ZD but I still have my hand-outs with me, so thank God!

Because I'm blessed and I know it's very helpful for us, specially for being a Godly woman of this world, I'm happy to share it with you. And I encourage you to get your bible to read the verses as you read this I know you will learn a lot from this. So here we go

Theme: "The Godly Woman as the Light of the World" (family, Church and Community) But I would like to share this post more on family. Please open your bible in the book of Psalm 127:1; Titus 2:3-5 and Romans 13:1-3. It is better to read this following verses for us to understand what the bible tells about this topic.

1. FAMILY (Satan and Home)

I have a song that I was teach in our children Sunday school, it says that "When Satan in the family is broken broken home! When Jesus in the family is happy happy home". Did you agree with that?

According to our speaker's introduction that the first Satan made was against the home. He invaded Eden and led the first husband and wife into disobedience and judgement. (did you know the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden? In Gen. Chapter 3, the beginning of disobedience and sin  of this world ever).

Satan is still attacking the home. We know that there's a lot of broken families right now, and i know you can enumerate the following issues as to why it happened. This does not mean that all wrecked homes are the fault of Satan, for often the flesh has a lot to do with the problems. If either or both partners are too immature for the demands of marriage Satan can find openings for (subtle and not so subtle) attacks. If the married couple does not obey the Bible and leave father and mother, but instead permit the parents to interfere, then Satan has an easy time attacking that marriage.

Some Specific Areas of Attack Mentioned in the Bible:

1. Satan teaches doctrine that forbid marriage- 1 Timothy 4:1-3
  Matthew 19:12- not everyone is supposed to get married,
1 Corinthians 7:34- unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord.

2. Satan  seeks to reverse the headship in the home.
- Headship is not dictatorship, headship is leadership in love. 1 Timothy 2:11-13; Ephesians 5:22,23

3. Satan wants to lead husbands and wives into moral impurity.
1 Corinthians 7:1-5- Sex in marriage in not sinful, it's a gift from God.

4. Satan gets the wife too busy outside the home- 1 Tim. 5:14-15
The yielded Christian wife should find job and fulfillment in her home.

Some Guideline Homemaking (for Godly Woman)
1. Build your home- You don't have to be married  to have a home. Indeed, wherever you live is your home. Proverbs 14:1; Psalm 127:1

2. Watch over hour home - Proverbs 31:27

3. Manage your home- It is better to be busy at home that to be a busybody. 1 Timothy 5:14; 2 Thessalonians 3:11

4. Love your home- Women are to be "keepers at home" Love is the world's most powerful motivators. No task will be too difficult and no job ill be too menial (or meaningless) but love will enable us and empower us to tackle it, master it and excel at it. Proverbs 31:29

Ten Discipline for Home Management
1. You shall be dedicated to managing your home. Titus 2:5
2. You shall be a woman of prayer. Matthew 6:21
Parents can influence their children's destiny through prayer.
3. You shall be aware of the basics. Proverbs 31:10-12
4. You shall follow a schedule. Proverbs 31:15
5. You shall be organized. "looketh well" means a place for everything and everything in its place. Proverbs 31:27
6. You shall be there. Deuteronomy 6:7
7. You shall be the best. Proverbs 31: 29 "Cleanliness, Orderliness, 3 meals a day"
8. You shall be reading Imagines, newspapers, books, most of all the Bible.
9. You shall be frugal. "Handle  money wisely"
10. You shall be creative.

Household Security- Proverbs 29: 25
1. Take charge of the media- We all know the influence of media nowadays. Guide your child.
2. Check out their friends- We did our part to raise them in our home we educate them how to be a better person in their conduct and behavior, but outside with their friends they will learn also a lot of things.
3. Build shield- Teach biblical and encouraging their faith.

"Mothers, you may work at a job, but your real work, your real life, your priorities lie at home. Home is where your heart must be".

Thank you Mrs. Marietta Bermejo for sharing this wonderful reminders.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Think Positive :)

Tonight my ZD bear is not feeling well :( since yesterday. I know it's a normal to our toddler get sick because not all the time they are well. When I checked his gums na mamaga na naman. No wonder why my ZD bear is sick.

Teething stage is very difficult in my part because my toddler is very sensitive. Every time I give him  food, he will spit it out. When I give him a milk he will push it away, he is very dependent in my breast milk. That's one of the reasons why I can't wean him just yet - not until all his teeth will not come out. Because I can't imagine my son without my breast milk while teething.

Everyday and night I always pray that God will sustain the good health of my family specially my toddler and my husband. Right now while my ZD is sick, also my husband's also ill at work. While we were chatting bigla, syang nawala. After a couple of minutes that he didn't reply to me, after waiting, I decided to text him, pm him on fb, and try to call him in skype. I kept sending him a text message. Then I thank God when he finally replied via chat. He said nakatulog daw sya dahil sa subrang tamlay ng katawan nya at pagod nya. Aside from that mainit daw ang katawan nya.

Right now their ship is on anchorage at USA Misisipi River. If I were there, maalagaan ko sana sya, at matulungan sa situation nya. But how? His work their is very hard because nagkaroon ng problem ang ship nila right now that's why natagalan ang standby nila. Ang higpit ng USA coast Guard (USASG) they will not allowed to load on their port until they fix their mechanical problem. And the USA Coast Guard gave them an allotted time just to finish it. That's why they needed to work double time. They have OT everyday. They would wake-up very early and they will rest late at night. Sino di magkakasakit nyan? And if ever they will not fix it, there is possibility na uuwi lahat ng crew sa Pinas at di matapos ang contract nila. So its very frustrating in their part kasi paano nalang ang family nila if ever na mangyari yon di ba? Sigh.

And while writing this post my husband texted me again and told me that they had an oil spill that they needed to fix immediately. More than 500 litters ang lumabas sa barko nila at inaagapan nila na tumagos sa river because that happens mas lalo silang matagalan at di makaalis at sasampahan pa ng case ang Capitan nila. See? just one day but ang daming nangyari.

Honestly I was really affected every time my husband is not feeling well, and I need to accept the fact that this is our life as LDRF (Long Distance Relationship Family). Now, I'm thinking my husband, thinking about my toddler, alone in our home, because my mother and father are always busy. Sometimes I just want to say a prayer just to release all of my worries and stress, but right now I always think positive in all things. God has a purpose for everything. I know He will never leave us nor forsake us. Di Siya nagbibigay ng problem na di kaya. "All things works together for good.."

Thank you for the Word of God, it is my only comfort every time I have a problem, thank you for my old temperature for my ZD bear every time he is sick it's always in my hand. Thank you for my fellow bloggers when I read your blogs it makes me feel better, thank you for my choco-milk heheh for my refreshment tonight. Thank you God because I feel much better after writing this :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Jumbo Book of BIBLE (New Testament)

A collection of stories from the new Testament. Retold in simple and lively language with breathtaking illustrations. A special gift and a source of inspiration that introduces children to the world of Bible and conveys that God loves us.

I still remember when my ZD was still in my tummy during my pregnancy period - I always read him a story and I always listen to classical music. We all know as a mother that reading stories and listening to music during pregnancy, specially starting from three months is very important because babies begin to absorb language when they are inside the womb their brains do not wait for birth to start absorbing information. That's why I was always excited to read him a story. Not just reading but also talking to him of course.

ZD's now is a toddler. If before I'd always exerted a lot of effort reading him a story already, how much now? You can just imagine how chaotic it can be! Even my ZD is very active and restless, I still try to catch his attention by reading a story. There's a lot of story books that we can purchase from book stores for our children. Here are some types of stories for children.

* A folk Tale- Usually transmits traditional wisdom.
* A fairy tale- There is usually magic.
* A Bible story- It is more about our Spiritual.
* A personal story- You can also tell the children a personal story about something that happened to you in your life. Just make sure not to tell them a lie, they believe everything we say! lol!
* A nursery rhyme- Usually has a rhyme and rhythm and may be sung. Most have a melody. Some have hand movements or a dance.

I had a  folk tale and a Bible story for my toddler. But right now I always read bible stories for him before he sleeps at night.

I used "My Jumbo Book of Bible" the stories of this book are ALL is from the New Testament - all about the life of Jesus.

Here are the Table of Contents:
1. The birth of Jesus
2. Jesus chooses 12 Disciples
3. Jesus the Miracle Worker
a. Jesus and the First Miracle
b Jesus Calms the Storm
c. Jesus Feeds 5000 People
d. Jesus Heals the Blind
e. Jesus Heals the Paralytic
d. Jesus and Lazarus
4. The Farmer and the Seed
5. The Prodigal Son
6. The Good Samaritan
7. Jesus Loves the Children
8. Jesus, the Great Teacher
a. Salt and Light
b. Love and Forgive
c. Give Sincerely
d. God Always Cares for His People
e. Do Not Judge Others
f. Obey God's Word
9. The Last Supper
10. Jesus and the Cross
11. The First Easter
12. Peter and the Power of Prayer
13. Paul's Amazing Journeys
14. Heaven, God's Beautiful Home
15. Jesus is Coming Back

Did you see that? Only one book but filled with bible stories that your kid will surely enjoy :) No wonder why it's called Jumbo book! lol! I love this book because of its size. The pictures are very clear and colorful. The story is very simple designed for children for them to understand.

For me I need to teach my child about the bible or bible story because the bible is the Word of God, it is alive and sharper than any two edged sword according in Hebrew 4:12. I want him to know more about God, how the world began, for example: the story of creation. I want him to love God as God loved him also. The Word of God says in Proverbs 22:6  "Train up a child the way he should go"... For me the firm foundation of this life is when you have Jesus. :)

Here are some Pictures of this book:
"The Birth of Jesus"

"Jesus, the Great Teacher"

"Jesus Loves the Children"

"The Book of Life"

Actual Size of the Book

Where I purchased?
I don't know if this book is available in National Book Store or in PCBS (Philippine Christian Book Store) because I purchased this book in Ozamis at my Obgyn  Clinic. Only 250php

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Everyday, my struggle is ZD's hyperactivity. And the never ending question that I ask myself is: "why he is very active? Where does his energy come from? Or is it because my husband and I are  both sporty and active that's why our son is like this? or is it because of the vitamins he intakes everyday or the vitamins that I intake during my pregnancy period?" Too many questions in mind that remains unanswered! Imagine, even the cockroach at home, my ZD enjoys killing it! So I ask: "hey cockroach why is ZD boy is so active today? What's goin on?". Then my ZD would reply: "Coach! coach!" hahaha!! ) Have you ever asked yourself about your child's behavior?

ZD looks like "di makabasag pinggan" ang dating hahaha!
Everyday is a tiring day for me specially when we're going outside because he is very active. It is better for us to stay at home and so that I can manage to watch him. I know that hyperactivity is a normal behavior for boys specially if they're on their stage now because they're  curious about new things and they want to explore and enjoy there motor skills to explore everywhere. But one thing I asked myself why he so active baby?

No comment (Ugh!!!)

I did some research about hyperactivity and I would like to shout it out to other mommies like me :)

When someone says a kid is hyperactive, it can be a sign that the kid might have ADHD. ADHD stands for a condition called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Kids with ADHD have problems paying attention and sitting still in their seats, and they can be impulsive,which means doing things without thinking about the results. This can cause problems like getting hurt. Some kids who have ADHD can have difficulty in school. Some might have trouble making friends.

ADHD is something a kid is born with. It is not something like the flu that you can catch from someone. A kid has a greater chance of being born with ADHD if he or she has a relative who has ADHD.

What Are the Signs of ADHD?
ADHD can cause kids to act in different ways, depending on the kid who has it. Most kids with ADHD have problems concentrating and paying attention. Some also might have trouble sitting still in class and waiting for their turn. They might yell out the answers before other kids have a chance to raise their hands.

Sometimes they can be disorganized, distracted, or forgetful. They tend to daydream in class. They might lose things and have trouble finishing assignments. They may wiggle around in their seats, move around a lot, talk too much, or interrupt other people's conversations.

It's important to remember that everybody does these things once in a while. If you do them sometimes, it doesn't mean you have ADHD. Kids with ADHD have these problems most or all of the time. This can cause them to have problems both at home and at school.

Kids with ADHD can become worried, frustrated, angry, and sad. Kids need to know that ADHD is a medical problem that can be treated.

Symptoms in Children
Symptoms are grouped into three categories:

Inattention. A child with ADHD:

Is easily distracted
Doesn't follow directions or finish tasks
Doesn't appear to be listening
Doesn't pay attention and makes careless mistakes
Forgets about daily activities
Has problems organizing daily tasks
Doesn’t like to do things that require sitting still
Often loses things
Tends to daydream

Hyperactivity. A child with ADHD:
Often squirms, fidgets, or bounces when sitting
Doesn't stay seated
Has trouble playing quietly
Is always moving, such as running or climbing on things (In teens and adults, this is more commonly described as restlessness.)
Talks excessively
Is always “on the go” as if “driven by a motor”

Impulsivity. A child with ADHD:
Has trouble waiting for his or her turn
Blurts out answers
Interrupts others

After reading some articles about hyperactivity and the following symptoms, I enumerated zd's turns. hahaha!
1. Doesn't stay seated
2. Is always moving, such as running or climbing on things

(Gosh) I'm thankful because my ZD is not candidate for ADHD, haha! I know my zd has a problem paying attention but it's not yet confirmed because he is too young right now to tell that he has ADHD symptoms. I think he is just super active like his father that you will not see him being relaxed, he always has something to do - in short he is restless lol! But I'm always thinking the solution to this problem with my toddler to lessen his being active everyday is to always involve him in my daily routine. I made him my partner kasi nga dalawa lang kami lagi ang magkasama sa bahay. If nagwawalis ako he also get the other one and help me, when I'm the bath room naglalaba tumutulong din sya, pag nagtutupi ako ng mga damit sya naman taga sira haha! At pag nag aarange ako ng mga hanger sya naman taga abot.  So in that way na aaply yong pagka active nya in a good way and it is part of his training also. Because if I let him to be like that nalang na hala takbo dito takbo don, akyat dito akyat don baka masanay siya.

Sometimes if nag ta-trantum naman sya mabilis lang din mawala unlike the other children na matagal at wala naman akong problem about tantrums.

ZD boy naman has a sense of humor! I'm just kidding hahaha! If you will stop him for being active he will listen naman (sometimes) lol! Basta what all I can say is he's very active lang talaga.

What is your struggle and difficulties about your child's behavior?
I'm glad to hear from you mommies by sharing it below.
Thank you!

Source: KidsHealth

To read more about ADHD, just visit:

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Birthday is one of the most important events in our life because this is the day where our mother gave birth to us. And every time we celebrate our birthday, we are thankful to our parents, specially to our mother. We know how the sacrifices our mothers did just for us to live. If you're a mommy, by now I know you already understand the word "sacrifice" and "hardship" of being a mom.

Of course we celebrate our birthday because we want to express our thanksgiving to our Lord almighty who  give us the life that we have. We share our happiness to our friends, neighbors specially to our family and love ones.

Most of us we want our birthday to be special. Each of us have different ways in celebrating our birthdays, depending in our situation, and of course, our budget! hahaha! If you're still single and you have plenty of money, you can celebrate your birthday with bonggacious party, catering, renting a resort, and hotel with friends. But if you're a mom like me, I think for sure you will prefer a very simple but memorable birthday celebration. You, how do you celebrate your birthday?

For me, the very special celebration of our birthday is when we celebrate it together with my husband and my family. Though it is hard for us to celebrate it together it is okay as long as we're all fine and healthy.

Today is the 28th birthday of my one and only loving husband. But it so sad to celebrate his birthday without him and he celebrates his birthday without us :(. But still we Praise and thank the Lord for the another year that He added to his life.

Before, we always celebrate our birthday together, because his birthday is September 4, then my birthday is September 6, but we always celebrate it in our monthsary, which is September 5 or during his birthday. But right now it is very hard for us to celebrate our birthdays together na, but I'm still thankful to God that He always bless us with so many blessings.

Today, my zd woke-up very early, Yes! And he wanted me to wake-up too. And I noticed that he was very happy and a little bit active  pa din hehe. Everyday, when he wake up in the morning, he'd always get his toy car and ride all the way or get his shoes to walk outside the house with his grandfather. But this morning is different, he hugged me and kiss me while singing a lullaby. hahahah! So it's like there is something new on him (whatever it is, it feels really nice!).

That is why I decided to wake-up also and start talking to him and telling him that today is his father's birthday! He smiled at me and said "PAPA" "PAPA"! My heart is started melting, my emotion was trigger and my tears started falling because I missed my husband and today is his birthday! But I kept it to myself because of ZD. I don't want ZD to see me sad because he started his day with a big smile.

Then I thought, "how can I greet to him on his birthday today when he has no signal, no internet, and no email?". Oh it's amazing! haha! A month voyage from china to US means 1 month without! See? That's our life. But the best thing that I can do is to offer a PRAYER for my birthday boy.

"To my loving husband Happy happy birthday! I pray that God will keep you safe always from any harm on your journey, that God will keep you healthy and also I pray that you can do all your tasks well. I know your situation there is not easy but I want you to know that I'm always here for you with your son ZD, waiting for you and loving you, my love. Thank you for all the sacrifices, your hardwork, and all the sleepless nights you did to sustain your family here in Philippines. For me, you're the best husband ever, that I will keep in my heart forever. I love you so much and I miss you a lot. God bless!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MV "DOUBLE HAPPINESS" in Sual Port Pangasinan Phil.

Sual Port Pangasinan City (NAPOCOR POWER PLANT)

This year is the 3rd Voyage of my husband. His first voyage was  in 2011 and the name of the ship was Mv Luna Spirit. It was a car ship. On the 2nd year 2013, it was Mv Unicorn Ocean (Bulk Carrier) and this year, 2015 is Mv Double Happiness (also a Bulk Carrier). 

His contract every year is 9 months, then he goes home for vacation that is about 3-5 months - that also depends in his situation if he will have a training, exams or reviews. Also, sometimes if he will promoted on board their contract will be extended up to  2-3 months. whoa! (pwede bang wag nalang sya ma promote para 9 months lang hehe!)

             (Mv Double Happiness but this pic is not in the Sual port hehe I just search this from google lol)

MV/Double Happiness
Vessel named "DOUBLE HAPPINESS", registered with IMO number 9336036 and MMSI 371359000 is bulk carrier.  Currently sailing under the flag of Panama. She was built in 2005.

On April 29, 2015 my husband departed from the Philippines to China because his joining port was in China. Do you know that one of the hardest things in life is when you say goodbye to someone? Oh yeah! Because when during his first voyage way back 2011, pauwi nalang sya but di pa rin ako maka move-on and I'd always cry every time I miss him, that's true!!  However, on his 3rd voyage I already prepared myself emotionally because know that I am a very emotional person. lol! So hindi na namin sya hinatid sa airport to avoid drama heheh! Hinatid lang namin siya sa highway pinasakay ng taxi, so di masyadong malungkot at nakakaiyak, right?

           (Zd and me with others Seafarers wives, at Sual Port Waiting Area)

The  joining port of my husband was in China, so that's just about 3 hours to travel through plain. Then from China their next voyage was going to to Indonesia. I can still remember how my husband would always update me of their destination. And guess what - they're passing by the Philippines!!! I was overjoyed when I learned about it. When they were in the Tawi-tawi my husband called me that their next port after Indonesia is would be Pangasinan in Sual Port Phil. Of course it's really a blessing for us and opportunity that we can meet again.

It's about a 5-hr drive by bus from Pasay Bus Terminal to Pangasinan. Then from Pangasinan - Sual Port about 45 mins via tricycle. Our travel is very hard for me because I had a backpack with stuff that weighs about 10 kilos I think, plus zd. hehe! But  thanks to my companions, the other seafarer's wives who accompanied and assisted me. ;)

When we get there the port was very strict, you could not to enter the ship without a Marriage Contract, a Birth certificate, and an I.d. But it's okay we should be happy because of that - you know and we know the some seafarers are well known to have used some women when they're in a port. Some would enter the ship right away. Thankfully, on their ship, that's not allowed, I just don't know in other ports. That's why we needed to wait about 2-3 hours.

It was a very tiring night because of our travel was paid off when we get there and see our loving spouses. My husband was very happy to see us (and of course, the feeling was mutual! lol). We slept and stayed at their ship for 4 days and 4 nights.

(First Dinner @ Mv Double Happiness)
On our first night, they prepared a dinner for us, and we had dinner together. The other seafarers were very accommodating as well their captain. We also had fun singing karaoke and chit-chatting, sharing experiences to other seafarer's wives.

(Zd boy having fun singing with his papa)  
The next day we went to the city to buy some things that we needed in the ship (personal things, like soap, vitamins, medicines, etc.). It was not just an ordinary day but a special day for us as a family to be together and to enjoy the time. We ate, we shopped, we bought fruits and we traveled the entire day :) 

                                                        ( Family Bonding)

                                          (My HAPPINESS! The love of my life :) )

After that, my husband toured me to the ship and to their engine. And I witnessed how hard their jobs are there.  The engine was very hot, and it's very deep, and if I was there working everyday, I think I would surrender already and give-up the job! They were so messy because of the engine works.

                                                      (The engine )

(Zd would rather stay outside than stay inside the ship)

                                        This is my darling and my loving husband (after his duty)

I know that God has a purpose why we for letting us stay in their ship for a few days. It is for us to know how hard it is inside. As a seafarer's wife, after visiting him, I realized a lot of things. First, it is very hard for us now in our communication because in this ship, they don't have emails available, unlike his past voyage that we can have communication everyday. So he needs to wait 'til they reach a port so he can contact me. Second, the status of his work - subrang nakakapagod ang trabaho nya, kulang lagi sa tulog, hindi on time sa pagkain, minsan di pa sila nakakapag snacks kasi sa subra daming trabaho nila at dahil yan sa luma na ang barko nila. I know he needs my prayers, my encouragement and comfort. 

Indeed, We pray and still hopethat they will visit again here in the Philippines and so that we will be able to meet again. 

I really enjoyed our experience in Mv Double Happiness with my husband. This is also my first in his ship with our son. It is a stress reliever also for him to see his family, even in the very short time. I hope we will see you soon my love, God willing.


                                             (View from Mv Double Happiness)

                          (This is a Coil from Indonesia for NAPOCOR Power Plant)

                                                     (PANAMA FLAG)

That's all and thank you for reading! heheheh :)
I hope this experienced will inspire other seafarer's wives  :)