Sunday, May 1, 2016

ZD's 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot Part -2

On my last post, I posted the part 1 of my Zd bear's 2nd birthday photo shoot. In our 3rd costume change, I felt so tired na sa kakahabol ni Zd hahaha! If you been visited the Eco Park it's a beautiful place, there's a bridge, so many trees and gardens, there's a stair there, fish pond. So in short there's a lot of distractions that would make Zd want to explore more! hehehe! That's why as long as we can we want this photo shoot finish. hahahhaha!

Alam mo yong kakasuklay mo lang ng hair nya at yon na naman tumakbo at patalon talon at pagulong gulong sa grass hahahah! So on my mind I wanted to finish the photo shoot first and let him play and enjoy the place.

So here we go let's take a look his 3rd change costume :)

The Formal Attire:
Polo gift from Ninang Melody and the Jeans from Vita Cubes Gift Check :)

And you know what, the following photos are the behind the scenes, hahaha! 
"Minsan ka lang maging bata Zd boy kaya go lang"

Last change costume: Our Little basketball player :)
Costume: Gift from Ninang Nilyn Matugas in Above Precious Rubies last year thank you ninang for this.
On this part I thought my Zd was already tired and to my surprise, the energy of this little kid became higher than I expected lol! Parang nakainom ng 3 bottle na energy drink na Cobra LOL! 

After this photo shoot I felt like I joined 1800 meters dash! But when I see these pictures worth it naman. 

I sent all the pictures to his papa and indeed he's very proud of his son. He said after his work he'd always stare these photos and he told me, "nakakawala ng pagod love every time na tinitingnan ko picture ng anak natin"

Zd boy, I hope when you see this you realize that I do these now to make you smile someday and we always love you. 


  1. Wow, game na game si ZD sa photoshoot, pwede na ba maging model ng Cobra. lol

  2. Indeed very cute pictorial ever! I really love how he post on camera, very natural and handsome.:)

  3. I love that he smiles so easily and it's really nice to see it in his photos! That's so adorable, the basketball theme is also brilliant!

  4. Wow baby pwedeng model! :)

  5. hahaha! natawa ako sa model ng cobra na comment ni sis Michi! lol! Go go go ZD boy! :)

  6. The photographer did very well considering kids normally don't stick to one place. hehe. Basketball theme looks really great!

  7. Awwe nice photos, your baby look so cute. I wish i had that when I was younger. Unfortunately, we don't have that good camera back then. He will surely appreciate this one day :)

  8. How cute! You have a wonderful collection of photos of your kid. He looks like one happy, active kid to me.

  9. Lovely photoshoot that you had. He looks great in the pictures.

  10. So cute. Like what I have said parang foreigner si baby mo. Ang puti. Happy 2nd birthday again.

  11. ZD is soo cute! He rocked the basketball player costume!

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