Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Open Rice PH, OpenSnap gang goes to Ka Tunying's Cafe in 88 Visayas Ave., Project 6, Quezon City for Eat's a Date event. I am happy because there were mostly mommy's blogger at that time.
I heard about Ka Tunying's Cafe before when they were featured in Kris Tv, and second when they are were the news because there was an accident that the man shot the glasses of Katuying's Cafe.

Last week I have an opportunity to visit and explore here and it was a great experience!
The Katunying's Cafe place is a beautiful place, it is a perfect place for family and friends bonding even your workmates and classmates you love to bring them there. Why? it's because it has a friendly and homey ambiance. I like their classy and unique wooden arts the interior designs are great, the colors  the lights and the fresh plants on the top of the tables added the lively and freshly of the place. I also noticed that their chair designs is cute it's a cup hehehehe! They have a two storey on the first floor there's the bakeshop and also they have more chairs and tables then on their second floor they also have more tables there and outdoor tables.

Ka Tunying's Homey and Friendly Place

Katunying's Cafe is one of the best  Filipino Cafe that will serve you a variety and healthy breads.
Bread for your breakfast, bread for your snacks, or pang baon in your work or pang baon for your kids in school, and also for pasalubong. Baked products is also available here like muffins, wheat bread, cupcakes, pizza bread and more.

When you order or buy on their bakeshop you can do it yourself or self service. You will enjoy their clean, neat and beautiful presentation even their displays are well organize.

Katunying's best bread seller are the  Camote Chiz Roll  and the Kalabasa Ensaymada you must try this, they're only 30 php each.

 I didn't even smell any Camote haha! Because it's very tasty! I love how they blend the chiz and sugar plus the bread is soft.

Camote Chiz Roll (30.00)
Katunying's Kalabasa Ensaymada topped with caramel and cheese, I love how the Caramel contributes to the flavor of this plus the well-made soft bread.

Kalabasa Ensaymada (30 php)

Katunying's Cafe offer also a huge and full cups of drinks like hot Coffee, Iced- Blended and other Beverages that will satisfy you.

From their pastries and bread, Katunying's Cafe also will serve you their all day breakfast. I amazed about their breakfast meal because you have a lot of choices from their menu. Almost oldest Filipino fave breakfast meal are here and they will serve it with you with a lovely smile designs :) 

These mouth watering Tsampurado with Tuyo is perfect for your breakfast. I love the presentation they make this look special and elegant. The taste of this is really great it's sweet and perfect to paired with tuyo. The combination of the sweetness and saltiness it makes great savor. 

Tsamporado and Tuyo (150 php)
Arroz Ala Tunying 

This is perfect for breakfast also specially in a rainy days when the weather is cold. The hot soup and yummy flavored will make you wet after eating this.

Arroz Ala Tunying (150 php)

Pandesal Platter 
Look at this, a huge and full Pandesal, very satisfying for your breakfast.

Pandesal Platter (195 php)
Boneless Lechon Belly 
I love the taste of this, the meat is so tender and soft. the aroma of  spices will tempt you to smell. 

Boneless Lechon Belly (295 php)
This is a fried rice with Daing  and egg, honestly this is so delicious I love the fish even the head of the fish I ate it at wala akong tinira kahit kunti. 

Daingsilog (195 php)

Relyenong Bangus
-This Relyenong Bangus does not just look delicious but also tastes so delicious. I like the unique fancy taste of this. 

Relyenong Bangus (245 php)
What can I say about Ka Tunying's Cafe First Experience?

Oh well base on my first glance and  experience, though I'm not able to participate when the Chef was discussing them one by one, I really had a great and fantastic experienced. I did enjoy the place I love the concept as I said it's a homey and friendly place. Aside from that it's very accessible and it's easy to find. If you have a car they have a space parking on the front. They have a clean facilities, organized and very refreshing.

Openricers PH Photo credit to Nilyn Matugas
I proudly commend our Filipino products and foods here, and I have all the reasons to say that their foods  have a quality and standard in serving. The plates are full and every serving has a perfect presentation. The staff are friendly and approachable they are smiling and I like their uniform haha! If you will dine here the prices are worth it. 

Therefore you must try and visit this Cafe and indulge your gastronomic delight. 
They opens everyday from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Ka Tunying's Cafe:
Location:  88 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City
Contact No: 02 2469069 / 3661342


  1. Ka Tunying is famous for their ensaymada kalabasa and mocha bayan. But what I really love about it is the ambiance which makes me weirdly nostalgic.

  2. Your photos of the place and the food make me want to visit the place!