Wednesday, January 27, 2016

4 Things that would Surprise You When you Visit CLIQUE

Hello there! How's your weekend? Oh well for me my weekend was great and full - tummy's experience and I really enjoyed our Open Rice Ph - Open Snap Eat's A Date in Marikina.

I am just excited to tell you about this restaurant. Because its full of surprises and I love to visit there again next month. YES! next month agad-agad. hahaha!

But before we go further, let's talk first about the little history about this resto.

- According to them, one of the owner of this Cafe told us about the great and fantastic story on how this Cafe was realized.  They said that they are friends and co-workers, they realized this Cafe because of their work. It's called "Clique" because of course from the word itself means "Friends" a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend or share time together, views, or purposes. Its amazing also because they don't have any single of experience about culinary arts. All the recipes are their own ideas and they also conduct surveys to their costumers to better their service

4 Things that would Surprise You When you Visit at CLIQUE


This is a Cafe and Carwash or Food Haven and Car Spa, this is very suited for those who have a car and if you have an appointment in BPI bank while waiting you can park your car and get it washed plus the food! See? Only one stone but hits three, hahaha!

Sometimes I love surprises, when we visited this Cafe on my first glance it's very simple and the place is not exposed on the public kasi medyo patago and the first building you can see is the BPI then nasa likuran ang Clique hehehe. Their carwash opens from 9AM and its only 80.00 and they offer a coupon as well.

So in short the place is a little bit small and its like eatery. But was I surprised because it's not just a mini-resto-Cafe but it has a car wash or car spa.

Food Haven and Car Spa

-When we arrived there, they had started serving some foods and I said "ah its a Cafe so I think they only serve light meal or snacks and more on Cafe. But I was wrong because you can see that it's a light meal but heavy on your tummy. And I thought kunti lang ang food nila pero yon pala ang dami. hahaha! When they started serving, OMG! Wala ng hinto at sunod-sunod na.

Let's start with these following cakes, the Lime Cake, Boston Kreme,  Sansrival, and Boston Cake. These cakes are only 120.00 per slice. I love all the taste of these and di sya nakakasawa or nakaka-umay. One factor that I love this cake because it's not oily like other cakes. Mabibitin ka talaga sa isang slice lang. hahahahah!

Lime Cake (120.00)
Boston Kreme (120.00)
Sansrival (120.00)
Boston Cake (120)
Chicken Pesto Sandwich with Beef Cheesy Nachos (100.00)
-This one also tastes great for me, I love the Nachos and its healthy because it has a herbs and veggies also.

Penne Pasta (160.00)
-I love this also, I love the pasta the taste is different on other pasta that I have experienced. I couldn't guess the other ingredients of this, basta it's delicious.
Hungrarian Sausage with Caramelized Sauce
-The hungarian sausage is also great, I love it. It's not just juicy but full in palaman pa.
Sriracha Chicken Sandwich with Potato Wedges  (100.00)
-The Sriracha Chicken I love this much because it is a little bit spicy and I really like the taste.

Breakfast Surprise Sandwich (100.00)

3. Exclusive Roast Chicken Paella
-This Exclusive Roast chicken is rare because its very delicious. I love the way they cook it, it's not wetly like other roast chickens that I have tried. There's something special and great on it. According to them last December this Exclusive  Roast chicken was so in demand and was the best-seller. Pinagpipilahan po daw ng mga tao.

You can order these whole roast chicken it only (300.00) or if you dine-in you can order also good for one Roast chicken with paella and sweet potato, or take out the one bila-o worth Php 1000.00. This mouthwatering chicken paella is also perfect for family and friends.

Chicken Paella in Bila-o (1000.00)
Photo Grabbed from Clique Cafe 
Roast Chicken with Paella and  Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Exclusive Roast Chicken (300.00)
Savory Wrap Hoisin 
Chicken Wrap 

-This Burrito was so great also and don't judge on its cover only haha! When they sliced it nako subrang juicy and healthy ang sarap plus the sauce always blended the taste. And the other wraps were also great and I love them all.
Sweet Potato
-It's been a long time na di ako nakatikim ng Paella and Sweet Potato like this. Paella is a specialty for most Cebuanas like me, our favorite hehe! Rice cooked with varieties of ingredients or sometimes they used the glutenous rice (known as Malagkit). I miss this so much and for how many years sa wakas nakatikim ako ulit. and Of course the mashed Sweet Potato, its very healthy at ang dami kung nakain haha kaya nabusog ako agad. 

4. DRINKS Iced Tea Only 40.00
It also surprise me when I saw their drinks its cool because it's only for Php 40.00 compared to other restaurants reviews most of their drinks is Php 85.00 up. But here in Clique its only Php 40.00. Amazing di ba? Aside from the low price of their drinks it's also healthy and natural flavored and I love it.

Banana Basil, Citrus Taragon and Minty Cucumber (40.00)
My Zd Bear loves the Minty cucumber so much, and he keeps saying "sarap" and pag ubos na "wala na" and he always wants some more, kaya halos isang pitcher sya ang nakaubos. hahaha!

My Zd boy loves their Mint Cucumber iced tea

They have also the Leche Flan available and Leche Flan shake that's super creamy and juicy.

My Personal Experience About the Clique Cafe and Car Spa
-Being a costumer/blogger I had a great time and I really enjoyed this restaurant. Personally, I am amazed with how this resto came-up and how they corporate and put this together as a friends. I did enjoy the story behind of this resto hehe ang kulit nila. The staff were very accommodating and kind they said that they want to maintain the good relationship between their costumers and make them friends. I salute their patience and creativity on how they prepare the foods and while observing them they really look like a family. I feel the homey ambiance of this place. The foods are great and healthy. They are serving fresh and authentic foods completely different from the sandwiches to the pastas. 

The chicken also its always different and it has a variety. The beautiful reception of the foods are good and catching. 

I would love to recommend this resto to you all guys if you are interested you ca visit them at 
26 Gil Fernando Avenue San Roque Marikina City.
Contact No. 0977-714-7561

Thank you so much Open Rice PH. 
Till next Eats a Date Restaurants review!
God Bless :)


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