Wednesday, November 29, 2017

ZD and the Play Ground

A family needs time to bond, talk, and have some activities to strengthen their relationship.

Our home is one of the special places where the family live together. But sometimes it is also happening in every family that even when you're in the same place living together but you feel that there is something wrong. Hubby and I felt the same thing.

One Monday morning, hubby was heading to his office to submit all the documents needed for his next contract and he decided to take us with him.

After the submission of his requirements, we headed to Rizal Park Children's playground and played like kids with our son.

We often stroll in Luneta Park but we never entered the Children's playground yet. Finally. we're able to explore this time.

You'll have to pay a small fee before entering the park. For adult is 10 PHP and for kids, it's only 5 PHP.

What's inside the Children's Play Ground in Rizal Park?

1. Huge and variety slides for kids
Their slides have different styles tat are catchy for the children and even in the adults too. Their slides have different styles and these made us more excited to explore them.

And because we couldn't stop Zd boy from running and exploring the slides, I told my husband to run also at pati narin ako kaylangan namin maging alert kasi si Zd boy ang batang ayaw paawat. But this time talagang hinayaan namin sya mag enjoy maliban nalang sa mga medyo hindi safe na area.

2. Seesaw
Zd and his papa also enjoyed the seesaw, and I am so happy seeing my two lovely boys playing and enjoying together.

Masaya din pala minsan maging bata :)

3. Swing 
Zd and hubby also enjoyed the swing and you can see the sparkle on their eyes and the smiles while swinging.

4. Animals Statue made from concrete
Kahit di pa si Zd naka experience sumakay ng karamihan sa mga animals na nandito, he still enjoyed riding the following animals statues.

5. Fountains
Of course, these fountains ay nakadagdag ng kagandahan sa play ground ng mga bata at talagang nakakarelax din sa ating mga mata.

6. Dinosaur and Mountain Area
This place looks realistic kasi tingnan mo naman ang mga Dinasaur kahit di sila totoo pero sa mga mata ng bata they look so true. Buti nalang di sila gumagalaw kasi medyo natatakot si Zd sa umpisa.

As you can see that this playground looks nice and great for children to play. There is a wide space for them to run and explore themselves with other children who are playing as well.


1. Water and Biscuits
You need to bring water and biscuits here kasi sigurado ako na uuhawin ang inyong anak at gugutumin sa paglalaro. Kung hindi man sila mauhaw baka ikaw na nagbabantay ang mauuhaw sa kakasunod at hahabol sa kanila tulad ko na hinihingal sa kakatakbo hahaha!

2. Towels and Extra T-shirt
Dahil active ang ating anak pagdating sa play kailangan di natin sila pababayaan lagi nating e check ang kanilang likod baka di natin mapapansin na baka basang basa na ang kanilang likod at kung di kayanin ng morning towel dahil sa subrang basa ng pawis palitan nalang natin sila ng damit.

3. First Aid Kit
Pagdating sa mga ganitong place, we should be ready and get alert sa pwedeng mangyari. Because this place does not guarantee their safety. Bring your first aid para if ever na madisgrasya sila at di naman talaga natin macontrol ang situation at least maging ready tayo.

4. Extra Clothes for You and Your Child
Di maiwasan na madirtyhan ang kanilang mga damit sa slides or di kaya mabasa sila tubig at putik after nila mag play may pangpalit sila na damit. Pati narin sa atin kasi di rin maiiwasan na madumihan din tayo kahit na nagbabantay tayo sa ating mga anak.

5. Bring Your Camera
Bring your camera to capture the moment of your kid on how she or he having fun. In the future when they grow up they will appreciate it!

What Can I Say About this playground?

Indeed, my Zd boy really enjoyed the playground and he also appreciated what he saw there. He kept saying "thank you mama". We cannot buy the joys of our children, their experience in outside home made and help them develop their self confidence and help them to stand their own. Exploring and enjoying the world is a process of learning for our children so we should keep doing it and let them discover the world - help them to detach from the gadgets so they can appreciate the real world.

One thing I have noticed is that their slides are not safe for the kids 2-5 yrs old. It's because it's a little bit rough and medyo matataas. If ever na magkamali ang bata at mahulog hindi din safe  sa ilalim kasi puro solid woods and stones and most of it stones that made up of blocks of cement. So if the child falls off the slides it might be hurtful and their slides are prone to an accident.

Rizal Park playground is open to public and it's very affordable and cheap but is still great for family bonding.


  1. My son will love this place, jumping and running around and parco is his thing 😄 It has been ages since I have been to Rizal Park. We have been planning to come visit, however it is quite far from where we live and traffic is just horrible. Hopefully we can come back soon.

  2. I used to play here. �� I have photos of this park. I can't believe it is still alive! =) I wanted to bring my kids there when we were on vacation but we stayed in the province. Thank you for this. IT has certainly brought back childhood memories. I wanna cry. haha This is iconic, well, it used to be. I'm glad that is now being maintained. I remember going there when I was in college and the place was dusty and dirty. It's good that it has now been repainted. =)

  3. When I was a kid, we used to go to Rizal Park. It's been years since our last visit, wala pa ko anak. hehehe! I hope someday, I can tour my son in Rizal Park, libre pa. :)

  4. My son will definitely enjoy that park, especially the part with the dinosaurs. I can vaguely remember going there when I was still a child. Forgot about it though until I saw this post. :)

  5. Looks like Z Had a great time. And I love those photos of Z and Lemuel playing. They seem to have missed each other dearly.

  6. Little ZD sure had fun. :) My son Raix also enjoyed playing there. He was only 2 years old when we brought him there. His fave are the dinosaurs.