Thursday, January 14, 2016

Open Rice PH: 3 Reasons Why I Love to Come Back to Garage88 Katipunan

Hello fellas, how's your first week of your 2016? I hope you are having a great experience. Happy first month for this year!

My first week of January 2016 was great. I received my second invite for Open Rice Philippines' Eat's A Date at Garage 88 Burgers and Beers Katipunan branch. After the Full Belly Craft Kitchen, the next day, we headed to Garage 88. Since these restos are in Quezon City, I confirmed my attendance and it's very nice  to see and meet again my fellow bloggers there!

On this event I planned to leave my son at home again because I was thinking that if he's with me, there's a tendency that I will distracted and unfocused to this resto review. But unfortunately my mother and father has a schedule of their home service at the same time so it's complicated for me and I have no choice but to bring my son. But it's okay I'm happy and more comfortable because my son and I will experience  and explore again and it's bonding time.

So going there with my friend and a mommy blogger, no other than Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies, with our Kiddos. Every time we have this event we're both so excited. We always talk about it and always love it.

Soguilon Foods Corporation was established in 2010 by a young and driven, visionary and entrepreneur. Ms.Kristine Soguilon. The company's humble beginnings started out with only one branch in Bonifacio Global City named Garage 88 Burgers and Beers.

Today, SFC is the major stockholder and operator of  Garage 88. The Ostrich Farm, Banquet Catering, Opulence Inc...Oinky's and SFC Depot. The corporation is spearheaded by Founder, Hairwoman and CEO Mrs. Kristne Soguilon-Lim together with husband, Mr. Jaime
Jasper Lao Lim (President), and Ms. Frances Margaret L. Medina (Chief Executive Manager), along with their key people who are skilled, knowlegeable and has a vast experience in their respective departments.

The first Garage 88 Burgers Beers branch opened in November 2010 at 32nd Street,Bonifacio Global City,Taguig. The concept was simplt to creat cozy place that is well suited to have great conversations, serve good food and offer a variety of alcoholic and-alcoholic drinks. After a few years of market experimentation, line-tuning, product development and loads of hard work, they have what you see today.

My personal experienced with Garage88

Arrived there with our kiddos and I'm still curious why its called Garage I was excited about the theme and concept.  After this great experience for this resto I would love to come back with my husband. This coming April to May my husband will come home together with his sister and her family for a staycation here in Manila so I was planning to bring them there.

So why I would love to come back in Garage 88?

1. Because of the Ambiance and Place
I love the Ambiance of this place, it is connected to the name Garage, the Ambiance is rugged but homey, the space, ang lawak and cool, My Zd bear kept walking and enjoying their table settings. Di nakakaboring since they have a Cable and music backgrounds. And also I love the settings.

My ZD bear loves that area

2. Because it's a good and friendly resto suited for family bonding and barkada's hang-out
If you want "lamon" with your barkada or family bonding ang pag uusapan, I recommend this resto also kasi they are friendly, approachable, they will treat you well. I can feel the connection between the staff to the costumers. I wont forget how they treated our kids with free ice cream and our kids were really enjoying it. And every time na nahuhulog ang spoon dahil sa kalikutan ni ZD di sila nagsasawang palitan ng bagong spoon minsan nahihiya ako pero mawawala ang hiya mo sa kanila kasi sila ang unang aaproach sayo.

ZD & Nate enjoying their Ice Cream!

3. Because of their Giant BURGER and other food offers
The house special worthy of note is the 12 Wheeler Burger, a humongous 12 inch monster of a burger with just about everything in it. Big enough to satisfy even the largest appetite, or to share between a party or group of friends. Any burger lover will have a blast trying this out. A challenge also awaits to those who are brave enough to eat the 12 Wheeler. If you finish eating it by yourself within 1 hour, you can get it for FREE!!! (at Php 988, the effort is well worth spent).

Honestly this is my first time to meet the giant Burger like this
12 Wheeler Burger

Look at that size!

my slice of 12 Wheeler Burger

Chicken Caesar Salad (228.00)
This is made of salad leaves tossed in Caesar dressing and topped with croutons, bacon strips parmesan cheese and grilled chicken beast.

-I always love salads because its not just a yummy but most specially, healthy. I love everything about this salad.

Tri-cycle (388.00)
These is Three-beer-match-in-one. Macho + Buffalo Chicken Tenders + Tex-Mex Rolls.
-What I love about this, is the Tender+Tex-Mex Rolls. Tastes so good and I love the sauce of it. It tastes so cheesy

A Garage 88 Original creation!

-This Carbonara has something that brings intense flavor, it's so creamy and yummy! I love the pasta, my ZD bear also love this.

Bulalo minus all the nonsense.

-I love the taste of this soup, and when I tasted this one, suddenly I wanted rice hahaha! 

Grilled tenderloin steak with peppercorn sauce.

-This is my most favorite one. I love how they cook the beef its very soft, and when I tasted it I always wanted. Nilyn and I almost consumed this by ourselves! lol!.

For people who, for some reason, don’t want a burger, there’s an assortment of other foods like salad, pasta, nachos, fries and chicken tenders to keep any palate happy. For those who crave for more, have a feast of rice meals from our All-day Breakfast Menu.

And for the drinking crowd, Garage 88 is the perfect place to buy great drinks that won’t cost you everything in your wallet. So if you’re looking for a place to hangout, go to Garage88. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by visiting.


Well, I just want to say thank you for this great experience. It is very important to the resto to build a relationship to their costumers, and they should know the needs of their costumers. According to my observation this Resto meets our needs and expectations, actually, it exceeds our expectations. And after of this experience, I can tell others how great and awesome our time was at this restaurant.

With my ZD Bear

Class Picture After the event with Chief Kristine and co-Openricers 

I would love to recommend this for all mommies out there, bring the entire family gang! I'm sure they will amazed at the 12 Wheeler  Burger, and not just the burger but the other appetizers are really great.

Garage 88 is open to serve everyone starting 10:00 am up until after dinner for the after part crowds looking for a place to hang out and chill.

Some of the inputs here are from the company profile giving us during the event.

For more informaton about tha GARAGE 88  Katipunan you can visit this following:

GARAGE 88Katipunan 
10:00AM to 3:00AM
Mobile: +63 917 815 6693
3rd Floor, Kopi Roti Building
Upper Katipunan, Quezon City
- Instagram


The Fort 
OPEN from Monday to Saturday
10:00AM to 3:00AM
Mobile: +63 917 587 0088
2nd Floor, Karport CompoundBrgy. Fort Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global CityTaguig City, Metro Manila 1634 Philippines

10:00AM to 3:00AM
Mobile: +63 917 823 5490
Aguirre Street, BF Homes,Parañaque City Philippines


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