Tuesday, May 2, 2017

10 Things About Zd Boy ( Happy 3rd Birthday Zach Deuel)

Today is the 3rd birthday of our Zd bear. I thank God because He is so faithful to my son and for always being there for him since the day I gave him birth until today.

Way back the day I conceived him I feel so blessed because when he came into our lives of Lemuel he means a lot to us.

Being a mom every other year of our son is the another year of  blessings and achievement. I am so thankful and grateful for another year that God added to my son Zach Deuel. March 25, 2017 he turned 3 and I am so happy because he passed this three years with the good health and still active little guy.

Being always there by his side for three years has taught me so many lessons and made me a better person. Even his father is far from us, still as long as I can, I will do the rest of the responsibilities for his papa.

Most moms, neighbors, church mates, and friends always tell me that they really appreciate my energy and my patience for my son. If you know him personally, you will know what I am trying to say.

Let's know more about Zd, and let me share this 10 things about Zd

1. ZD is White
Since birth Zd was born na white.
In Operating room:

Medwife: "Ma'am! ang puti puti ng anak mo, Amerikano ba ang papa nito ma'am"? 
Me: Hindi po pinoy din,
Medwife: Ano ang pinaglihi dito ma'am? mukhang anak kasi ng Americano.

(Hello bes, may hiwa pa ako pwede bang patapusin mo muna tahi si doc? hahaha!!! Pero excited din ako makita ang anak sa maliwanag kasi medyo dim ang ilaw sa operating room)

Zd's first check up with his pedia:
Doc: Ang puti naman ng batang to, may lahi ba to? nasaan ang Americanong gwapong papa nito?"
Me: Pinoy din yan doc, bisaya pa tulad ko!
Doc: Niloloko mo ba ako mommy? Americano kaya mukha at kulay nito.
Me: bahala ka doc basta nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo.

(Mas marunong pa sa akin ang doctor! hahaha!!)

In Mecury Drugs and Supper Markets.
Cashier: Ma'am may lahi po?
Me: Oo meron!
(Para wala nang problema hahah!)

In Siomai House:
Staff: Ang puti-puti naman ng bata ang cute, ma'am! Kano po ang daddy? nasaan na ang daddy nya ma'am? hiwalay na kayo ma'am?
Me: Kuya parang gusto mo yatang paghihiwalayin mo kami ng asawa ko.
Staff: ayy sorry po ma'am kala ko po kasi.

2. ZD is Hyper and Active
First, I didn't dreamed or imagine that I would be a mother of a supper active boy. But it comes from God magrereklamo pa ba ako? Instead, magpapasalamat nalang.

Our church pastor said that Zd's trademark is supper malikot at kung di na yan malikot di na yan si ZD. Pag tulog na sya tsaka pa ako makapagtrabaho sa blog/va ko, kaya di maiwasan nahihirapan akong mag manage ng time for posting. But still I am so thankful!

3. Zd is very sweet
Kahit hyper, takbo dito takbo doon, minsan sumasakit na ang lalamunan ko sa kasasaway pero sweet naman sya. He is the kind of son that he will call you and ask for a hug and kiss. Then if I'm upset sometimes because of tiredness and stress, he suddenly hugs me and talks to me. One time, I was mad at him I really didn't talk to him but he was the one who came and say sorry. That's why pag maglambing ang anak natin lahat ng pagod at inis or galit nawawala na lahat.

4. Picky Eater
My struggles everyday for Zd is it's very hard to feed him. Every day I always spend one hour every meal to feed him. Minsan nakakainis pero wala na naman akong magawa kung hindi ang dagdagan pa ang pasensya ko sa pagpapakain sa kanya. Pero ganun pa man, it's part of being a mother to have more patient for our son. lahat titiisin basta mabusog lang ang anak di na baleng minsan nagugutoman ang mama.

5. ZD Loves Siomai & Pizza
I love Siomai in Master Siomai that's why no wonder why Zd loves it too. Every time Zd and I would go to Ever Gotesco commonwealth or Pure Gold in Fairview di pwedeng di sasaglit sa Master Siomai. Do you know? It is better to bring him in Siomai house than in Jolibee ang gusto lang nya sa Jollibee ay spaghetti tapos ako pa taga ubos but in Siomai House ubos ang isang order papadagdag pa. Oh well, mas pabor sa akin kasi mas makatipid ako! Hahahaha!!!!

6. He Loves Fruits
One thing that I am thankful about Zd is he loves fruits. He didn't often eat biscuits breads  or chocolates but he loves to eat fruits. So for me, bawi lang din but it's expensive naman. But it's okay Lemuel and I are happy for him.

7. ZD Loves Swimming
Lemuel and I we both  love swimming and we are not surprised if our son loves it too. Every time we're in the beach this little guy enjoys the water. In our house, it's not hard to give him a bath because he loves it.

8 . ZD Loves Dancing
When Zd was one year old when he heard a music his body will start moving and dancing until now. During our vbs (Daily Vacation Bible School) last week my Zd catch up the steps of their songs even he's not able to pronounce words and lyrics yet but kudos to him because he follows the steps.

9. He is the Best Greetings kid
When he wakes up every morning he is the one who greets first a "good morning" to me and even in all our companions here in our house. Even in video calls when his papa would call, us he is the one who greet his papa "good morning" "good evening" "goodnight". Not just in our house but also in the guards in Malls when we're enter the mall entrance he will be the one who greet the guards good morning or even say "Hi!" "Hello".

10. Zd Always Wears his Shoes
Most of the time we're fighting hahahah! Yes we are! Because kahit bibili lang kami ng snacks outside the house, gusto nya pang mag shoes. But right now I am trying to explain to him when he needs to put on his shoes and I am happy because he understand me.

Aside from the ten things about Zd for 3 years, there's more and I am excited for the coming development about him. I am still proud for the milestones achievement of my Zd. But most of all, I thank and praise the Lord for this very special gift that He has given to us. Because through Zd, we found strength and joy to our family. Through him, we are able to establish plans and goals for our family.

"It is written, when children find true love, parents find true joy. Here's to your joy and ours from this day forward".


  1. Parang gusto ko din mag-ask, may lahi ba si ZD? hehehe! Sa last photo pa lang ang puti na at mukhang hindi black ang hair. My son is picky eater too at mabagal pa kumain so tiyagaan lang. Natawa naman ko sa shoes, baka di niya feel ang slippers. Happy birthday to ZD!

    1. Hehehe! Ang hair nya sis my pack as brown kahit ilang beses na yan nagupitan ganyan parin ang color. Thanks supper late na pag post ku nito. .. hehehe

  2. Oh! I can attest to this! haha. Specially last week when we had to stay at your home for a week, kaya nga "greeter" ang tawag ko kay ZD kasi super mega talaga sya bumati at mag good morning, mag hi! Sya naaa! And yes, about the color, ugh! You'll take that with you forever, gaw, the questions if anak sya ng foreigner. hahaha. Belated happy birthday, ZD boy! We love you!

  3. Happy birthday to ZD! :) This 10 things post is such a nice thing to record his life right now. It would be super fun to read this to him when he's older already. :)

  4. Hahaa. Indeed true. ZD can be real malikot but I love it that he has his ways to make lambing to his mama. Love it as well that he likes fruits. Our little man also loves fruits and often, tinatoppings ko pa sa kanin para lan kumain. Nway, happy birthday, ZD.

  5. Happy birthday handsome ZD! ZD and my Yuri are alike pala in so many ways - both picky eaters, sweet, mahilig sa fruits, etc! He's blessed to have you as his mother. God bless you!