Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Grace Women Warriors (GWW) Local Women's Fellowship

Being in a Spiritual group, specifically women's group in our church is a blessing to me. Our world right now is full of glamorous offers, but as a woman we should be careful about who we mingle with and we should be vigilant because the force of influence in this world is very strong when you start to latch with it it's very hard to unravel it. The word of God says in first Peter chapter 5 verse 8 "Be sober, be vigilant; because of your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour".

As a mom, sometimes we need an outlet, we need prayers, comforts, and especially we need the word of God. Our church has an organization for women and we also 
have  a regular fellowship.

August 2017, our local church had a local women's fellowship. Though some of the women in our church were very busy and it's hard for us to catch each other's schedules, we thank God because we always find time together and our fellowship was made happen. During our local fellowship, Ms. Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies taught us about taking care of our skin and face the basic tips we're all glad that we did the joyful moment together.

 5 things we did during our local women's fellowship

1. Singing & praising the Lord

Praising the Lord and singing gives us a merry heart. Especially the action songs - they help our bodies and mind to be prepared for our activities.

2. Games

Moms are always excited to participate our games. The game committees prepared games for us and though it's very tiring, it was enjoyable and full of fun.

3. Word of God 

Our assigned speaker, Nilyn, shared and taught us "How to Enhance our Inner Beauty" about spiritual and physical beauty. A woman shouldn't be beautiful outside but also in inside. 

4. Workshop and Application

Since Nilyn taught us on how to enhance our physical beauty, she shared the basics on how to taking care of our skin specifically our face. We had our bonding through applying peel-off facial masks.

5. Sharing time

After having our mask session. we also had our sharing moment while we ate. Our sharing time made us more comfortable with each other because it's our way to help each other up. When one of us has a problem, we lift them up and we pray for each other.

February 2018, in Quezon City Circle, was our first women's dept. local fellowship. We all decided to meet outdoor, para maiba naman. This time we were more relaxed. At marami kaming dalang foods haha! What we did there? We had, of course, bonding and sharing our life verses, picture-picture, eating, and playing with kids.

Though there are ups and downs in our lives, we need to be courageous. We need to give quality time also to ourselves and be free from pressure and stress.

The local women's dept. in our church indeed is one of our gateway to expressing ourselves and help us to build our relationship with the Lord.

Now, we're praying and looking forward to our next cluster 1 GWW fellowship this coming June 2018 and also to our next women's fellowship for July or August 2018 :)

What spiritual groups do you belong?


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  2. True, we should be careful in choosing friends or groups because they have big impact on us. They can make or break us. You are blessed that you have spiritual friends.

  3. Kailan na ang next nito? haha. Kay bisan sa kakapoy masaya talagang kasama mga taong to, game na game sa kababawan ng buhay. hahaha. Local women's fellowship is one of my happy pills. :D

  4. Ang saya ng activities ninyo! I would have loved to hear Nilyn's talk and all your testimonies. May mask session pa! :D

  5. Such a pleasure to have a group like yours singing praises to and for the Lord.