Friday, November 17, 2017

Discovering the Marguez Hot Spring Resort in Esperanza Sultan Kudarat

Last September hubby and I turned 30 years old. My birthday was Sept.6 and hubby's birthday was Sept. 4. We celebrated our birthdays during our family vacation in Mindanao. We're so blessed because we are able to celebrate our birthdays together with my family. Mindanao is one of our gateways for our family bonding and after 16 years, finally, we're bound to my homeland.

Before hubby's birthday, my parents planned to celebrate in one of the famous Hot Springs in their place which was located in Esperanza, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat near a mountain.

Dawn of Sept 4th, hubby and I woke up with the beautiful birthday serenade rendered by my family. It's our tradition in our church that every time someone celebrates his/her birthday, we organize a serenade for the celebrant. After the serenade, we had our morning coffee fellowship with our family.

From the home of my parents, we drove about 2 hours and a little bit of walking. While on our way, the clouds turned dark and it seemed like the weather was cold. There was a little rain pero buti nalang at di naman lumakas.

Here are  some views while we're going to the resort.

Rain rain go away!

Rice Farm

Rubber Trees

Finally, we're on the top

ZD boy and lola

The entrance fee for this resort is only 25.00PHP per head.

The resort has three swimming pools, the first pool has cold water, the second pool has hot water and the third one is for kids. The citizens here said that the hot water in these pool come from the active volcano that's flowing from the top and the spring contain a water with a safe temperature and good for bathing.

Choose your pool: the right side has cold water, the left side has hot water
I love the place because it is surrounded by the trees and forests. Also there's lots of flowers and greens. While were enjoying our time, I was surprised by the cold weather but it's okay because pwede ka mag dip sa hot water and ang sarap-sarap.

 Aside from the good environment, there are also wild monkeys from the forest that you can feed.

Bro & the wild monkey

 The residents there said that every time they have a costumer and if it seems like the crowd has lots of foods, the monkeys would come down and ask for something to much from the people. When the monkey is full, it returns to the forest.

Indeed our birthday celebration for my hubby was worth it and happy because it was my first time also to experience a hot spring. It's really good for our body - the warm water. It's relaxing and soothing.


  1. Happy birthday to Lemuel. I also love celebrating my birthday with loved ones. Makes my day extra special. And yes, hot spring is good for the body. Makes me want to look for a hot spring, too, and enjoy its warmth.

  2. First time to see rubber trees, payat lang pala sila. I love celebrating my birthday with my family, mas type ko siya kaysa magpaparty. I remember sa Palawan, ganyan din yung mga monkeys, nag-aagaw pa nga e. hehehe!

  3. Super productive naman the papaya! Belated happy birthday to both of you. That resort seems so relaxing.

  4. Parang napaka-relaxing naman diyan, lalo na hotspring. I like it better than swimming in cold water. Gusto ko rin yung papaya -- ang daming bunga.

  5. The place looks so nice and relaxing. I love places with lots of trees. I like that church tradition you have. It must be nice to be serenaded on your birthday.

  6. A legit hot spring! Your pictures and story made me miss the province. It's different when you get to relax with nature. It's just reinvigorating.

  7. I've been here when we climbed Ugis Peak. The hot spring was all we needed after a tiring trek. :)

  8. Belated happy birthday to you and Lemuel! Chos, very late greeting, ay na uy kay bulan na namo ni Dane ron, hahaha! Pero I can just imagine how cold it is! Kanindot sa bukid, kanindot sa palibot, pati ang unggoy nindot, haha!

  9. Belated happy birthday! Oh I like the resort because it looks so natural and a peaceful place. Ang sarap magrelax lang.