Monday, August 22, 2016


Last week, for the third time Nutri10 Plus sent a sample product from Wert Philippines.

I gave it to my niece Chrencee Grace. She is 2 years old. 2 weeks  before I received the Nutri10 Plus, I visited my sister in her house and I was surprised when I saw Chrencee Grace because she's thin and looking weak and my sister (her mother) said that Chrencee she was from fever and cough it's because of the weather. Her pedia gave her medicines and also a vitamins but I told to my sister what if you will try to change the vitamins of your Chrencee.

Nutri10 Plus Vitamins From Wert Phil.Inc
So I gave Chrencee Grace Nutri10 Plus Vitamins and after 1 week I visited her again and I'm so happy because she's more become active and happy baby girl. I asked my sister how she was with her new Vitamins she said that "Okay na siya at bumalik na ang gana ng kain nya at malakas na sya pakainin di katulad noong nakaraang linggo".

My Beautiful Chrencee Grace 
Now I can say that vitamins really helps our kids and their immune system and also help them to boost their energy. I would like to commend this vitamins because Nutri10 Plus (Sports Active Formula) is a food supplement that helps promote over-all immunity, maximize physical growth and enhance brain development.

Where to buy?
Nutri10 is now available in all leading drugstores.


  1. I've had this before. I haven't tried it yet. I think I'll try this with my sons as they badly need to boost and strengthen their immune system. =)

  2. Nice to know that it works with your niece. Hiyangan din kasi talaga ang vitamins. :)

  3. Your niece looks happy and healthy! Glad the vitamins helped her :)

  4. This post is a good reminder that I should give my kids some. Your neice look so healthy. Thanks for sharing Sis:)

  5. We don't normally give vitamins to our son but we recently tried Nutri10 Plus too and were happy with the results as well. :)