Saturday, September 22, 2018


Hello! I'm finally back after a long long time of not writing and updating my blog. It's something new for me and I miss blogging. The writing, thinking and exploring the blogosphere.

What's makes me busy lately?

Home School
I've been busy because last June, we just started our informal homeschooling for my toddler. I was busy preparing our daily routine activities for our homeschool and I like it - we both enjoyed learning and playing together at home.

Virtual Assistant
Also, another thing that makes me busy is I had an additional part-time job as a virtual assistant. That's why it's hard for me to find time to update my blog because my time spent on my house chores, homeschooling, and VA tasks. But I am so thankful because this time, I can manage my time properly and learn to value every minute just to finish all the tasks within the day.

Quality time with my husband
My husband and I still don't have communication during his underway for almost 18-21 days. That's why when they get on the port I always to stay at home and make time for him. Sometimes kasi 2 days or 3 days lang sila sa port at mag depart na naman sila agad.

My hubibi :)

Every Wednesdays, we have a prayer meeting from 7:30pm- 9:00pm. During Saturday, we also have kids visitation - we visit the kids who are attending the Sunday School and also do a follow up with them. And then during Sundays, I still teach in Sunday School. I volunteered to teach our preteens church kids. So, even in my busy schedule, I don't want to set aside my spiritual activity also and hopefully soon our local bible study every Sunday afternoon will resume.

Women's Officers meeting in Binangonan Rizal

I thank the Lord and I'm happy that He makes me busy every day. It helps make the time and days fast. Finally, one-month nalang at matatapos na ang contract ni husband sa barko.

Right now, while waiting for my husband, I just want to enjoy every single day of my life with my son.

So, what makes you busy lately?

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