Monday, September 19, 2016

Mommy Bloggers Holi/Day-Off Bonding, and more in Trinoma

Hello, hello! Kaway kaway naman jan!!!! Last August 29, Monday, was a holiday. Since it's a holiday, I was out with Nilyn of Above Precious Rubbies, Mhaan of Mommy Rockin in Style and Berlin of  Momi Berlin. Finally, we had the chance to meet and bond in Trinoma. They are my mommy blogger friends and I thank God because I have a blogger friends like them.

Introducing my  Ka-Chat, Ka-Talk, Ka-food trip- Ka-bonding Ka-comfort
Sorry guys gutom lang talaga kami kaya sipot :)
Nilyn is my friend, ka church mate and close friend. She's the one who  influenced me to blog and also introduced me to the bloggers society specially in Mommy Bloggers PH. Mommy Mhaan and I met last December 2015 during our MBP's Christmas party and we became friends. Mommy Berlin and I met during our Open Rice Ph resto review in Caffe La Tea.

Having them as A Friend

Having a friend like them ay
nakaka proud because they are like my sisters. It's a blessing form the above because they are always there for me. These friends are so kind and beautiful inside and out. That's why having a moment to them to bond is priceless why?

Here are the 5 things that we enjoyed during our Trinoma Hang-out Ka-Chat

We're chatting and exchanging comments in our blogs, chatting in our maingay na group chats, na talagang minsan nakakabaliw at tawa ka lang ng tawa, helping each other's blogs if may mga questions di nag iiwanan sa eri when it comes to events and so forth. We tag each every time we see blog opps posted, kung sino ang mauuna.


These friends are so kalog and laging may topics basta may mapag uusapan lang. If you have a problem they are always there  and open to listen in your dramas in life. They're willing to talk and advice you. So this time as in we were able to talk about our blogging experience and some blogging rakets, talking about our schedules, plans and more. Super enjoy! It's really different when you and friends talk in person.

Ka Food Trip

Nilyn and I arrived there a little bit earlier. We're both hungry. We saw J.Co and we sat there with these order I'm so happy kasi libre ni Nilyn! haha. Then after a couple of minutes dumating, din sina Berlin and Mhaan.

So our first stop is J.Co and here's our orders:

Hot Choco and Berry Spears and Blueberry More

Our Second Stop is Hanamakuren Ramen

This resto is beautiful and this is my first time to dine here. Here's our orders!

More about this resto to be posted soon

Our 3rd and last stop is Tokyo Bubble Tea
Their place is located in the 2nd floor. If you just pass by, you'll see that it's really a good place for relaxing. I like the place but when we enter, we're surprised because it's hot and their AC was not working. But even it's hot there, they can't stop us from having our moment. After we got our orders, another thing that surprised us ay ang kanilang boy na crew - ang sungit! We accept the fact that their AC was not working but plus may masungit pa na service crew he's not approachable nakakasira ng trip. But despite of that eklabo we din't care and business as usual :)

Ka-bonding and  Ka-comfort

We can't buy  those moments, bonding, joy and experience. It made our hearts happy. We opened up some problems and comfort one another. Yes! We have a family, we have kids, but it's always different when we have friends to lean on.

Thank You Ladies :)

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone on order to socialize. Socialization is very important for us because it helps us to interact with people personally. It also helps develop our interpersonal relationship  with others. It also helped us to release our stress specially if you are feeling lonely and depressed. If you feel isolated, try to do this, it can be helpful. :)


  1. That's so sweet! I, myself, never thought to have a friend through blogging and I'm so thankful I did! :) Hope to meet you someday in future events! Hihi! ;)

  2. Ginutom ako sa nakita Kong food.
    Hi I'm Lhourdes, I'm just new sa mommy bloggers. Would love to meet new friends din sa blogging industry.
    Hope to meet you soon.

  3. I can relate. I have a blogger friend as well and we just talk about everything whenever we meet and dine. =)

  4. So sweet of you. Thank you as well for the time (as in lots if time), feel good kwentos, and the friendship. Here's to more bonding time, playdate, chikahan and events. Cheers! Hihihi

  5. Wow that was cute! Its amazing how the blogosphere can become an avenue for us to meet new people and become friends with them..

  6. It's nice that you were able to take time to hang out with your mommy blogger friends. I haven't had the opportunity to do so lately because I just gave birth. Rest muna ako. :)

  7. Awww so fun! Wish I can also meet you girls. I'm sure you're wonderful to be with!

  8. Spending time with people who has the same interest as yours is wonderful feeling.

  9. Ang saya naman nyan! Ako din I have friends na din through blogging especially sa Mommy Bloggers Ph. Hope to meet you too someday!

  10. looked like you all had fun and prolly so full by the end of the day.. Hope to meet you soon :)

  11. ah yes, I was also able to find some good friends in the blogosphere. :) I love my friends in mbp.

  12. Faces of happy friendship.. hope someday i can be with mommy bloggers too

  13. Thank you for the sisterhood and friendship gaw! Malapit na tayong mag 1 year sa December hehehe. See you soon! Mwah! :)

  14. It's great to find friends in the blogosphere. Hope to meet you sometime too!

  15. Kainggit naman, what a jampacked bonding! Mommy friends always have a lot to share. It's so nice to have people who understand and share your passion. Keep it up, moms! Hope I can meet more mommy bloggers too! :)

  16. One of the perks of blogging is gaining friends also :-) tagal na din kita hindi nakikita punta ka ba sa Halloween party

  17. This is nice. I think one of the added perk talaga of blogging is that you meet and gain friends along the way :)

  18. WOW! Ang saya naman ng bonding nyo. I also love Hanamaruken and I find happiness in the Happiness Ramen..LOL!

  19. I didn't really expect to enjoy meeting people in the blogosphere when I decided to make my nth blog public. :D Though I am looking forward to cultivating friendships with a few I've known for the past few years (hoping that time and schedule permits).. :D