Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mommy Milkshare

Hello breastfeeding mommies out there!

This morning, my friend Nilyn shared a link to my FB about the "HONEY SUCKLE AND PARENTING EMPORIUM" event, and she  invited me to donate our breastmilk for this event. I'm glad to heard about this opportunity and I really want to donate my breastmilk, but the problem is my milk is not enough to donate because my ZD boy doesn't drink my milk very often anymore. With that being said, my milk supply is a lot lesser now.

So, I'd like to instead spread the word here to encourage other breastfeeding moms, and so that they can able to donate and participate for this event.

Calling to all mommies out there on September 5,2 015 from 10am - 4pm. It will be a great opportunity to give what we have :) (Your own Breastmilk!!!)
Let's help and share our breastmilk!!!!

The honeysuckle and parenting Emporium are having a Milk Drive, it is our great opportunity to donate our extra breastmilk to the babies of Fabella Hospital.  Or, you can also bring your frozen breastmilk there :)

After Donating your breastmilk you will be having the whole day talks, (I think this talk is about parenting and breastfeeding, oh well I'm not sure).

ADMISSION is FREE and needs NO registration,

yup, you heard it right! ABSOLUTELY FREE :)

Also loot bags and snacks will be given away. Lucky moms get a one-on-one lactation consultation! oh it's amazing huh!

So what is your waiting for moms? Let's donate and share our breast milk!!

For more information please see the picture above this post.
Thank you and God bless all!

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