Hi world, meet my ZD boy! :) 

Zach Deuel C. Sanchez

We come up with Zach Deuel because it is a biblical name. "Zach" is from the name ZACCHAEUS which means "pure", "innocent"  pinutol lang namin haha! kasi pag buo masyado nang mahaba and "DEUEL" means ('knowledge of God') galing nuh? Hahah ang hirap kaya mag isip ng pangalan. hehe! As of writing, he's 16 months and he is a happy and very active baby boy!

(1 year Old, before his birthday picture)

ZD boy is white, and is a very active baby boy. (nakakaloka ang kanyang pagka active, nagmana talaga sa amin ng papa nya). He is now 17 months old. He is the greatest gift from God for us and all the sacrifices and hardship are paid off when ZD boy came in our life. His smile always brings comfort to  me and makes my heart happy. Even his papa is too far from us, he's like in our side because he really looks like his papa :)

I would like to share my challenges and experiences about my ZD boy after a year of being a SAHM to my baby boy!

My first glimpse of my ZD :)
Right after my ZD came out, the midwife brought him to me but I couldn't touch him because they needed to fix my wounds, but I was able to see him because I was still awake, yes, I was, until my OBGyn finally finished everything, as in gising na gising ako hanggang nilipat na ako sa OB room lol!

Right After my CS Operation, Thank you Lord, Success!!! 

Finally my baby is okay after 9 months in my womb I can see him, kiss him, and hug him. ZD was so cute, and he was very white! I couldn't believe that my son was very white, the midwife asked me if the baby's father was a foreigner. Haha! But actually, its in our genes, in my father's side. All the sleepless nights, the pains the eye bags are paid off when I saw my ZD boy.

My firsts to ZD: First touch, kiss, and hug!!! (Haggard lang ang mukha hehehe)

Breast Milk is the best for baby!  (Pump muna then dropper but after 3 hrs napadede  ko na sya)

Welcome to the world ZD boy!

What cute baby eyes :) I love it much :)

The challenges of being  SAHM to ZD
Being a SAHM to zd is very challenging for me, first because I consider myself as a single mom because my husband is not with me during my labor moments when our ZD boy was coming. Additionally, CS-section makes it very hard to move and to carry my baby. But I had no choice. On my 2nd day after labor my sis-in-law went home to visit her children in school, (kasi sya lang mag-isa ang nagbantay sa akin may mga anak din sya na iniwan sa bahay at studyante pa, thank you ate). So I was alone to make my foods, milk and nurse my baby. I thank the Lord because on the 3rd day we were discharged in the hospital then my recovery was so fast.

After 7 days I could already do the laundry, clean and cook. On the 14th day after my CS I was able to go to the hospital to visit my OBGyn and even to Gaisano mall to buy groceries. When my ZD got sick all night I just watch him and check his temperature. And being a first time mom, kunting lagnat, sipon or ubo kinakabahan na agad ako, dala agad sa Pedia nya. Then ZD boy is very sensitive that's I'm very careful for everything.

1 month zd boy. Cuteness overload

2 months old  mas lumalaki ang SMILE

Ms. D. Ybanez my OB

The lessons I learned after being a SAHM for more than a year

Being a SAHM for more than a year, I learned a lot of lessons from giving birth to him until now.

1. Prayer - Prayer is the best thing that we can do being a mom, we can do nothing without God. He sustains my strength over my super active baby, he gives me more courage and more wisdom on how to take good care my ZD alone.

2. Patience - More patience specially in your baby, to avoid shouting to your baby, to avoid hurting him.

3. Relax and Chill - Being a single mom I'd always get worried if I feel that there's something wrong. What I can advise to first time mothers like me is: "don't panic just relax and think", because if you will panic you will not able to think of the right solution. If you don't what to do, don't forget to ask those experienced moms or ask your mother. Reading about parenting tips online also helps a lot.

4. Being alert & watchful - ZD is very active that's why i'm always alert and watchful to him to avoid accidents. In everything we do we should be watchful to our children.

5. Always Love and talk to your husband - now that we have a baby, I noticed that my love for my husband is deeper than before we had a son. Although, on the first to 3 months we keep adjusting on each other, we had misunderstandings and arguments, but thank God because of those quarrels, our relationship was tested and strengthened. Talking to your husband about all your activity helps to release all your stress and pressure.

Zd is so maharot, til now. hahahaha

Please Don't Compare our Colors hahahaah!!! hiyang hiya naman ako sa anak!

My advice to moms like me:
All I can say is that love your children, pray for  them always. A child is like a "TABULA RASA" or "Blank slate"  that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception. A new born baby’s mind is like a tabula rasa which can be then shaped into whatever you desire by training or teaching. Mother is the first teacher. We should be careful as a mother in what we do, what we say, kasi lahat ng nakikita sa bata sa atin kahit yan ay masama ay tama sa paningin ng bata. 

To all first time moms like me, don't panic and always chill. Everything will be okay! That's the key for you to think better for solutions to any problems. Be careful for the products that you're giving your child always ask and consult your Pediatrician because babies are very sensitive. Don't ever compare your child to the other child because every child is unique and different. Sometimes if there are things that we cant understand, don't hesitate to ask for those who are older than you. 

More Photos of ZD:
The Eyes :*
That SMILE that full of cuteness :)
 That Look!
 I think he wants to be a basketball player someday :)

 Kisses with love

Our First Flight together

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

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  1. Our names do have significance to our destinies. :) What a blessed boy to have wise parents who understand this.

  2. what a cute baby! being a first time mom is truly a challenge but sooo worth it!