Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My 2016 Pending Posts

It's been a long time that it seems I've been quite and became rarely lazy by posting some of our experiences, reviews even attending some event invites and posting PR's  because it's hard for me to sit and do all my backlogs (huhuhuhuh). So here I am now trying to enumerate all my backlogs so that it helps to relieve my awful feelings and to sleep at night without any thinking how to finish all my pending posts.

Last year when my husband was home it's hard for me to find time to sit back and log all the pending posts because we're busy. I consider to spend quality time for him and for our family kasi pag balik nya ng barko another 9 mos to wait naman na magkasama-sama kami.

I posted some of our gala experienced last year but most of it nakatago lang sa albums ko :) so here we go.

Church Family Day Botolan Zambalez (May 2016)
Every year our church celebrates our Family day. Last year we celebrated our Family day in Botolan Zambales,we enjoyed our Church family day fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Fun beach activities, team building, and swimming.


Joy Ride from Laguna to Nuvali to Tagaytay and Festival Mall (June 2016)
Lemuel's friend/workmate in their ship invited us to visit Laguna and they brought us us in Novali Park then we went to Tagaytay People's Park after. Then, we dined at Bulalohan and last in Festival Mall Taguig, what a long day!


5 Days Boracation (September 2016)
September was the blast celebrations for us because it's hubby and I's birthday plus our 3rd wedding year anniversary. We celebrated it in Boracay for 5 days and it's amazing!

The birthday boy  Lemuel and our son Zd

The birthday girl 

Enjoying the beach under the sun


Monthsary Celebrations in Rizal Park Manila (October 2016)
October is the celebration of our monthsary, sinagot ko kasi si husband nong nanligaw sya sa Luneta that's why bumalik kami don just to reminisce the moment with our son after 6 years.

After Luneta on the next day we decided also to visit the PBB House "Pinoy Big Brother House" since my husband was the number one fanatic of this and he was really happy.

After the PBB house we rested in Yellow Tree Cafe in Quezon Ave near NBS or National Book Store and took some refreshment from a long walk and finally I used my gift check from Yellow Tree Cafe from Open Rice Ph. Eat's a date.

Yellow Three Cafe 

Last week of October our toddler Zd bear joined the Huggies Kulit Bulilit Dance Show Down in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth and it was a great experience to my Zd because that was his first dance audition ever and he really enjoyed his dance number with me.

November 2016, the Grace Warriors Officers had retreat in Morong Bataan and we're refreshed by this and enjoy the experience.

GWW- Grace Women Warriors Officers Retreat

December 2016 our church Golden Shower Grace Gospel Church of Christ celebrated our yearly thanksgiving. This event is one of the very important events in our church because it is the time that we can give thanks and celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God for the whole year together with our Church family.

The "Hottest Momma" meet up last December in Momi Berlin's mother house. We had our meet up with our kids and exchange gift there. Sarap ng mga foods sana maulit muli this December.

Also in December, we had our Kids Camp in Bataan, my son and I were able to explore the nature and enjoy the moments with each other and also we're able to visit the Bataan Shrine again with my Zd. Actually first ito ni Zd umattend ng Kids camp and first nya din sa Bataan Shrine.

Anyways, these are my major backlogs last year and I don't have a choice but to enumerate all.
Right now I felt so GUILTY every time I see other bloggers busy and enjoying events. But it's okay if there's a will then there's a way!

Thanks for reading and may the good Lord bless you :)


  1. Mali yata ang year ng November and December event. :) It is really hard to update the blog if we are really busy. Natatambakan din ako minsan but it is nice to enjoy life and no pressure in blogging.

  2. Me too.. sobrang dami ko ng backlogs :)
    And ansaya naman nagChristmas party pala kayo kila Momi Berlin :)

  3. I should do one like this for all the unpublished posts.haha baka every month meron. :)

  4. Oo nga! 2016 pala dapat Besh ang Nov and Dec. haha. Congrats on completing your backlogs! haha. Cheers on more backlogs to come, lalo na pauwi na naman si Lemuel! lol.

  5. Ang cute niyo naman ng mga other mommies! I actually joined another group of mommies for exchange gifts and Christmas get-together but if I'm not mistaken, January na namin inischedule, haha! Sobrang busy kasi.

    5 days in Boracay is a dream for me. Sana kami rin. Sana kami rin. Sana kami rin. haha!

  6. Napangiti ako dahil hindi pala ako nag-iisa. Talaga naman pag mommies no? Maliban sa backlogs, may iba ring nakatambak. :)