Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kids Camp 2016: "BATANG B.I.D.A"

Our IGBI or International Grace Bible School Things to Come Mission Philippines in Bagac, Bataan had its yearly kids camp program for our church children's department. This kids camp encourage every child to participate and train them Spiritually. Exciting activities awaits for them, all activities they will experience there will surely amazed them and help to develop their self-esteem and help them to lead their journey as they grow up spiritually.

Being a mother, I want my child to be active for this kind of activities. Back when I was "younger", I actively participating every activity that I need to be there. No matter what happens I want to experience true happiness in serving God through attending youth fellowships, youth camp, retreats, conferences and more. I won't forget that during our youth camp in Bagac Bataan, I become a "Best Camper" Yes! and I am so proud of it. I am the person that won't easily give up in every obstacle in life. Every chance that I had before I want to grab it because I don't want that time will pass and I lose and will not enjoy my life. I am the woman that as long as I can I will enjoy my life to the fullest.

Every now and then I won't forget how grateful I am! I realized that every moment that I have been experienced before I want to let my son will experience those. I let him enjoy his childhood journey that will be full of joyful memories. I won't let him regrets every stage of his milestone. He is now a 2 yrs old and will be turning 3 this coming March.

Our Preparations for Kids Camp 2016
Months before the kids camp, I encourage my Sunday School students in our church to save for their Kids Camp. I taught them that every in 10 pesos from their baon in school, they will get 1 peso every day so that every Sunday, they will have 5 pesos for their kids Camp. If they can save more than that 5 pesos a week, that's much better for them. I also encouraged Zd, my son, to save also every Sunday I gave him 10 pesos for their alkansya.

Aside from saving money for their kids camp we also practice our singing special number, our musical play, Sabayang Tula, and singing for the contest.  All the kids were excited about our kids camp and I was happy and excited for them too.

The Kids Camp and our Wonderful Experience

Theme: "Batang B.I.D.A. : Batang Bibliya ang Inaaral, Disiplina'y Asahan".
Bible Verse: 2 Timothy 2:15

  •  To enlighten the mind of every child that "Batang BIDA" means a child who learns from the Bible and makes an application out of it.
  • Teach every child some of the Basic Doctrines such as Doctrine of the Bible, Deity of Christ, Redemption and Believers's walk in simplest form.
  • To turn self-centeredness of every child into Christ-centeredness.
  • To reinforce the interest of every child in studying the Bible.
  •  To stimulate discipline in the heart of every child through the principles of the Bible.


On the first day, the kids had a great fun because the opening started with lighting of the torch, pledges of the Bible, Christian Flag, and Philippine Flag. After the opening ceremony, they toured the venue and the activity areas. Their first activity area was the music session, second, the games and team building activity area, third the crafts and arts, and the fourth was the Bible story area.

Music and Learning New Songs

My Zd belonged to the nursery group for kids aged 2-4 yrs old. On their first day, their first stop was music area. In music activity area, they learned a new song with actions or dance. Oh, these kids looked so cute! Their teachers taught them their theme song "The Super Hero". I love the lyrics of the song and it taught good lessons for these little ones.

Bible Story 

Bible Story Time!

After having fun with the song and dance they proceeded to the Bible Story area but oooops, it looks this little guy wanted to sing and dance with their teachers. Anyways this was the most solemn area because the kids will learn about the life of Jesus Christ and they learned a lot from here about the bible stories. They will know how God love them so much and how God is faithful and kind.

Craft & Arts 

This area helped develop the child's creativity. crafts and arts area was where they made shields, masks and more. They also learned how to color and make their artworks beautiful and presentable. I really enjoyed this area also.

Games & Team Building Activities

These little kiddos enjoying popping the balloons 

In this area, the children learned how to mingle with and test their physical tolerance through team building and physical games given by the counselors. They will give a task with application lessons that also applicable in our daily life.


One of the activity highlights during kids camp was hiking. The children explored the mountain through hiking. My Zd really enjoyed this activity and all the kids were so excited.

While walking, these children were singing, they were accompanied by their counselors by a group and I love the obstacles there.

Hike going to the top

Bible storytelling on the mountain

ZD bear enjoying the nature and their hiking

Mountain was very relaxing, the fresh air and beautiful clouds in the sky, I heard the birds singing and I can smell the fresh air. Even my toddler kept running, walking and enjoying God's wonderful creatures.

After our hike finally we reached these beautiful grasses

Kids camps 2016 taught a lot of lessons to the children spiritually. Our society nowadays, especially our young generation, even our kids at home they focus only in gadgets, computer games they only had less time to mingle with other children outside the house because sometimes parents become overprotected with their children, So much "If's and what if's" and I am guilty too because I admit that I did it to my Zd bear sometimes. But, I thank God because we have this kind of activity to reach the children and help them go out from their comfort zone and explore God's words and enjoy God's creation and also help them to mingle with new friends. I pray that my Zd bear will continue to attend this kind of children's fellowship until he becomes a youth. Of course being a mom to him I will be his first encourager and I'm always here to support. him.

Indeed, I witnessed how my toddler enjoyed this camp. He really enjoying with other children and the entire camp.


  1. growing up is not all about abc or 123 but experience life as well outside our home..
    continue the nourishment of the mind and body

  2. It's a great way to start teaching our young children about building a relationship with God. As parents that's one of our duties, to nourish also the spirit, not only the mind and the heart. Great job!

  3. it is very valuable to build a solid foundation for our kids most especially when it comes to spirituality because this is where a child will base his character. glad to know that you have 'batang bida' to channel and nourish children's development not only socially, physically but most importantly spiritually. (macy santos)

  4. Wow this is a very fun and interesting activity for the kids aside from the fact that it will teach them to be God-centered. ;)

  5. This is a great activity for kids to enjoy. Most of all, they will learn about Jesus and God's Word.

  6. The kids sure looked like they had fun! Ang saya, even parents would enjoy this type of activity hehe! I like it when you taught the kids and your son to save for the Kids Camp. :)

  7. We joined a kids camp last December but it's more on teaching the kids about social enterprises. The one you went to looks so fun!

  8. I love sending my kids to kid's camps. It builds good memories for the future, to enjoy the nature and meeting new friends. They get to have tons of memories of the good times, silly shenanigans and fun activities. It’s nice your child had a time of discovery and self-improvement in the camp. It will definitely stay long into his adulthood!

  9. Wow that looks like a very fun experience for the kids :)

  10. This is a wonderful learning experience for children - growing up close to God is the best gift we can give our kids as parents.

  11. Such a nice activity for a kid. I wish I could send my kids at a kids camp kaso wala ako alam dito sa Pasig.

  12. What a great way to build a strong relationship with God and with peers too!

  13. this is nice. i used to be active in our church activities during my younger years. nakakamiss .

  14. I remember attending a kids' camp when I was 12!

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  16. A fun and enriching experience for kids. I would probably consider my kids to join kids camp soon.

  17. There were camps like this when I was growing up, sana pala I joined one.

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  19. I joined some kids camp like this when I was young. Ang saya!

  20. In our church, we have Me & my Dad which gives the dads an opportunity to bond with the kids. We also look forward to these camps because we have 3 boys and I really want my husband to spend quality time with them, as much as minister to them. :) My eldest now attends the boot camp for tweens, by level kasi , hehe.

    Isn't it great that our churches care about our kids' spiritual growth? :)

  21. This is an amazing experience for kids. It is very important that kids know the importance of the Bible and its application to daily living. The right way to strengthen a person's faith in God is to educate him/her at a very young age...

  22. Wow, looks fun! I remember our school having camps also similar to this but I was never able to join. Awww..

  23. This sure looks like a fun and worthy event for the kids to participate in. I have never experienced joining something like this as a child but I remember doing Bible Studies on weekends. I hope my little man will get to enjoy something like this.

  24. I would love for my 10-year-old son to join a similar activity. This way, he'll get to meet other kids, do fun stuff while learning about God and grow up to be responsible and God-fearing.

  25. Going outdoors with your kids for activities like that is commendable. You are fortunate to have the opportunities like that.

  26. I hope this continues until my son's older so I get a chance to make him join :) Thanks for telling us what it's all about!

  27. Love how the kids camp could make a lot of changes to the children's lives. Truly they not only gained friends but those experiences will be their guide to live life to the fullest and recognize that there is God looking after them.

  28. Ang saya! Kids really learn a lot when they join activities like this. My two eldest joined camp last year. Hope my third child will be able to join soon too.

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