Monday, July 16, 2018


Hair care for my toddler is very important. As a mom, I want to ensure the protection of the hair of my son. Zd is a very active and playful boy so he always gets his head wet because of his daily engaging activities at home.

For 3 years, I used an organic herbal shampoo for my son. He is now 4.

But because of curiosity, along with my interest in this baby shampoo, I tried to buy one for Zd's hair.

After one week of using the Baby Dove Shampoo, these are the results I noticed so far.

1. My son had an irritation. on the product. He got fine and rashes on his neck and head.

2. My son got thick dandruff on his hair. He was itching and he kept on scratching it.

Since birth, my son was positive of allergies, from skin allergy, foods, vitamins, and others. The doctor advised me to be careful with using products to my son and that I should continue to observe his allergy until he's 12 years old.

Unfortunately, this shampoo is not for my son. But I still recommend this product - it's pretty good and smooth to the hair and it is aromatic.

So far we're going back to using our organic shampoo and say goodbye to Baby Dove Shampoo.


  1. I thought Dove is supposed to be gentle even on kids - this one specifically since its made for babies. Maybe you should just use very small amount and then wash thoroughly. My boys, I dilute a small amount of shampoo in water to make it bubble before using on wet hair.

  2. I love dove moisturizing soaps for the skin, but I have to admit that the shampoo does not fit my skin. Maybe because I have dry scalp. I also have those itchy scalp and dandruff when I used Dove shampoo. :) maybe it’s for normal scalp and skin. :)

  3. Aww.. talaga? Sad. We used the Dove bath here, but so far, okay lang sha sa skin ng kids ko. I prefer another brand, though, because it's organic.