Wednesday, January 27, 2016

4 Things that would Surprise You When you Visit CLIQUE

Hello there! How's your weekend? Oh well for me my weekend was great and full - tummy's experience and I really enjoyed our Open Rice Ph - Open Snap Eat's A Date in Marikina.

I am just excited to tell you about this restaurant. Because its full of surprises and I love to visit there again next month. YES! next month agad-agad. hahaha!

But before we go further, let's talk first about the little history about this resto.

- According to them, one of the owner of this Cafe told us about the great and fantastic story on how this Cafe was realized.  They said that they are friends and co-workers, they realized this Cafe because of their work. It's called "Clique" because of course from the word itself means "Friends" a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend or share time together, views, or purposes. Its amazing also because they don't have any single of experience about culinary arts. All the recipes are their own ideas and they also conduct surveys to their costumers to better their service

4 Things that would Surprise You When you Visit at CLIQUE


This is a Cafe and Carwash or Food Haven and Car Spa, this is very suited for those who have a car and if you have an appointment in BPI bank while waiting you can park your car and get it washed plus the food! See? Only one stone but hits three, hahaha!

Sometimes I love surprises, when we visited this Cafe on my first glance it's very simple and the place is not exposed on the public kasi medyo patago and the first building you can see is the BPI then nasa likuran ang Clique hehehe. Their carwash opens from 9AM and its only 80.00 and they offer a coupon as well.

So in short the place is a little bit small and its like eatery. But was I surprised because it's not just a mini-resto-Cafe but it has a car wash or car spa.

Food Haven and Car Spa

-When we arrived there, they had started serving some foods and I said "ah its a Cafe so I think they only serve light meal or snacks and more on Cafe. But I was wrong because you can see that it's a light meal but heavy on your tummy. And I thought kunti lang ang food nila pero yon pala ang dami. hahaha! When they started serving, OMG! Wala ng hinto at sunod-sunod na.

Let's start with these following cakes, the Lime Cake, Boston Kreme,  Sansrival, and Boston Cake. These cakes are only 120.00 per slice. I love all the taste of these and di sya nakakasawa or nakaka-umay. One factor that I love this cake because it's not oily like other cakes. Mabibitin ka talaga sa isang slice lang. hahahahah!

Lime Cake (120.00)
Boston Kreme (120.00)
Sansrival (120.00)
Boston Cake (120)
Chicken Pesto Sandwich with Beef Cheesy Nachos (100.00)
-This one also tastes great for me, I love the Nachos and its healthy because it has a herbs and veggies also.

Penne Pasta (160.00)
-I love this also, I love the pasta the taste is different on other pasta that I have experienced. I couldn't guess the other ingredients of this, basta it's delicious.
Hungrarian Sausage with Caramelized Sauce
-The hungarian sausage is also great, I love it. It's not just juicy but full in palaman pa.
Sriracha Chicken Sandwich with Potato Wedges  (100.00)
-The Sriracha Chicken I love this much because it is a little bit spicy and I really like the taste.

Breakfast Surprise Sandwich (100.00)

3. Exclusive Roast Chicken Paella
-This Exclusive Roast chicken is rare because its very delicious. I love the way they cook it, it's not wetly like other roast chickens that I have tried. There's something special and great on it. According to them last December this Exclusive  Roast chicken was so in demand and was the best-seller. Pinagpipilahan po daw ng mga tao.

You can order these whole roast chicken it only (300.00) or if you dine-in you can order also good for one Roast chicken with paella and sweet potato, or take out the one bila-o worth Php 1000.00. This mouthwatering chicken paella is also perfect for family and friends.

Chicken Paella in Bila-o (1000.00)
Photo Grabbed from Clique Cafe 
Roast Chicken with Paella and  Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Exclusive Roast Chicken (300.00)
Savory Wrap Hoisin 
Chicken Wrap 

-This Burrito was so great also and don't judge on its cover only haha! When they sliced it nako subrang juicy and healthy ang sarap plus the sauce always blended the taste. And the other wraps were also great and I love them all.
Sweet Potato
-It's been a long time na di ako nakatikim ng Paella and Sweet Potato like this. Paella is a specialty for most Cebuanas like me, our favorite hehe! Rice cooked with varieties of ingredients or sometimes they used the glutenous rice (known as Malagkit). I miss this so much and for how many years sa wakas nakatikim ako ulit. and Of course the mashed Sweet Potato, its very healthy at ang dami kung nakain haha kaya nabusog ako agad. 

4. DRINKS Iced Tea Only 40.00
It also surprise me when I saw their drinks its cool because it's only for Php 40.00 compared to other restaurants reviews most of their drinks is Php 85.00 up. But here in Clique its only Php 40.00. Amazing di ba? Aside from the low price of their drinks it's also healthy and natural flavored and I love it.

Banana Basil, Citrus Taragon and Minty Cucumber (40.00)
My Zd Bear loves the Minty cucumber so much, and he keeps saying "sarap" and pag ubos na "wala na" and he always wants some more, kaya halos isang pitcher sya ang nakaubos. hahaha!

My Zd boy loves their Mint Cucumber iced tea

They have also the Leche Flan available and Leche Flan shake that's super creamy and juicy.

My Personal Experience About the Clique Cafe and Car Spa
-Being a costumer/blogger I had a great time and I really enjoyed this restaurant. Personally, I am amazed with how this resto came-up and how they corporate and put this together as a friends. I did enjoy the story behind of this resto hehe ang kulit nila. The staff were very accommodating and kind they said that they want to maintain the good relationship between their costumers and make them friends. I salute their patience and creativity on how they prepare the foods and while observing them they really look like a family. I feel the homey ambiance of this place. The foods are great and healthy. They are serving fresh and authentic foods completely different from the sandwiches to the pastas. 

The chicken also its always different and it has a variety. The beautiful reception of the foods are good and catching. 

I would love to recommend this resto to you all guys if you are interested you ca visit them at 
26 Gil Fernando Avenue San Roque Marikina City.
Contact No. 0977-714-7561

Thank you so much Open Rice PH. 
Till next Eats a Date Restaurants review!
God Bless :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dine, Travel and Explore in Pilgrim Restaurant...

Ola, days seem to fly so fast for me and it's okay because being a Stay at home mom, pag laging nasa bahay lang, subrang tagal ng araw, but I thank God that I become a member of Open Rice Ph, Open Snap and I have a chance to explore different restaurants.

This week its our third Eat's A Date Resto review in Open Rice Philippines and Open Snap in Pilgrim restaurant in Maginhawa Sikatuna Village Quezon City.

From the name "Pilgrim" for me it sounds like an "extra-ordinary" and its interesting right? So I'm so excited to discover if what's inside this resto and their concept.

Why Pilgrim?
When we say "Pilgrim" the thing that comes to our mind is Elephant right? The owner of this resto loves to travel and he loves exploring other places. Mr. Dennis Tan the Chef of these resto said that he would love to bring the specialties of foreign foods here in Philippines instead of going finding them in their places and spending money just to try those, foods he decided to bring them in the Pilgrim with low and  affordable prices.

Other Filipinos loves foreign foods, but for me I'm still loyal for the Filipino foods siguro nasanay lang talaga ako sa lutong Pinoy.

For those who are foreign food lovers there, I would love to recommend Pilgrim for you guys. I'm sure you will love and enjoy  their foods.

Dine, Travel and Explore...

-with rice fingers krispies and homemade mayo. I love their home made mayo, but sorry to say that the Chicken is matabang and medyo makunat. But their mayo is really great taste.

-I love this one, the chicken is great, I love the taste and and the topped sauce.

-This is with Paprika  Mayo Dressing, the taste of this salad is good and it also has fresh cucumber in it.

-This is one of costumer's all time favorite, the meat tastes great and it's sof. It's also with home made BBQ sauce (Sidlings choose one; Parsly Rice, Roasted Potatoes, Stir Fried Veggies, Grilled Corn).

-Spaghetti pasta with slices of  tomato, zucchini and spinach leaves, topped with deliciously marinated chicken. For me I think the Chicken taste good but the pasta tastes matabang na parang walang lasa. 

-A classic Italian dish tossed in olive oil, garlic and dried chili made more savory sausage and bacon.

-with parsley rice or house salad. This is my first time to taste Wagyu and really tastes great. They said that Wagyu is very expensive and you will find it in very few selected restaurant.

WAGYU HANGING TENDERS  (Seasonal) 200grams  (395.00)
-With green peppercorn sauce. I love the taste of the Wagyu.

-These last 2 menus I forgot the name of these, but they all taste great. 

Sublime (80.00) - refresh yourself with this unique blend of watermelon, cucumber
Rejuvenate (80.00) - feel alive and, younger and fresher with every sip of the green mango, coconut and mint symphony.
The Cure (80.00) - Invigorate with this healthy concoction of mango, papaya, wheat grass and lime.
Rehydrate (80.00) - the ultimate hydrating blend, refuel with this delicious watermelon and mango.
Stabilizer (80.00) - a healthy foundations to a healthy being, mango, and carrot mint shake.
Revitalize (80.00) - coconut, wheat grass, lime and mint will take you to a different level of thirst quenching experience.


The Place
From the highway to the place of this resto it takes 15-20 mins rides, and the place its good medyo maliit lang ang space and mainit but its okay I understand because they are still developing the place and I salute of their creativity specially the interior designs. The lights are dim. 

The Staff
They are accommodating and kind, ang bait ni Chef Dennis at ang sipag. I can really say that they work as a team there and they work hard just to give a good service for the costumers.

The foods
Foods are good, and maybe I'm not satisfied because as I said di ako sanay sa mga foreign na foods specially if Korean foods, Taiwan foods and so forth. Sanay kasi ako sa Pilipino foods, nasa level of adjustment pa ako. hehe! But what I love about their menu is that you're like exploring or traveling in so many places kasi nag ooffer sila ng mga food na iba't iba. Or galing sa iba't ibang country. Kung naghahanap ka ng pagkain na pang indonesian sila ang magseserve sayo, sila na ang nagdala ng mga pagkain na gusto mo na di ka gagastos ng malaki, Ang galing di ba?

I would love to recommend this to others who want to dine here. Their price is makamasa at kayang-kaya sa bulsa. 

They are also Open for events, Christmas parties, etc. 
Reservation is ongoing!
Contact Pilgrim at:
09272771588 or (02)2180070
12 noon to 12 midnight
and also visit their facebook page

Thank you so much and God bless!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

STAR DOME Cosplay Encore 2016 at Star City on February 13.

Star Dome in cooperation with Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) and Red Cloud Interactive will be bringing cosplay and Japanese music and culture to Star Dome and Star City.  The event ill be on February 13, 2016 just in time for Valentines Day.

At the Stardome, you will see the dragon, and other mystical creatures come alive. Characters that you only see in books and in movies can now be seen as they come alive before your eyes in four dimensions.  This is the first ever projection of its kind in the Philippines.  This is the main reason why cosplay is seen as very appropriate partner of the attraction.

Fantasm Cosplay will be the format of the cosplay competition and winners will be selected based on the realistic appearance and portrayal of their characters.  Category Winners will receive Php2,000 each and includes Realism Award, Difficulty Award, Costume Award, and Engagement Award.  The grand winner – Fantasm Award will receive Php3,000 in cash.  There will also be an award for the Best Child cosplayer which will receive Php1,000 in cash plus a big toy from Star City.

Everyone is invited to the event cosplayers and those who just want to watch and enjoy the event.  Entrance is only Php150 and already includes Star City entrance, 3 regular rides and entrance to Star Dome.  Regular rate for this is Php480.

Besides the cosplay competition, Ma-i Komiks an emerging Pinoy Manga supported by Naruto Cosplayers will also be giving away 100 copies of Book 1.  You can also get the complete set of 5 books of Ma-I during the event.

Japanese cover group and performers Raindrop, Vs Project, Ivy! Musume, Twinkle and Elaine Lachica will also be gazing the event and entertaining everyone.

For those who want to register for the event you can visit  Ride-All-You-Can tickets and Special Passes to Spinning Manila Live concert in Manila will be given away to lucky winners.

Aishteru Anime will be the official organizational partner of the event together with Cosplay Against Bullying.

Official media partners for the event includes Blue Pirate Channel, The Cosplay and Anime Cafe,, OtakuPlay, and Reverie Wonderland.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thank You Vita Cubes for Your GENEROSITY :)

Last December the Mommy Bloggers Philippines celebrates our Christmas Party and I'm so happy for being there. I did enjoy the whole activity and one and most fun activity that we did was the game haha!

And what was that game? anyway we only played one game but after that napagod din kami and it's very exciting.

Before we proceed the game, Ms. Lani gave us the instructions about the game each one of us had a bag of Vita Cubes and we formed a circle in our table while standing and holding our Vita Cubes bag. Ms Lani read the Christmas story, while she was reading the story, we held our Vita Cubes Bag then when we hear the word "left" "right" and "across" we needed to pass our Vita Cubes bag according to the word mentioned. It was a great experience and very fun. Nakakangalay ng kamay hahaha!

Received these cute bag from Vita Cubes
Vita Cubes is one of our sponsors, and every moms had 1 bag of vita cubes, and I'm so thankful because I received another 500 SM Gift Cash. I'm so grateful because this is my second time to receive a gift from Vita Cubes. Thank you so much :)

So, total of 1000 SM Gift Cash from Vita Cubes, I used to buy polo and jeans from polo jeans for my ZD.

Thank you Vita Cubes 

Zd's First Vita Cubes Freebies from Halloween Party in Sky Ranch Tagaytay

I have a pamangkin with us here in the house she is 9 years old, I gave her 1 pack of Vita Cubes and she likes it. We can also share these Vita Cubes to our child's playmates, classmates, or friends. These is the right Cubes Candy to share and help to build a good relationship to other kids.

I always love Vita Cubes though my Zd bear is not a sweet lover but he tried these and he loves Vita Cubes. Actually I'll be the one na mas maraming nauubos lagi. hahaha! 

And what I love about this candy is it's not just a candy but its full of vitamins and our kids are safe of this candy.

From my heart I would like to thanks Rebisco Philippines and Vita Cubes for being generous, we were smiling while we received your gifts for us. 

What is Vita Cubes?
-are cube-shaped jelly candies that come in five different fruit flavors

Aside from having delicious taste, Vita Cubes are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that are important for growing children.

LYSINE- Contains 70% of the child's RENI. Aids the body in proper growth and energy production. Also helps in calcium absorption.

ZINC- Contains 70% of the child's Recommended Energy and Nutritional Intake (RENI). Zinc is known to help in proper fnctioning of the immune and digestive systems, energy metabolism, and in increasing the rate of healing for wounds.

VIT.A - Contains 40% of child's RENI. Helps in increasing the bod's immunity to fight infections. Also plays an important role in ensuring healthy eyes and bone development.

VIT. B - Supplies 30-70% of the child's RENI. Promotes growth and strenght and stimulates memory in children in their formative years. Helps boost the oxygen circulation in the body, especially the brain, which in turn improved concentration. Helps convert carbohydrates and fats into energy.

VIT.C- Supplies 30% of the child's RENI. Helps form and repair red bloods cells, bones, and tissues. Helps your child's gums stay healthy. Strengthens your child's blood vessels minimizing bruising from falls and scrapes. Helps cuts and wounds heal, boosts the immune system, and keeps infections at bay. Help the body absorb iron from food source.

VIT.E- Supplies 45% of the child's RENI. Boosts the immune system and helps the body fight germs Keeps blood vessels open wide enough for blod to flow freely
Helps the body absorb iron from food sources.

VIT.E- Supplies 45% of the child's RENI.
Boosts the immune system and helps the body fight germs
Keeps blood vessels open wide enough for blod to flow freely 
Helps the cells of the body work together to perform many important functions.


Vita Cubes is available at all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarkets, Robinson's Supermarkets.

May be bought per box (containing 10 pcs of 50g packs) or per individual 50g pack.

Vita Cubes Singles (P1.00 per piece) may also be bought at sari-sari stores, supermarkets, and local grocery stores.

Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for a 50g pack is at Php12.

Now kids can enjoy fruity jelly candies the good way with Vita Cubes! 

For more information about Vita Cubes please visit

Open Rice PH: 3 Reasons Why I Love to Come Back to Garage88 Katipunan

Hello fellas, how's your first week of your 2016? I hope you are having a great experience. Happy first month for this year!

My first week of January 2016 was great. I received my second invite for Open Rice Philippines' Eat's A Date at Garage 88 Burgers and Beers Katipunan branch. After the Full Belly Craft Kitchen, the next day, we headed to Garage 88. Since these restos are in Quezon City, I confirmed my attendance and it's very nice  to see and meet again my fellow bloggers there!

On this event I planned to leave my son at home again because I was thinking that if he's with me, there's a tendency that I will distracted and unfocused to this resto review. But unfortunately my mother and father has a schedule of their home service at the same time so it's complicated for me and I have no choice but to bring my son. But it's okay I'm happy and more comfortable because my son and I will experience  and explore again and it's bonding time.

So going there with my friend and a mommy blogger, no other than Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies, with our Kiddos. Every time we have this event we're both so excited. We always talk about it and always love it.

Soguilon Foods Corporation was established in 2010 by a young and driven, visionary and entrepreneur. Ms.Kristine Soguilon. The company's humble beginnings started out with only one branch in Bonifacio Global City named Garage 88 Burgers and Beers.

Today, SFC is the major stockholder and operator of  Garage 88. The Ostrich Farm, Banquet Catering, Opulence Inc...Oinky's and SFC Depot. The corporation is spearheaded by Founder, Hairwoman and CEO Mrs. Kristne Soguilon-Lim together with husband, Mr. Jaime
Jasper Lao Lim (President), and Ms. Frances Margaret L. Medina (Chief Executive Manager), along with their key people who are skilled, knowlegeable and has a vast experience in their respective departments.

The first Garage 88 Burgers Beers branch opened in November 2010 at 32nd Street,Bonifacio Global City,Taguig. The concept was simplt to creat cozy place that is well suited to have great conversations, serve good food and offer a variety of alcoholic and-alcoholic drinks. After a few years of market experimentation, line-tuning, product development and loads of hard work, they have what you see today.

My personal experienced with Garage88

Arrived there with our kiddos and I'm still curious why its called Garage I was excited about the theme and concept.  After this great experience for this resto I would love to come back with my husband. This coming April to May my husband will come home together with his sister and her family for a staycation here in Manila so I was planning to bring them there.

So why I would love to come back in Garage 88?

1. Because of the Ambiance and Place
I love the Ambiance of this place, it is connected to the name Garage, the Ambiance is rugged but homey, the space, ang lawak and cool, My Zd bear kept walking and enjoying their table settings. Di nakakaboring since they have a Cable and music backgrounds. And also I love the settings.

My ZD bear loves that area

2. Because it's a good and friendly resto suited for family bonding and barkada's hang-out
If you want "lamon" with your barkada or family bonding ang pag uusapan, I recommend this resto also kasi they are friendly, approachable, they will treat you well. I can feel the connection between the staff to the costumers. I wont forget how they treated our kids with free ice cream and our kids were really enjoying it. And every time na nahuhulog ang spoon dahil sa kalikutan ni ZD di sila nagsasawang palitan ng bagong spoon minsan nahihiya ako pero mawawala ang hiya mo sa kanila kasi sila ang unang aaproach sayo.

ZD & Nate enjoying their Ice Cream!

3. Because of their Giant BURGER and other food offers
The house special worthy of note is the 12 Wheeler Burger, a humongous 12 inch monster of a burger with just about everything in it. Big enough to satisfy even the largest appetite, or to share between a party or group of friends. Any burger lover will have a blast trying this out. A challenge also awaits to those who are brave enough to eat the 12 Wheeler. If you finish eating it by yourself within 1 hour, you can get it for FREE!!! (at Php 988, the effort is well worth spent).

Honestly this is my first time to meet the giant Burger like this
12 Wheeler Burger

Look at that size!

my slice of 12 Wheeler Burger

Chicken Caesar Salad (228.00)
This is made of salad leaves tossed in Caesar dressing and topped with croutons, bacon strips parmesan cheese and grilled chicken beast.

-I always love salads because its not just a yummy but most specially, healthy. I love everything about this salad.

Tri-cycle (388.00)
These is Three-beer-match-in-one. Macho + Buffalo Chicken Tenders + Tex-Mex Rolls.
-What I love about this, is the Tender+Tex-Mex Rolls. Tastes so good and I love the sauce of it. It tastes so cheesy

A Garage 88 Original creation!

-This Carbonara has something that brings intense flavor, it's so creamy and yummy! I love the pasta, my ZD bear also love this.

Bulalo minus all the nonsense.

-I love the taste of this soup, and when I tasted this one, suddenly I wanted rice hahaha! 

Grilled tenderloin steak with peppercorn sauce.

-This is my most favorite one. I love how they cook the beef its very soft, and when I tasted it I always wanted. Nilyn and I almost consumed this by ourselves! lol!.

For people who, for some reason, don’t want a burger, there’s an assortment of other foods like salad, pasta, nachos, fries and chicken tenders to keep any palate happy. For those who crave for more, have a feast of rice meals from our All-day Breakfast Menu.

And for the drinking crowd, Garage 88 is the perfect place to buy great drinks that won’t cost you everything in your wallet. So if you’re looking for a place to hangout, go to Garage88. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by visiting.


Well, I just want to say thank you for this great experience. It is very important to the resto to build a relationship to their costumers, and they should know the needs of their costumers. According to my observation this Resto meets our needs and expectations, actually, it exceeds our expectations. And after of this experience, I can tell others how great and awesome our time was at this restaurant.

With my ZD Bear

Class Picture After the event with Chief Kristine and co-Openricers 

I would love to recommend this for all mommies out there, bring the entire family gang! I'm sure they will amazed at the 12 Wheeler  Burger, and not just the burger but the other appetizers are really great.

Garage 88 is open to serve everyone starting 10:00 am up until after dinner for the after part crowds looking for a place to hang out and chill.

Some of the inputs here are from the company profile giving us during the event.

For more informaton about tha GARAGE 88  Katipunan you can visit this following:

GARAGE 88Katipunan 
10:00AM to 3:00AM
Mobile: +63 917 815 6693
3rd Floor, Kopi Roti Building
Upper Katipunan, Quezon City
- Instagram


The Fort 
OPEN from Monday to Saturday
10:00AM to 3:00AM
Mobile: +63 917 587 0088
2nd Floor, Karport CompoundBrgy. Fort Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global CityTaguig City, Metro Manila 1634 Philippines

10:00AM to 3:00AM
Mobile: +63 917 823 5490
Aguirre Street, BF Homes,Parañaque City Philippines