Sunday, June 25, 2017

ZD's First: Boils

Last Sunday my Zd bear was enjoying our Sunday activities and then in the afternoon he was active playing with the other kids in our church. In the evening while I was taking care of him and feeding him dinner, he was suddenly pointing on his left knee and said "mama, yayay"! (mama, it hurts). I checked his left knee and I saw a small wound it's like a bite of ants and it is flushed around it. I cleaned and put Betadine  and also put hot compress for him to relax and help him to ease the pain. In the morning I noticed that there was pus in his wound and it's watery. In that morning also I felt so dizzy and I almost collapsed while outside. I was not feeling well.

After our breakfast I decided to head in FGH Fairview General Hospital to have our check up. The doctor said to me that my Zd's wound was not a bite from an insects but it's a boil. So he cleaned and removed the pus. I am relieved and after buying all our needs we went home and took a nap and some rest.

In the afternoon I noticed again that the pus from his wound was flowing so I decided to clean it up and Zd has a fever. I gave him a paracetamol Tempra for kids and after a while he fell asleep. In the evening, I tried to asked my friends and church mates if what is the best remedy for boil but I must prefer herbal. So other friends suggested some herbal meds but the other's suggested to bring Zd on his pedia and so that the doctor could give him a medicine and antibiotic for his boil. In the evening I kept thinking what's the right thing would do and praying to God.

ZD During Check Up

"touch me not"

In the morning I could see that my son really suffered the pain and can't even walk straight.after lunch so I took him to his pedia and and the doctor cleaned it again and pinisil nya talaga ng pinisil hanggang blood na ang lumabas. My heart was broken again because I can really feel the pain of my son while he was crying. But my heart also was aching because I am so scarred of blood. But I keep trying to be strong for my Zd. After the procedure my strength was exhausted. I have a fear of blood.

The hard part...
As a mother, the very hard thing is that while watching over your son enduring the pain at wala ka man lang magawa :(. I told myself sana ako nalang ang nasa position nya, sana sakin nalang tumubo ang sakit na yan para di sya mahihirapan, sana sakin nalang para nakakatulog sya ng maayos at mahmbing sa gabi pero wala din naman akong magawa kung hindi maging mas malakas pa para sa kanya.

Right now my Zd bear is on his recovering stage from his first ever boil experience. I hope that he can endure the pain with the help of the medicines and of course with the help of God.

"...for I am the Lord who heals you." ~Exodus 15:26


  1. How dobwe get boils? I am not familiat on how one gets it and I pray to the Lord than none from my boys would ever suffer from one. It is really hard for a mother to see our kids suffer especially from illnesses or things we cant even explain where we got them. I hope your Zd is in his recovery from his first boils.

  2. Thank God magaling na si ZD! Sobrang hirap talaga pag nagkakasakit sila. At true, nakakasad pag nakikita silang may sakit, sana nga pwedeng ipasa ang sakit e, kaya pa natin.

  3. Most of the time people will just tell you that you can treat it at home. But if ever that will happen to us, I will go straight sa doctor kasi case to case basis din yan. I know someone na need pa ng operation para matanggal lang yung boil. I hope doctors will advise patient din para maprevent yung boils.

  4. Sorry this happened to your son but glad that he's already recovering. None of my kids have ever had it. But I've had it once before as an adult already and it really was painful. Hope it won't happen again to your son.

  5. Ouch! It's good that you bring him to pedia for treatment. I also would rather have it treated by doctors than rely to herbal meds. I have doubt due to my mother's experience before on herbal recommended by old folks.