Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Everyday, my struggle is ZD's hyperactivity. And the never ending question that I ask myself is: "why he is very active? Where does his energy come from? Or is it because my husband and I are  both sporty and active that's why our son is like this? or is it because of the vitamins he intakes everyday or the vitamins that I intake during my pregnancy period?" Too many questions in mind that remains unanswered! Imagine, even the cockroach at home, my ZD enjoys killing it! So I ask: "hey cockroach why is ZD boy is so active today? What's goin on?". Then my ZD would reply: "Coach! coach!" hahaha!! ) Have you ever asked yourself about your child's behavior?

ZD looks like "di makabasag pinggan" ang dating hahaha!
Everyday is a tiring day for me specially when we're going outside because he is very active. It is better for us to stay at home and so that I can manage to watch him. I know that hyperactivity is a normal behavior for boys specially if they're on their stage now because they're  curious about new things and they want to explore and enjoy there motor skills to explore everywhere. But one thing I asked myself why he so active baby?

No comment (Ugh!!!)

I did some research about hyperactivity and I would like to shout it out to other mommies like me :)

When someone says a kid is hyperactive, it can be a sign that the kid might have ADHD. ADHD stands for a condition called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Kids with ADHD have problems paying attention and sitting still in their seats, and they can be impulsive,which means doing things without thinking about the results. This can cause problems like getting hurt. Some kids who have ADHD can have difficulty in school. Some might have trouble making friends.

ADHD is something a kid is born with. It is not something like the flu that you can catch from someone. A kid has a greater chance of being born with ADHD if he or she has a relative who has ADHD.

What Are the Signs of ADHD?
ADHD can cause kids to act in different ways, depending on the kid who has it. Most kids with ADHD have problems concentrating and paying attention. Some also might have trouble sitting still in class and waiting for their turn. They might yell out the answers before other kids have a chance to raise their hands.

Sometimes they can be disorganized, distracted, or forgetful. They tend to daydream in class. They might lose things and have trouble finishing assignments. They may wiggle around in their seats, move around a lot, talk too much, or interrupt other people's conversations.

It's important to remember that everybody does these things once in a while. If you do them sometimes, it doesn't mean you have ADHD. Kids with ADHD have these problems most or all of the time. This can cause them to have problems both at home and at school.

Kids with ADHD can become worried, frustrated, angry, and sad. Kids need to know that ADHD is a medical problem that can be treated.

Symptoms in Children
Symptoms are grouped into three categories:

Inattention. A child with ADHD:

Is easily distracted
Doesn't follow directions or finish tasks
Doesn't appear to be listening
Doesn't pay attention and makes careless mistakes
Forgets about daily activities
Has problems organizing daily tasks
Doesn’t like to do things that require sitting still
Often loses things
Tends to daydream

Hyperactivity. A child with ADHD:
Often squirms, fidgets, or bounces when sitting
Doesn't stay seated
Has trouble playing quietly
Is always moving, such as running or climbing on things (In teens and adults, this is more commonly described as restlessness.)
Talks excessively
Is always “on the go” as if “driven by a motor”

Impulsivity. A child with ADHD:
Has trouble waiting for his or her turn
Blurts out answers
Interrupts others

After reading some articles about hyperactivity and the following symptoms, I enumerated zd's turns. hahaha!
1. Doesn't stay seated
2. Is always moving, such as running or climbing on things

(Gosh) I'm thankful because my ZD is not candidate for ADHD, haha! I know my zd has a problem paying attention but it's not yet confirmed because he is too young right now to tell that he has ADHD symptoms. I think he is just super active like his father that you will not see him being relaxed, he always has something to do - in short he is restless lol! But I'm always thinking the solution to this problem with my toddler to lessen his being active everyday is to always involve him in my daily routine. I made him my partner kasi nga dalawa lang kami lagi ang magkasama sa bahay. If nagwawalis ako he also get the other one and help me, when I'm the bath room naglalaba tumutulong din sya, pag nagtutupi ako ng mga damit sya naman taga sira haha! At pag nag aarange ako ng mga hanger sya naman taga abot.  So in that way na aaply yong pagka active nya in a good way and it is part of his training also. Because if I let him to be like that nalang na hala takbo dito takbo don, akyat dito akyat don baka masanay siya.

Sometimes if nag ta-trantum naman sya mabilis lang din mawala unlike the other children na matagal at wala naman akong problem about tantrums.

ZD boy naman has a sense of humor! I'm just kidding hahaha! If you will stop him for being active he will listen naman (sometimes) lol! Basta what all I can say is he's very active lang talaga.

What is your struggle and difficulties about your child's behavior?
I'm glad to hear from you mommies by sharing it below.
Thank you!

Source: KidsHealth

To read more about ADHD, just visit:
   - http://kidshealth.org/kid/health_problems/learning_problem/adhdkid.html


  1. It's good that he's helping you with chores. I think that if he goes to traditional school, the comment of the teacher will be: He's not sitting still and keeps walking around the classroom.

    1. Hahaha yes! That's true :) kaya humanda na ang maging teacher nito :)

  2. An active kid is better than a kid who doesn't respond to you. Don't worry too much. :) You just have to help him use his energy in other things. I think bringing him to the park to try outdoor games will help too. It will also develop his social skills because there, he gets to interact with other kids. :)

  3. I don't think your kid has ADHD. Most kids (especially boys) are like that. :)

    1. Yes, I think so, every chld is unique. sana mag change pa sya.

  4. My boys are the same way and I just treat is as them being boys, naturally rowdy. It's good that you put his hyperactivity to good use - helping you with chores! :)

  5. Kids, boys especially are naturally active and inquisitive. From experience my eldest who's now 15 was also very active but once they go to school they seem to lessen the hyperactivity at home since they get to explore in school. :)

    1. Oh really? I hope my zd also kasi yong iba kahit nasa school ay ganun pa din.

  6. Since I don't have a helper right now, I often talk to my 3 year old and tell her not to make a mess hehe She follows naman although sometime she forgets but thats normal. I jus keep on reminding her about our situation. Oh, and I taught her how to pack away early on when she still has a yaya. So she knew how to do that when she makes a mess hehe


    1. Good job mommy! Sana ganyan din ang zd ko marunong makinig :)

  7. I have two boys. They are both active. After reading the symptoms you wrote, I was relieved that somehow they don't have ADHD. whew. It's just that kids pass that time of naughtiness, and hyperactivity. =) Sometimes, I give them some down time activities, like clay, coloring, watching, writing, scribbling, etc...anything to help them stay put. =)

    1. Yes mommy, I feel you. hahaha it's really a relieved for me also after reading the symptoms.lol

  8. Thank you mommy for sharing this, minsan talaga nakakapraning ang maging nanay hehehe. Kaya ako lagi ko kinakausap lo ko kahit nagmumuka na kong baliw, thankfully naman na nagrerespond naman lo ko kahit 8 months palang siya.

  9. I've become so used to my son's hyperactivity! I know that it's caused by sugar but I can't stop him from having snacks huhu. Haha. Hyperactivity should not be confused with ADHD :)

  10. Wow so many kinds of ADHD. I'm just happy none of my kids have any of them. XD

  11. I think a lot of little boys are really very active, including my own son. :) It's tiring but I'd rather see him active than inactive and sick.

  12. My little boy is a bundle of energy, but I'm simply basing it on the fact that... he's a little boy. Ganyan lang talaga sila! Haha! :D Yes, I think it's too early to consider our little babies candidates for ADHD for now, so let's just enjoy their hyper activeness and hope that eventually, they learn to calm down a bit! :P


  13. On one of the mom workshops I attended, I must say that one of my best take away is the fact that the speaker explained hyperactivity and why it is being used and abused these days. We always hear adults say that the kids are hyperactive and that "hindi naman ganon ang mga bata noon". The speaker says that we should be very careful in using the hyperactive. Coz kids are supposed to be active. As in really active. It's normal. And comparing them to the older generation is also not good. Syempre iba na ang panahon ngayon. And we must remember that kids cope up faster. Sa bilis nga naman ng panahon ngayon where everything is automatic, the kids also adjust. Hence their much fast-paced lifestyle. Hehehe. :)

  14. I think being active is a good sign that he is healthy! Love all your son's photos.. so cute!

  15. My son's also hyperactive but I think that's normal especially for toddlers. Your son's so adorable =)

  16. Your style is unique compared to other people I've read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you've got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this site.