Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My First Make Up Workshop in Ramen Cool

"Simplicity is beauty" one of my fave quotes since when I was a High School until the day I became a wife and a mother to my son. Motherhood is beautiful but I admit that it is also full of stressful, it gives you pimples and till your baby face turns to wrinkles. I'm not literate in beauty products and even I didn't know the right way to apply that stuff into my face. I only have these three things on my pouch, the red lipstick, face powder and eyeliner.

Mhaan, the mommy blogger, the brain behind the Mommy Rockin n' Style blog, the make up artist. I am so grateful to her because she is so selfless to offer us a make up session and  to  share with us her talent in Make up for free. I know she is an engineer before, she resigned from her job and become a full time mom to her son until she used her passion to study make up and became a professional make up artist. Oh di ba? taray lang :)

So, our gang: sis Berlin of Momi Berlin, Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies, Madz of Mommy n' More and our make up artist Mhaan set the date and venue for our first "Make Up Class 101". Where so grateful that time because the Ramen Cool in East Ave. Qeuzon City provides our comfy venue for our make up session. Thanks to the manager of this Japanese resto for making our make up workshop comfortable and unforgettable.

Here are the simple steps I have learned during our make up workshop.

1. CLEAN YOUR FACE- always start with cleaning your face be sure that your face is moisturized and fresh before applying or putting any products on it.

2. PRIMER- put primer on your face with your fingers, it helps to seal your pores, and it's like a blanket to cover and sealing over them and also it helps to your make up lasts all day.

3. CONCEALER- in applying concealer you should analyze your skin first and determine what you need if what you are trying to cover up, if you have scarce, pimples, acne and so fort for discoloration you need to choose a concealer that suit on skin tone. Put it on your under eye circle side on your nose. You can use your concealer brush or fingertips. Concealer helps you to brighten your face.
4. FINISHING POWDER-  Put or dub a powder on your face all the area where you put concealer.

Having fun while putting powder! (Photo credit to Madz)
5. BLUSH- before applying your blush on you should know first the shape of your face if your shape is round, heart, square, oblong or oval for you to determined the application technique. you can click 11 Best Blush Tips for more ideas including contouring.

Applying Blush 

- you can use eye brow pencils. You clean your eye brow first and dry then place your brush along the side of your nose to know where your brows ideally to start. With your brush again angle from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your brows where your brows ideally to end. Brush brows with spooley brush, choose the best color that match on your color brows, softly fill in any spares areas with a pencil, fill in the inside of the brows, brush brows again to soften any harsh lines. Then last put a brows powder this help to make your brows sharp and looks clean.

Eyebrow (Photo Credit to Madz)
7. EYESHADOW- I thought it's a very simple as I can imagine putting an eyeshadow, but for me as a firs-timer and beginner OMG! You have to follow this following steps for the best results. First  we selected two colors the neutral and a darker shade, then apply light shade to lid, run brush darker color, put darker shadow to crease.

Eyeshadow (Photo Credit to Madz)

LIPSTICK- finally the last but not the least put lipstick on your lips, choose the right color that compliments your complexion.

Yay! and here's the result.

Beautiful US!! 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much sis Mhaan for this helpful make up tips that I have learned from you. From now on in addition stuffs on my make up pouch I will add the wipes, primer, concealer, blush and eyebrow,eye shadow.


Mhaan is a freelance make up artist and is the person behind The mommyrockininstyle.com and
the  Beauty Avenue. For all your make up needs on events, feel free to contact her through her
FB Page or her email: marieann.arambulo@yahoo.com/contact no. 0917 505 6335.

But before we started our exciting make up workshop here's our orders for our lunch for us to gain strength and while getting along each other with chikkas and bonding while eating. We need these and so that we have enough strength for our Make Up Workshop!

Beef Ramen PHP 245.00

Sukiyaki Php 255.00

Ramen Cool indeed serves us delicious Japanese food to indulge our gastronomic with their responsive and good staff that always there for us to assist for anything we need. I always find the satisfaction again for the second time here in Ramen Cool, from their cool venue, cool staff, cool service and of course their cool foods. Ramen Cool located in West Ave, Quezon City.


  1. You're lucky to have a friend who taught you how to apply make-up. This is one thing that I want to learn, so far I'm watching YouTube tutorials. Pero ang hirap sundan especially if you don't have the make-up tools, I need to invest on my kikay kit. :)

    1. Hi sis, yeah ang hirap hirap talaga pag walang make up tools that's why nagstart na akong mag ipon for make up tools.

  2. I'm not a make-up kind of gal but I do use eyeshadow once in a while, with blush on and lip gloss. It's the first time I have heard of the term primer. Is that similar to "foundation?" Pardon the ignorance :) I barely use make-up...

    1. Hello sis Ria, Primer it is a base for foundation or face makeup it's very smooth.

  3. I've met Maan! How nice that you learned makeup from her. I should attend these workshops too. I'm bad at makeup, haha. Love what you did with yours.

    1. Paturo ka sa kanya sis, ang galing nyang MUA, ang bait pa.