Monday, February 8, 2016

Reasons Why I love Choobi Choobi :)

What is your reason why you love foods? and what is your specialty or favorite foods? Most of us we love our own concept of foods, our traditions in terms of cooking and our own way of cooking. Foods are very important to us and we are always looking for the great taste for us to satisfy.

This first week of February the Open Rice Ph. Open Snap invited me again for their Eats a Date at Panay Ave., Brgy. South Triangle Quezon City in Chobi-Chobi Restaurant. Day before the event I searched it first and looked them online for idea and a little bit of background about this resto. When I found them on Facebook and the photos suddenly I felt so excited about their foods and knowing that the origin of this branch is Cebu.

The Concept and About Choobi Choobi
When I first heard the "Choobi-Choobi" name, it's sound interesting! The questions that come into mind was that why it's "Choobi-Choobi"? But when we were there, I learned that Choobi-Choobi means "Lingaw lingaw kaon" it is a Cebuano term of  Fun fun Eating! Because I came from Cebu and I am a Cebuana I can relate the name and the concept and I like it much :)

 Choobi Choobi originated from Cebu City and I'm so happy that they have franchise and branches here in Manila City. They bring the Cebuanos specialty here in Manila. It's a good news for me because if there is a friends or relatives from our province, I have a restaurant to recommend to them already and I'm sure this resto will meet the food interest of people from the province, kasi sariling ating luto ito.

The Place is Cool and Big

When we arrived there I amazed how their place is cool. It's very accessible for us and no hassle because its near in the highway.  The place is neat and clean that one of the important factor of the restaurant should have. It's a big space they said that the capacity of their place is about 150-160 pax and they have also the second floor but its under of construction. As I observe  I think they have a lot of costumers. I love the ambiance of this place, the interior designs and the lights makes me feel so comfortable.

The Foods
The following reasons why I love the Filipino foods because our foods are very healthy, when we say healthy its full of proteins, vitamins. and I can see that here in Choobi Choobi. It's a natural flavors even without using the enhancing flavors its very naturals and simple but yummy.

What I love this restaurant because I love their sea foods specialty like the shrimp and many more!

Shrimp in a Bag
Literally they serve these Shrimp in the bag haha! I was surprise and its something interesting and I forgot to ask them why they used this bag. I love the taste of this I smell the corn and shrimp blended flavors and the result of that is super yum.

Shrimp in a Bag
Stan's Fried Black Pepper Shrimp
I love this much, honestly the taste of this fried black pepper Shrimp is great! It's very smooth and juicy, sumisiksik ang lasa sa cover ng shrimp at ang sarap-sarap sipsipin.

Stan's Fried Black Pepper Shrimp
Stuff Grilled Squid (250.00)
unfortunately I'm not able to taste this one but this looks so great and yum also.

Stuff Grilled Squid 

Chilean Mussels in a Bag (325.00)
I love the taste of this, I like the coconut cream and spices its very juicy and yummy. 

Chilean Mussels in a Bag (325.00)

They have also soups and it's very nice because its more on sea foods also and vegetables. 
Really Beafy
Tinolang ManokBisdak
Tinolang Isda
Utan Monggos
Utan Bisaya
Sabaw na Halaan

Sabaw na Halaan (210.00)
This one is one of my favorite. This menu is great and suited for me because I'm a breastfeed mom so my son and I consumed a lot of this I love the sabaw. It's very healthy. 

Sabaw na Halaan
Cha Tao Miao (150.00)
 One of my favorites also is this, it's my first time to try this vegetable, I love the flavor and I like  how they cooked it. It's a half cooked and my mouth was watering while looking at this on the table.. 

Cha Tao Miao (150.00)

Choobi Pata (M-385.00) (L- 405.00)
I love these Pata it's crispy and smooth. The skin taste like a chicharon hahaha! Even my son Zd boy likes it.

Choobi Pata

Choobi House Blend Iced Tea Glass
-There's a lot of choices of drinks also, they have a bar. First they  serve us an Iced Tea and it's cool. Their Iced Tea tastes like honey and a little bit sweet and something has a lemon. They also served us the Fresh Pineapple Organic Wheat Grass and Mango Basil Shake.

Fresh Pineapple Organic Wheat Grass and Mango Basil Shake
My First and Personal Experience of Choobi Choobi
Indeed I had a great experience with them. The foods are very nice and I like them all, I think the reason why I like the foods is because I'm a bisaya but more than that they serve us what the Bisaya's best foods. I also considered a pleasurable experience because I love their foods.

The place is very nice also and wide, I love the interior design and hope to visit there again with friends. It's very accessible and near in the high way.

This pleasurable experienced  made through the Open Rice Ph thank you so much!

I surely recommend this restaurant to all my bisaya friends and other people who loved cebuano's specialty or to my friends na namis kumain ng pang province na foods. 

For more information about Choobi Choobi you can visit this following:
Address: 102 Panay Ave.; Brgy. South  Triangle uezon City.
For inquiries please call: 09952289726/ (02) 372 2654

You can also visit their branches here near on your place
Sm Sta Rosa Laguna
Sm South Mall Las Pinas
Sm City Baliwag Bulacan
Sm Davao Lanang
Sm City Dasmarinas Cavite


  1. Everything looks delish! Especially the shrimps! Yum! Yum!

  2. They recently opened a branch in Bacolod (where I'm from) as well! Might try them next time :)

  3. They recently opened a branch in Bacolod (where I'm from) as well! Might try them next time :)

  4. Saraaappp! I really would love to try the shrimp-in-a-bag. :)

  5. The place my friend and I should visit as we both sooo love seafood! Thanks for this!

  6. Awww! The shrimps and choobi pata! My favorites! :-)

  7. I love seafood! And of course pata :P Too bad it's too far from our place, would love to try their shrimp in a bag.

  8. I've just tried Choobi Choobi the other day and it was unforgettable!

  9. Looking forward to visit this resto one of these days :-)

  10. I'm not a seafood person per se, but those shakes look delectable. And there's one in SM Dasmarinas! That I'll consider. Thanks for sharing!

    Iris @ Earth Love Skin