Saturday, November 28, 2015

Open Rice Eat's a Date Event in Caffera


Today is our 2nd Open Rice Eat's a Date Event in Caffera.
Before that, Nilyn and I were so excited because we dont know yet the exact address of this place we search it first on fb then google, then the excitement and the feeling of interest trigger us because of what we have seen in their fb page.

When we arrived there, the place is located in 2nd floor, Dona Zenona Suits, 54 Maginhawa St, UP Village, Quezon City. While we approaching on the stairs the smell of the Coffee aroma welcoming us, I am more excited if what's inside.

About the Caffera...
According to the one owner of this Caffera Gab, 21 years old, when they are in college they have a thesis then this ideas come-up with his classmates, and from paper they will finally realized it in real life. According to him, many circumstances comes and even he wants to quite but his friend Kevin is very business minded to push this business and encourage them until it works and become a successful Caffera.

Why Caffera?
Caffera stands for Caffe+ Camera or Photos, Gab said that they choose the Photographer theme because today's generation loves pictures, anywhere selfie, so they come-up with that and the theme and the ambiance  of their place is like a studio, and you can see cameras display picture frames and its a beautiful place. Aside from that, they want also show and share to their costumers the importance of Cameras, capturing moments and to value it. 

The names of their menus also are unique and I love it. It comes from the photography like the sizes they called it a Mega Pixel for big, and Pixel for small. 
Their mags, it was Camera's designs and everything in there  really close to their photographer theme Caffe. 

Caffera Menu
Owner's Plan for Caffera..
They hope and praying that they will raise branch at-least one branch in a year. 

What can I say about Caffera?

The Place...
For me, according to my first experienced of this Caffe, their place was very cool, it's a friendly and homey ambiance, and studio like Cafe. I really love the settings, when you were there you wanted to stay there until you want because it's very nice. 

The Table settings are very cool, the feeling that your in the peaceful room, it also designed for students, yes! Because you will able to review there, doing your assignments while have a coffee, and you can also meditate there. The place also suited for lovers, best friends and specially those who are photographers.

I like their comfort room, I'm so very observant about comfort rooms and so far their room is very nice and clean. Thumbs-up :)

Comfort Room
On the other corner they had notes corner, you can write your thoughts their about your experience of their caffe, and I read some and I noticed that all of it are encouraging and positive feedback from their costumers. And also I write on my own just remembrance that we've been there :)

And oh, here's the another one corner it's a mini-library, you can browse books, magazines and they had also a story books for kids, and I love it. You can seat there and read their books too. My Zd loves that corner and he really enjoy the stairs, he keep saying "up" (going up) then "down" going down lol! anyways what a nice idea mga kuya.

The Foods and Refreshment...

Choco Mint (Pixel Php: 135)

Tiramisu Frapperture (Pixel Php: 90)
Matcha Banana Mega Pixel (Php: 150) 
I love the blending of the sweets and banana flavor
Mocha Frapperture
Siera Mocha  Frapperture (Php: 120)

Triple Cheese Panini Sandwich (Php: 100)

Oreo Cheese Cake (Php: 130)

Red Velvet Cupcake (Php:70)

Look at that cute Lenses Mags

ZD and Me
After tasting all of these, I promise to myself that when my husband Lemuel will come home soon, I will bring him here, I love everything on this place.

I would also love to promote this Cafe to my friends, teens, my churchmates. To all momies out there just try this Cafe and experience the another captured moments with your special someone here.

Please visit there Facebook Page 
Location: 2nd floor, Dona Zenona Suits, 54 Maginhawa St, UP Village, Quezon City
Contact no. 09278913815
Operation Hour: Open from Monday to Sunday 10am-12am

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Olivares Organic and Natural Products

Olivares Organic and Natural Products Corporation: 
A Growing Player in the Organic Market Industry

Olivares Organic & Natural Products Corporation (OONPC) was founded in 2014 by the Olivares Family, a name that has been in the agriculture business for more than fifteen (15) years. Although their family business originally started from hog raising, it diverted into name lucrative field, which is supplying natural and organic, herbal and food supplements in the market.

OONPC is engaged in the cultivation, production, distribution of natural and organic products such as Guyabano Leaf Tea and other dietary food supplements. The company has set up an organic farm in San Ildefonso, Bulacan to cultivate organic vegetables and fruits produce. As of today, the farm has cultivated almost twenty (20) hectares of Guyabano, Moringa and Oyster Mushroom.

The belief in the prospective future and critical importance of organic farming to human is the power engine for the growth of OONPC. The pursuit of health, of moderate and sustainable development of agriculture forms the solid foundation for OONPC to dedicate to natural and organic farming.

Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care, the four principles of OONPC, are also the guidance integrated in its daily toil. Through its natural and organic farming OONPC hopes that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy healthy food and are willing to take the responsibility to preserve our motherland.

The OONPC farm is split into two divisions:
Sorting and drying are located in San Ildefonso; while the Tea Bagging and packaging is located at 7 JP Rizal Street, San Gabriel, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, where they hold office.

OONPC offers an innovative range of quality products, which constantly sets new standards in the organic food marketplace. Olivares carry a variety of organic products under the brand name Caress By Nature for its organic beauty and cosmetic lines, and Caya for its organic health drinks. All products are organic, GMO free, suitable for vegetarians, with no artificial additives.

Olivares products ensure 100% traceability, from farm inspections, raw material supplies, right through to the finished product. They guarantee the supply of consistently high quality foods, ethically produced with respect for the environment, for people of all ages to enjoy.

Here are some Caress By Nature 100% Organic and Pure Natural Products:

Guyabano Leaf Tea
25 Tea bags

Berry White Ultra Whitening Soap
Berry White Ultra Whitening Soap
Singkamas Pinya-Paya (Purely Natural) Flawless Whitening Soap

Mega Rich Mushroom & Guyabano Hand & Body Herb Moisturizer

Castle Liquid Soap Organic Unscented

Eco Deo Spray with Organic Whitening Actives for Men & Women

Phyto Active Botanical Toner

For more inquires please call Mobile No. (0915) 1435691
or email @
C/o Ms. Jennie Villanueva

Open Rice Event, Lola Cafe+Bar

Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies and I were Invited for the Open Rice event in Lola Cafe+ Bar by a blogger-friend Jennie of Raising Hunter  in St. Tomas Morato Quezon City. We're excited because was our first resto-review event invite, and of course going their with our toddlers.

We met-up in Trinoma Edsa where Jennie picked us up, thanks sis Jen for the ride, and we were late! lol, yeah, because it was super traffic and we didn't know the exact place. After an hour drive, finally we found Lola Resto + bar. Thank you Lord we're safe.

The event was held at the second floor, and we arrived late so the event was almost done mabuti at nakahabol pa kami at may natira pa sa table. hahaha!

Lola Cafe+ Bar, The Place and the Ambiance
Photo Grabbed from Lola Cafe+ Bar Facebook
When we arrived there, the place looks so homey, and cool. This place is really good for family date, family reconciliation, family planning, friends bonding, chitchatting, group meeting, and so forth.

Aside from that, I like the space of their resto they had more tables and chairs outside if you want a breathe of the fresh air specially in the afternoon or in the evening.  

View from outside of the resto (Photo Grabbed from Lola facebook)

More Tables outside 

I love their closed kitchen bar counter :)
View from the 2nd floor
Their cute and Catchy decors 
The Foods...

Honestly I super duper bitin sa food na natikman ko because of my super malikot na ZD, but super sulit naman. I love the unique taste of their foods, I love all the foods not just because was hungry that time but because of the variety, the creativity and the next level of pinoy foods na talagang magugustuhan natin.

Compared to other resto foods na sometimes nakaka-umay minsan di mo nalang ubusin kasi nagsawa kana agad, this one is a place na gusto mong balik-balikan. That feeling na kala mo bahay mo because their foods are like the foods na hinahanda natin sa bahay but there is something special na talagang ma love mo at hanap-hanapin mo.

I would love to share with you for what I am talking all about. (Sorry for the photos medyo hindi na presentable ang mga foods kasi late na kami but it looks so good pa naman hahaha)

Beef Salpicao (Tenderloin Sauteed in Olive oil and Garlic)

Tinola Rice with Confit of QTR Chicken
Bagoong Rice with Roasted Pork Belly
Fresh Prawns with Crab Fat & Chili Garlic Sauce
Truffled Lengua 
Kiddos fave! The Pistachio Pavlova Grapes
Rio Mocktail, Grapefruit Mint leaves Juice

With the visitors and fellow bloggers...

This Photo credit to Nilyn..Thank you :)
With my buddy...

Over all it was a great experience with the delicious food and having a chitchat with mommy blogger friends. I will definitely recommend Lola Cafe+ Bar to my friends.   

Lola Bar + Cafe is located at:  99 Scout Lozano St. Tomas Morato Quezon City (Near Max's Resto located at Scout Tuason)

Friday, November 13, 2015

The October Blast experiences!

Whoa! Time flies so fast, it's November na! I'm so excited everytime the month ends, and I love, love "BER" months, why? Simply because  it's like rush hour for me - ang bilis lang ng araw may ginagawa ka man or wala, specially if you only focus on taking care of your tot (just like me, lol!).

Alright what's on my October's list and experience? I'd like to do a recap so that when my ex boyfriend (my husband) will have an internet signal and ask what happened last month, while we don't have a communication, I can just send him this. We have no communication for 53 days! Yes, you read that right - 53 days without communication is hard but I always find ways just to make myself busy.

So here we go!

1. Let's start with my ex boyfriend voyage to US, thank God after 3 years nagkita din sila ng sister nya. 
At New Orleans my husband with his sister

2. My ZD bear was sick for 1 week before the MBP's event in Tagaytay, and thank God all went well before the Spooky event.

3. Birthday party in MOA at Jollibee Phoenix FAILED lol!

4. My MBP's first Event in Tagaytay

5. Our Church Women's Department Induction of Officers

6. Active Fun Fairview Terraces Spooky Halloween

And also I got these freebies from MPB for the month of October. Thank you MBP!

1. Ajinomoto Bag

2. Vita Plus from Rebisco  

Bye October and thank you Lord for all the blessings and experience. Hello November! Yay! Hope November will be good to me :)

How was your October? I'm glad to hear it from you!
Thank you and more blessings!


Today we just dropped by Trinoma because we meet - up with our blogger friend Jennie of Raising Hunter. I was with Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies. While for Jennie on her way to Trinoma, we decided to walk inside the mall with our toddlers and guess what we have found. The ToysRus Big Toy Sale!

We talked about "MALL TEMPTATION" about buying something na wala naman sa plan at budget and speaking of that ayan na nga! Walang pagdududa at na tempt nga kami! lol! I guess temptation comes when you least expect it! haha!

Bumped into this and we couldn't resist the urge to look!

these are huge teddy bears at Php 299 only

We were drooling with so many great and educational toys! Good thing wala kaming dalang malaking cash or we may spend them all here - thanks that we don't have credit cards either! hahaha!

If you're looking for early Christmas gift hoard, go visit Trinoma! It's still not too late because it's until November 16, 2015.

More Toys choices and more toys for your kids.

Just visit at Trinoma, the displays are in the main in Activity Area.