Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." ~Matthew 19:14

Every year our church, Golden Shower Grace Gospel Church of Church has a program for the children. We call it DVBS or Daily Vacation Bible School. It's a five day activity for kids from 5-14 years old.

Every summer our dedicated young people and kids department team in our church prepares a great program for our vacation bible school. The main goal of this activity is to learn and know about Jesus Christ our Savior specially for  those children who did not receive the gospel of salvation yet.

Our VBS 2017 themed was "R.U.N" which means Reaching Unsaved Nations. Every day the kids learned from their lesson from the Bible the "Word of God" through the life of Apostle Paul. The children learned how God worked and changed Saul.

These daily vacation bible school activities are learning God's word through bible stories, learning new songs with actions and dance, learning arts and crafts, exploring their abilities through games and physical activities, gaining new friends.

The kids were divided into three groups according on each age bracket. We had the nursery from ages three to 6 years old, primary ages 7 years old to ten  and the juniors eleven years old to 15 years old.
And I was so happy because I was able  to teach and facilitate the Juniors dept.

Here's  our venue:
The decorations were made possible because of the creativity of our talented young people in our church. They really exerted efforts on it and stayed overnight in our church. They used paintings, cartoons and some recycled materials.

Our stage

Our Entrance to Arts & crafts room. 

Bible Story
Our bible story was about Apostle Paul and his ministry journey and being God's servants. The VBS kids learned these following bible story  and memory verse from day 1- day 5.
Day 1- "Paul Becomes a Believer"     Acts 9:1-22                                         
Day 2- "Paul Learns to Obey God"    Acts 9: 20-30; 11:19-26
Day 3- "Paul Becomes a Missionary" Acts 13:1-12; 14:8-28
Day 4- " Paul Learns to Rejoice in the Lord" Acts 16:16-40
Day 5- "Paul Experiences God's Peace in Times of Testing" Acts 21:27-22:22; 23:11-22;27...

Learning new songs
The kids had fun learning new songs and enjoying the dance actions. We know that the children participate more when the teacher is energetic has a sense of humor and even exaggerated. The teacher is the best visual aid that's why even in our theme the music team was the very tiring team but still, they kept moving to make these kids happy.  

Games help the children develop their self confidence and also their socialization. The teachers prepared games that's suited on their age and also related to their lessons. It also built teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Arts & Crafts
As far as I can remember, even though I was a teacher here but every time na mag crafts and arts na ang mga bata excited ako kasi nakakatuwa ang mga crafts nila. Kahit ang mga teachers natutuwa at nag eenjoy. Our crafts team always made us excited and we had fun during the activity. The kids really enjoyed their works and explore their creativity.

These butterfly was made by chocolate sticks and marshmallow

Graduation Day


Indeed, our VBS 2017 was amazing and victorious. I really enjoyed our activities. Good job also to all the teachers and volunteer young people who really made themselves available and being equipped to do the ministry for His glory. This activity helped us to strengthen our relationship especially in the household of faith from the kids dept. to adults. The women's department also helped prepare our snacks and lunch everyday. Our brethren abroad lent their financial help.

I praise the Lord for all His goodness and love toward the children. I thank God that He strengthens us physically and made this VBS successful. Thank you to all young people in Golden Shower Grace Gospel Church of Christ.

What is your church activity every summer?


  1. When I was a kid, I also like attending DVBS. Competitive din ako because I know may medal and prize sa graduation. hehehe! This is really nice for kids so they will know more about Jesus.

  2. I have never experienced such activities sa church namin, pero parang ang saya saya naman niyan. I will definitely send Cloud to experience and to meet other kids.

  3. Such fun to have a community and a church. Aside from helping you with your faith, the fact that you have co-parents supporting each other is enough to look forward to Sundays.