Saturday, February 13, 2016

Yellow Tree Cafe Review

The Open Rice Ph, Open Snap invited us again for another Eat's a Date  Cafe review near in our place in 102 Panay Ave., South Triangle Quezon City.

When we arrived there the smell of the Coffee aroma welcomed us and I really liked that!
This is my second Cafe review and I have a high expectations for this Cafe.

Let's take a look the Yellow Tree Cafe Place
Personally I love the place it's very simple but elegant. I love their concept, every corner it has a theme. Sorry I'm not able to take a photo because my toddler wass active and they have many costumers that time that's why I needed to stop him every time he wants to roam around.

The place actually a little bit small but it's okay because it's a Cafe naman eh. Siguro naging mukhang maliit sya that time kasi marami kaming pumasok plus their costumers pa.
I love the ambiance it's cool and homey also.

This is a corporate Cafe, and according to them one of their companions put up a Car wash also. So it's really cool. You can bring your vehicles there and wash and while waiting, you can have your refreshment. 

Their Beautiful and Lovely Cakes :)

1. Chocolate Mango Cake 

2. Moist Chocolate Cake 
3. Carrot Walnut Cake

These following cakes  are not just looks beautiful but this is so yummy, only 120 php per slice and super sulit na sulit talaga. My order was the Mango cake, and for the one slice pwede na sa 2 person. The taste of this cake is different from those cakes that I have already tasted. 

I love this cake also because it has a variety and twist. Like It topped with fruits and also it has a walnuts.

Their Drinks and Refreshments

My order Banana Strawberry Shake
For their drinks they  have Hot classics, Coffee based, Frappes, Non Coffee blends, Yakult tea, Rock Salt (cream cheese), and Cheesy Oreo Foam. I got my Banana Strawberry shake and it's really cool. I love the taste and it's a fruity and juicy shake. 

Even my toddler, my ZD bear was enjoying his cup of fruit it's a peach fruit and I don't know  what they called that my Zd boy keeps saying "sarap" specially the cake and the Banana Strawberry shake.

My ZD bear :)
What Can I say about Yellow Tree Cafe
Overall according to my first experienced of this Cafe I really had a great fun and I enjoyed my order. I love their cake, I would love to order there somehow the Chocolate Mango Cake it's so yummy. 
The place also is great it's cold and comfy I love their music background because it's a Christian song it's very relaxing and nice. Their service is great also, they have all the smile and very approachable. 
So therefore, I have all the reason why this resto is one of my  fave na. If ever I'm stress hahah! I'm sure babalikan ko to kasi malapit lang sa place namin. 

Thank you again Open Rice Ph, and my co- Mommy Bloggers :)
Till next Eat's a date resto review see ya soon!

The Open ricers Ph , Photo credit to Nilyn 

I would love to recommend this Cafe specially those who are near in Quezon City.

Yellow Tree Cafe'
Address:  102 Panay Ave., South Triangle Quezon City
Store Hours: Open from 9am to 12 Midnight Monday to Sunday
You can also visit there facebook: Yellow Tree Cafe, QC