Sunday, March 27, 2016

"Women's Only" Bonding Night December Throwback :)

Last December the Golden Shower Grace Gospel Church of Christ (Our Church)  Women's Dept. had a great fun and bonding time. Our Activity started at 8:00pm- 12:00am. This event was unplanned just suddenly sunk into mind but we did it in perfect and the funniest event that night.

Our Rules:
No Kids Allowed
Bring 100 for food
Bring extra t-shirt
Prepare atleast one game

Our Activity:
1 hour Zumba Dance and Excercise
Midnight Snacks
Sharing experienced and Coffee

This very simple but meaningful event for women was very fun, I saw those smiles and laughter na minsan lang nangyayari with fellow mommies. For how many few hours nakalimutan mo ang problems mo sa bahay, sa kids, sa work and you just to have fun with other women. It really helps to release your stress and and renewing your strength it was like a mommies retreat.


Kanyang-kanyang Pose :D



Unfortunately I was not able to finish the entire activity because of my Zd bear hahaha, umuwi ako agad.

Looking forward to organize again next December like this event exclusive only for our Church mommies, and I am thinking for more team building and funny games para mas masaya :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Deliciously Beautiful with Caffé La Tea

Open Rice Ph Open Snap Eat's a Date visit the Caffé La Tea located in Congressional Quezon City branch.

Caffé La Tea is one and most comfy places that surely foodies would love to try and visit.
The Caffé La Tea Place is a nice place, it looks so elegant and a classy place, and it's very accessible because it's located a long the highway.

The place is beautiful, neat and clean, full air-conditioned and  a quite place for meeting and family dates or friends food fellowship.

Caffé La Tea originated from Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija, and because of their efforts and passion to enlarge their branches until they are growing and had branches in Pangasinan, Tarlac, here in Manila proper in Project 8 Quezon City, Anonas Quezon City also and soon to open in Valenzuela City. According to one of the owner,  Caffé La Tea was conceptualized with the aim to provide a cozy and lively place for friends to gather and chitchat, while filling their cravings for a great cup of coffee or tea, paired with the perfect dessert.

Caffé La Tea offers unique tastes of Cupcakes. I won't forget how great the taste of their cupcakes were and it's perfect combination of their coffee. Aside from delicious taste their cupcake designs are quite creative and catchy. Even my Zd boy my toddler enjoying their cupcakes and he liked it much!

Caffé La Tea also offers their best drinks that surely will chill you and their drinks is very affordable. Aside from their creativity and wonderful serving you will amaze the quality of the taste of their drinks that it's very perfect for this summer season.

Caffe La Tea offers the best big plates of rice meals that super perfect for our hungry tummy.
They serve a Filipino home made traditional foods and I noticed on their menus that they really have lots of choices. 

Bicol Express
Crispy Dinuguan at P89.00
Cabsy Longganisa Rice at P89.00

Caffé La Tea also offers delicious pastas with affordable price also plus their yummy and tasty mouth watering taste. 

I had a great and wonderful experienced in Caffé La Tea, their foods are very fulfilling and when I was there I really did felt the comforting and homey ambiance of this place. I love their interior design and it's very fresh and  quite place perfect for dates and friends gathering.

The staff are very approachable and friendly although my Zd bear is very active that time but they understand instead and serve Zd's fave the cupcake and the milk tea. They are on the go to assist you and give their best service. 

My ZD boy really like the N.Y. Cheesecake ( stohbewee or boohberry) at P59.00 

I would love to recommend the Caffé La Tea to all my friends and fellow bloggers.
Caffé La Tea is located in 16 Congressional Avenue, Project 8, Quezon City 
Contact No. 02 5877275 
Operating hours openned from 10am to 12mn

Saturday, March 12, 2016

When There's Nobody but Me!

January 2016, I thought that my husband would come home na because he's contract is done. When he called me that month, we're both excited and happy because they received the update of their change crew for the next port. And because of that, my husband told me that I needed to book my parents a plane ticket to Ozamis, so I did. When they arrived in Indonesia, what the heck happened, hindi sya napasama sa mga uuwi and their Captain said na sa next port na makauwi ang next batch.

Their next port is India at wala daw babaan don kaya next port na naman.
But their next port is Brazil, and from India to Brazil it takes almost one month voyage. Nakakainis parang nanadya talaga sila ah! So in short paasa sa wala. Ngayon dumating sila sa Brazil ng maaga and my husband and I were so excited for the update from their office. When his "karelibo" called their office, ang update na naman daw is next port na naman in Singapore! What happen to the world! Where is justice? My husband's contract is only 9 months at anong petsa na? Dapat January nakauwi na sya at kasama namin.

The problem is my parents flight have been booked. Last January 5 pa sila umalis. So at home right now, is only me and my Zd nalang, no companion or yaya. The first week was very hard for me.
If you know and meet my ZD bear, he is very active. As mcuh as possible I want myself to focus on him kasi nakakatakot ipabantay sa iba. But I have no choice but to accept this challenge with all my heart.

On the first day I thought di ko kakayanin but as the day goes by unti-unti, kong nakakayanan.
Every morning I needed to wake up at 5:30 am to prepare our breakfast, clean the house while my toddler is still sleeping. When he wakes up, all my attention is on him.

In the afternoon during his nap time, I need to finish everything na mga gagawin sa bahay including na ang side line sa blog. Pagka gising nya snacks time, play time with him and after that we'd go to the market to buy our food for dinner. whooa!

But I thank God because I realized that I'm so blessed because I have my son and this is the reality of being a married woman. I thank the Lord always because He sustain my strength every day. I prayed that He also sustain the good health of my Zd bear. Through Him I can do all things :)

Right now my husband is still in Brazil and is waiting for their final next voyage, and finally last port  in Singapore. I hope everything will be fine and he will come home safely.  I know that all things work together for good and we're still praying.