Friday, July 14, 2017

Finally the 9 Months is Over for Us!

Last week I was ill and so pale and it's hard for me to wake up early in the morning. But still, because I needed to wake up and prepare a break fast and taking care of my son, I didn't have a choice but to force myself to do the house chores.

Being a seafarers wife it's very hard for me specially when it's just you and your son at home. It's difficult for me to keep myself healthy. Even I really did the best thing that I can do but still we are in this weak body anytime the sickness will attack us whether we like it or not.

Aside from physical sickness I was also emotionally sick few months ago. Siguro nagkasabay-sabay na at ito ang result sa body ko. When I am depressed, I don't have an appetite, my body becomes clumsy, I even don't talk to my son. I just kept thinking and thinking day and night. It makes me crazy also because my husband is away from me and sometimes their emails experience issues and I'm not even able to tell him the real situation that I had because as long as I can, I don't want him worry because of his work and he is still in their voyage.

For the past 8 months being in an LDR with Lemuel, I learned a lot of things personally. We encountered so many trials kahit malayo kami sa isa't isa. My husband experienced depression from his work and co-workers in the ship, but most of the time he's depressed and would cry because of their family. So many times I also cried and kept all the hardship to myself. Sometimes I just let it blow away and give it to the Lord. Because I believe that this situations will keep us strong and build us a good and firm foundation of our family.

Right now Lemuel is finally almost done with his contract and he will come home next week or anytime soon. I am so grateful and thankful because God is always there for us to lead us everyday. He is always FAITHFUL to us - in all aspects in our lives, He is always faithful. For His PROTECTION, especially to Lemuel even in the midst of the storms, wind and hard work in the sea, He is always protects him. For giving the STRENGTH to Lemuel na di sya laging nagkakasakit sa work na kahit minsan mahirap ang food nila because of their budget for food but still healthy pa din sya physically and mentally. He gave us the spirit of PATIENCE in every situation that we have. He also taught us how to be  FAITHFUL each other specially in our relationship. Even sometimes it's hard for us to communicate, but still we're connected through our PRAYERS.

After 9 months, finally magkakasama na naman kami, excited na akong makita ang aking mahal na husband. Kahit ang anak namin excited na sya. We want every moment of his stay here to be meaningful and full of memories. I am thankful for him specially for his commitment to us and the sacrifices that he made for us. I am so proud that God gave him to me.

I also very thankful to my  friend that always there for me to talk to me, and comfort me when my husband was not with me to comfort me. I always treasure those time that you are there to listen to me and even encourage me to cry.

Oh while writing this EMO post of mine it makes me cry! heheheh!
Sharing this tears of happiness :)


  1. LDR is not really easy. Every time my husband is on business trip at nahohomesick ako, I just think na I'm still lucky kasi days or weeks lang ang hinihintay ko. Hindi ko yata kaya pag months. I'm happy for you, vacation na si hubby mo, enjoy your family time. :)

  2. I'm happy for you, gaw! I know how much you missed him. So make the most out of the time that you have, 'coz sooner or later, he will need to leave again at magbabantayan na naman tayo! haha. OFW life isn't easy but with God's help, we can make it!

  3. Being in a relationship is hard... but I think being in an LDR relationship is harder. Good thing your hubby is back... make the most of the time he has during his vacay (vacation ba tawag sa ganon?). hehe

  4. Aww! I can't imagine paano ang LDR kapag married na. Nung mag boyfriend pa lang kami ni husband LDR kami and nakakalungkot talaga. But I admire wives like you mommy, for the strength and courage everyday. Make it memorable pag-uwi ni hubby 😉

  5. Nine months seems such a short time lang. Diba he is with us at Mind Museum so nine months na pala un.

    Thank God he is home na and hopefully for good. It is really difficult to be away from your loved ones. I could feel the pain and longing.

  6. *virtual hugs* 9months seems too long, pero mabilis na yan and it will take away the blues. Salute to SAHM like you.

  7. My husband's family is a family of seafarers. Even my father-in-law is a seafarer and minsan nagku-kwento ang husband ko na malungkot kapag may mga special occasions and their papa's not around to celebrate with them. But then, they got used to it. I bet it's twice or thrice the sadness on the seafarer's side. Kaya when your husband's finally home, sulitin nyo na talaga sis. Make every day a happy day. Hugs sis! Hindi ko talaga ma-imagine sarili ko being away from my husband. Mahina ang loob ko at siguro kasi napaka-clingy ko. Haha

  8. Y'ey finally! Thanks God you're able to surpass this, being emotional is understandable. Kudos to you and all the mommies who brave the storm in this LDR set-up. I don't experienced this, but I know how hard it can be. Ma late nga lang ng uwi si husband, nakaka worry at nakaka stress being the only parent around. Yun pa kayang malayo for 9mos.?!

  9. happy to know that your husband is coming home and spending time with you and your family. If that were our situation before, I dont' think tatagal ako. Pero now that we're older, I think ready na kami. :) We have the maturity na for it.